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Spring Break Pt 2/Calgary Trip

Well, I realize that it now almost SUMMER/SUMMER BREAK, and I STILL haven't written about this yet! I hope that I can remember what we all did! Ha! It has been two months to the date since we came back. Well, what can you do? Ha!

Awhile back (like, around Christmastime), I had half-jokingly asked Vienna if she wanted to go on a trip to Calgary with me. I wanted to see our grandparents, and I knew that Anker wouldn't really be game on that (he doesn't like sitting around all day visiting, much less visiting in a small room), so I asked her if she should join me. In the meantime, Vienna had decided that she had wanted to talk to a couple of churches about sponsoring her as she goes back to the Philippines. We ended up taking her car, as we weren't sure if our car would make it, and her car is cheaper on gas. We decided on that last week of Spring Break, as that was when the churches wanted her to share with them. We left on Saturday, as it worked best for her. So, that i…

Five on Friday

Happy Sunday, Friends! I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend! Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all of my American friends! Here are some five from the last wk:

1) I loved watching the Royal Wedding! I might have spent 3 hours last Saturday watching it. MAYBE! I loved the pastor who spoke, and the wedding itself was very elegant. I recorded and saw CTV's version, and they did a great job at narrating/commentating it. I actually only really watched 3 out of the seven hours watching it, b/c, hello, crazy person! I also had toast, marmalade and tea out of my Coronation tea cup :)

2) On Thursday, Anker and I had a date afternoon. We went to a new (to us) Poutine restaurant and it was really good!!! Franchies Poutinerie is really good, and we would go again. After supper, we went grocery shopping. 

3) We also bought a new fan on said grocery shopping trip, as one of our older ones is almost dead. We love it. 
4) On Wednesday, I looked after my nephew, and my brother had promised m…

TBB Asks-Entertainment

I am linking up with yet another new to me blogger The Blended Blog for their monthly link up TBB asks. I think it's different each month, and this month it is All Things Entertainment!

1. Comedy or Drama? Dramady's and RomComs 2. Fiction or Non-Fiction? Both. 3. Movies in Theater or At Home? Both but more often at home. 4. Musical or Play? What do you mean by musical? A movie musical or a play musical? Probably a play. 5. Which Meal of the day is your favorite to eat out? Brunch. Though I love eating out at any meal!! 6. Favorite Book ever read?  I haven't read a book in years (bad, I know), but I would have to say Francine Rivers' books. I loved her REDEEMING LOVE book and her series about the Romans (I can't think of the name right now). 7. Game Night: Yes or No?  Yes...though it depends with whom and which game. 8. Favorite Outside Game to play? Sitting and reading (that's a game, right?). Playing in the pool.  9. Favorite TV Series ever? ER, Y&R, Grey's, Bi…

Girl Chat-A Day in the Life: May 17, 2018

I have found another blog/link up to link up with :) Yay!!!

I am linking with Emily for this month's Girl Chat!! I love me a Day in the Life post, so when I saw that they were doing one, I had to participate :) I decided to do today (Thursday, May 17), as I was working, and I thought that would be the most interesting.

Here goes:

I didn't do pictures of everything I did, b/c hello, crazy person!

630-7:00:Alarm goes off. I HAAAATE getting up early..yes, I know it's not early, but struggling to wake up before 8 is (usually) a struggle for me. But, once I am up, I am (usually) raring to go. Or, something like that. I am *THAT* person who has like 14 alarms that go off in the morning. In a perfect world, I would get up at 6 in the morning, play my games, and put on my make up and jewelry, but I would rather relax than put on my make up.
(the 8 and 9 am alarms are for the weekends)
7:00-7:15: Scroll through Social Media on my phone, read my verse of the day (i forgot to take pi…