Make Up Savvy (NOT!) Me

Just a quick make up post this evening..:)

Here is what I wore (make up-wise) this week (so far).

It is funny, now that I am doing these posts, I I want to put on makeup today, if I don't feel like posting a picture or doing up a post about later in the week?

I don't think that I will do hyperlinks this time, b/c I am not using any new "brands".

 These are what I wore this week..including my usual mascara, the FlowerBeauty Brand.
 For eye shadows, I wore, Avon's True Colour Eyshadow Quad...the colours being; Shell, Khaki Crave, Hot and Spicy, and Inky Blue. I think this is one of the better eyeshadows that actually looks good on me. I am pretty fair, so I tend to wear fairly light colours, b/c some of them tend to look a bit dark on me...and even the lighter ones don't go too well with my skin tone, but I think this quad palette actually looks nice on me (ie...not too dark, and not too light). The top circular ES is Avon's Smooth Minerals' Pink Sapphire. I think this is a little too orange for me, so I tend to blend it quite a lot. The one on the bottom is Avon's Rose Quartz. It is ok, and since I love pink, I do like it, but I think it's a bit too pink. I tend to use another colour to blend with it. The lipstick to the right I have no idea, since the sticker on the bottom fell off, but I really like it. It is Avon, and the actually lipstick to the right is the Silver Plum, and I love it. The two EL's are Twilight Sparkle (I think), and Emerald Glow.

 And what do I use to wipe it off with (when I remember)? I go btwn Mary Kay's eye make up remover, and Avon's EMR, and then I found some EMR pads that my mom gave me awhile back, which is called Andrea Eye Make Up Remover. They are getting a little dry, but I do love them, as you don't have to mess around with cream, liquid, etc...they are just pads with Make up Remove stuff in them. Love it!


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