Five on Friday!

Happy Thursday night, Friends!!! I hope you are all having a great wk! I am SO happy that it's Thursday!!! We have a 4 day wknd, and for that, I am VERY grateful! Read on to find out what else has me happy!

                                              1) Four Day Wknd:

Need I say more? I am very excited!! Some of my family are going to my cousins wedding on Sunday! I love me a road trip!

                                                                2) Great Finds:

I found some great finds at VV today! I actually had these pair of sandals years back, and I loved them!!! I don't know that I wear them all day at work, but at least I have another pair to wear if and when needed. I found two pairs of Capri's. I know they are kind of ugly, but I figure I might as well wear them, and wear my nice pair at work and events.

3) Back to Blogging/Journalling:

 I seem to be back to blogging. Yay! I also journalled for the first time in ages yesterday! It felt good!!

4) Park/Outside Time:

Yesterday, I sat outside doing said above blogging and and reading a bit. On Mother's Day, I spent time outside for a couple of hours.

                                                              5) Warmer Temps.

In case you haven't noticed, it has been HOT around these parts lately! It got up to 32c the other day, I think. It is supposed to cool down this weekend, and I am not super-sad about it.

So, what are you fave 5 from this week?


Mother of 3 said…
Yay! For a 4 day weekend!

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