Ten Things of Thankful

I wasn't going to join in/up this week, not because I wasn't thankful, but b/c I didn't think that I could find anything different that I could be thankful for. Well, I realized that there were a few things that I could list...so, here goes (there will probably be a few from my Friday Post, but, who cares, right?

1. I am extremely THANKFUL that all of my family is healthy! There are a few kids that I know that have cancer, and one, is in hospice. That just breaks my heart. I actually know her gramma, so there is some connection there. I was thinking that I am so blessed that all of my close (and not so close) family are safe and healthy.

2. I am THANKFUL for great friends! I love my alone time (and yes, I DO love it!), but I am thankful for my girlfriends. We 4 (one is in the US until the end of the month) met up tonight for appies (MAJOR carb overload), and a movie. It was fun to chill and relax, have fun and laugh.

3. I am THANKFUL for/that none of my family is serving in the military. Today, hubs and I watched MAX (good movie btw), and without spilling much of the beans, it just made me realize on how blessed we are that we don't have to worry about our family fighting "over there". I AM NOT bragging..I do realize that ANYTHING can happen ANYWHERE, and especially, since my sister is in Asia, I DO worry about her....but I am thankful that we (well, most of us) are in Canada.

4. I am THANKFUL that we are free to practice our Christianity. Last Sunday, our church showed a short YT clip on the persecuted church in China, since it was Missionary Sunday, and they were talking about a couple serving over there. I know this exists EVERYWHERE, and yes, even in N. America, but I know that is far more common in other parts of the world. I am SO thankful that we can worship wherever, and whenever we want.

5. I am THANKFUL for the beautiful weather. It got to 15C yesterday, and I am sure that it to that high today. It was GORGEOUS! I am thisclose to bringing out my Capri and flip flops. Hubby has been cleaning out our yard, and getting things ready for the garden.

6. I am THANKFUL for my hubby. He did taxes, made Keichla, and got things ready for box gardening. He also took me to my dentist appointment (I was sedated, so I couldn't drive there and back). He's a good man, he is.

7. I am THANKFUL for our car. I am so blessed that we were able to get a decent car last year. It has been running great. I am thankful that it runs, and gets me to where I need to go.

8. I am THANKFUL for our library. Yes, I probably pay about $100 in fines every year (yes, I realize that I have to get better at taking things back on time), but it's cheaper than buying magazines, books, and movies! I am also THANKFUL that I can put magazines on hold through their online system.

9. I am THANKFUL that our neighbours have quietened down. They were kind of noisy, especially with their music, vibrating our walls and floors...and, when this went on for 6 hours one day, I complained to our manager, and they have been super quiet every since (except for the banging, which I don't mind as much, for some strange reason).

10. I am THANKFUL for our kitties :) They are SO sweet, and they make Anker laugh, and me roll my eyes, about 120 times a day.

10.5 I am THANKFUL that God is bigger than death! I spent last night watching a friends funeral online (yes, people do this), and she lost her battle with cancer (over 4 years), but she is in heaven, rejoicing with the angels. She served a big and awesome God, was such a wonderful person. She was my friend when lived in Regina, SK, like 100 years ago.

...........and also...if friends would stop dying on me, that'd be great (yes, there needs a be a meme about this). I have 4 people die in less than a year who I am either good friends with, or who knew very/quite well. And, my gramma nearly died, so....yah, it kind of scares me a little bit.

11. (Cause it's MY BLOG, and I do what I want, right?) I am THANKFUL for FINALLY cleaning up all of our paper junk and taxes from the last 8 years. Well, the taxes part...the other papers were from the last year. I am also THANKUL for my shredder. Best thing I bought last year.

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Marisa B said…
Wonderful thankfuls... the thankfuls are there the good, the bad and the indifferent! we need to/ well i need to more so that there are there even as simple as nice weather....:)
Val said…
That's a fantastic list of thankfuls. Good health, girlfriends and celebration of life's blessings. Doesn't get better than that. It's amazing when we're not feeling thankful at all, when we sit down and start thinking, the gratitude just flows.
The A Team said…
Thank you so much for visiting, ladies!!! I sometimes have to really struggle to be thankful, if that makes sense...so I have to find the mundane things to be thankful for. Then, sometimes, like Val said, it just flows...:)

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