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It's Summertime!!

Yes, we are well into summer!! I just had someone ask for an invite, so I guess that means that some people really ARE interested in reading this. I hope to try to get some pictures on here soon. I figure most everyone that would read this would also have access to my Facebook account, and therefore, my pictures. I hope that they look at my pictures over there.! I can't even remember when I last wrote in this..May, maybe?? We are well into summer, and we have had some nice weather, but need MORE of it!! Actually, most of this month has been nice. We really can't complain.
I took a job at Sears Portrait Studio the end of May. Basically, we needed to have more money coming, and EI had "cut me off" (for lack of better words) mid May, due to may taking my insurance course. I panicked, and took a job that I had applied to. I don't mind it too much. I plan to be looking for another job come August/September. In the end, I am making LESS at this job than what I wo…