Friday Link Ups

Happy Thursday Night, Friends!!!

I hope everyone is having a great week! My/our week is going well, though when people ask me on how I am doing, I just kind of say "ok". LOL. But I guess things are going well....I am enjoying my time off. I seemed to be pretty busy this week....more on that in another post. Here are this wks Friday Faves:

1) Hubby did our taxes yesterday. It was a bit of an all day project, and I am SO proud of him! I know that sounds a bit demeaning, but I am saying that in the most sincere way. Since he has a brain injury, things like this can take take awhile, and especially yesterday, when it took him six hours to do it. He had it all done, and it wanted him to pay (since I made over the "free file" amount...a first for me), and we don't have a credit card, so he had to start all over again. He ended up downloading a free version of it, and to make a long story short, it took him 6 hours. And, I am getting money back! This makes us both very happy!

2) I found out today that I can put magazines on hold through our library's online system. I knew that the librarians could do that for us, but I had no clue that I could do through through my own account online. This is a game changer, y'all.

3) I caved and about two weekly mags and an HGTV magazine this afternoon. I am a bit frustrated that our library doesn't get each issue (or they get lost...or, and this includes several issues from last year (and this year, it seems), so I decided that I would buy them this week. I know, I know...missing issues are SO First World Problems, but, it IS the little things that annoy me (and that make me happy)! That being said...I am also getting Guideposts again! My aunt usually gives us a yearly subscription, and since we have moved, I wasn't getting it (to be fair, I actually forgot that it wasn't coming), and then my aunt told me that we I would be getting them again. Well, a few weeks ago, I got two issues. And yes, it does take me awhile to read through them, but I do enjoy them, and I am glad I am getting them again.

4) I got my bangs cut!. I need my entire hair cut, but it was all that I can afford. Even with just having my bangs cut, I feel like a million bucks!!

5) Since we complained to the managers over a week ago about our neighbours having their music on for 6 hours, they have been SUPER quiet (well, except for the banging, but that doesn't bother me as much). I am so happy.

Those are my faves for this week. Have a wonderful weekend!!


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