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Five on Friday/Random 5

Hello Friday!!!

I was going to add pictures to this wks post, but I just don't feel like uploading them to FB, then saving them, etc.

To be honest, I am a bit in a bad mood. Just really stressed....hubby is stressed....that being said, here are a few things that I enjoyed this wk.

1. Downton Abbey SSN 4.

A friend from our Bible Study who is a fellow DA fan felt that she needed to get me season 4. That's right, I can now FINISH the season at my it.

2. Club Soda.

I love it with juice. It tastes good and b/c it has no sugar, you only have to put in a little bit of juice to make it drinkable. Love it.

3. Extra money and 2 more GC's.

We got taken to lunch today by the treasurure and his wife, and our mentors. They fave Anker a Thank you gift, two GC's and some money to help us out. It was muchly appreciated. We also went to visit our pastor, and he gave us a bit more money to help us. We were able to get our car insurance paid this month, and we divided the re…


I will do a FOF/Random 5 Friday later today. For now, though, I wanted to talk a little about what I am (we) are going through. I was reading on a few of the blogs that I follow, and two of them were talking about walking through darkness.

I love the quote that I saw onLeanne's blog.

"Sometimes one has to walk through the often complete darkness of grief to embrace the light of joy to be found in challenging circumstances. Feeling that grief does not diminish the joy one feels at the end. In fact embracing the grief enables one to experience the joy more fully. Yet for some they see acknowledgement of the darkness as a detractor from the joy. If only they could understand that the darkness of night makes the sunrise stunning."

She and her husband have been going through a dark time since they found out their son has autism. In another blog I was reading, Brantley was talking about adding another child to their family. First, they were going to adopt again, and then …

My first Blog Posts

I am going through my blog tonight, reading it (doesn't everyone read their own blogs?? LOL), and I thought it would be fun to post a few of my first blog posts. To see how bad, uh, I mean on how far I have come in the blogging world. we go...

Blog post number one

Blog post number two

Blog post number three
I was going to try and re-vamp it, as I was having problems with the pictures loading, and it looks odd, but I think I will keep it, you know, as a momemento (or something).

One of the firsts posts under my (our) new Blog title, Musings of a Childless Mama

One of my first blog link ups, and one of the first "real" blog posts, you know after I became a "real"  blogger!!

The first time I ever correctly uploaded a picture

My first "real" blog post/link up with pictures, etc.

The first blog post where I was able to properly link to other bloggers/posts/websites, etc.

I hope you all chk them out! Enjoy!

A Weekend Update, and On My Knees

Edited Tuesday Jan 28, 2014.

I am using this post as/for the blog link up at The Dwelling Tree for this weeks Let's Be Friends Blog link up :)

Happy Monday!!!

Even though there is no longer WS blog hop, but I wanted to do a weekend update anyway.

I have decided to BE in a good mood! I am tired of being depressed and grumpy! I KNOW this week will be awesome! It will also be a busy week. We have something going on every day, but except today this week. It is a good thing, as it keeps us busy, gets us out of the house a bit, and keeps us from going stir (house) crazy!

Friday as I said was a good day. My aunt said that she wanted to buy me some new shoes for when I get my new job. I had fun shopping for shoes. I even saw a few crazy ones!! I spent the rest of the day relaxing and wasting the day away. I did spend the rest of my WM GC on an US magazine, and grabbed a coffee at MCD's,and read for awhile, which as great. That evening, I started Scandal. I am still not sure what I thin…

Five on Friday (and maybe a few more)

Happy Friday, Ya'll!! I am excited to share my FoF with you this week!!!

Linking up with Darci and the other girls this week again for FoF :)

Let's get started, shall we?

1. Tangelo's
I found these beauties at Wa1mart the other day. They are pretty sour, but I still like them.

2. The best Spaghetti Dinner. Ever.
I made this last night. We are pretty much living on Pasta right now. Plus whatever we have in the kitchen. Well, last night, I tried a bit of a different "recipe" (if you can call it that), with ground lamb, extra carrots and celery added in the sauce. I also roasted garlic, something I had seen on one of my favourite cooking shows, and it actually worked. It was very good!!!

3. These shoes!

Aren't the a hoot? I went looking for runners (next FOF), and saw these babies. $300 and they are yours, ladies! The only store in Canada that is carrying them is in our town. Love it!!!

Of course, I had to try them on! I would like the pink ones, please!!

4. G…

An Update on Us

Yes, I am still around :) I am not just blogging to link up with blog hops/links. I just am not in the blogging mood much lately. That being said, however, I am looking forward to being back in the blogging world.

This is my first real update (other than FoF, etc) since Christmas! I know, bad blogger am I. Carrying on.

Here are a few new tidbits worth sharing (I think).

Anker has gone and applied for EI. He can't work at the church anymore, due to his hip/tendon.
He got some blood tests done, and he needs to go for some follow up blood work.

Our tree is finally down. Well, the decorations are down. The tree and lights are still up. I have noticed that other people are doing this as well, so I don't feel so weird.

I have been very lazy lately. I have been doing job search stuff; going for interviews, etc, but when it comes to house stuff, I just seem to not want to do it. I have been basically been either on the computer, out, or sleeping. Ok, not quite, but it feels like that.

Five on Friday/Random 5 Friday

Happy Friday, Ya'll!!

1. New hair style.
I have been pinning my hair back a couple of times this week, and I gotta say, I love it. I have shoulder length and very thick (read hot and heavy) hair, so I usually put it up in a bun. Well, I decided that I was tired of that, so thought I would pin it back. I loved it. It didn't. get in the way like I thought it would. Love it, and I am going to be doing it more.

2. Magazines.
I got my Chatelaine magazine this week (Feb issue). I got my Canadian Living magazine the other week, and I have already read most of it. I also went to the library the other day, and among the 50 magazines that I took out, I also got the People and US magazines that I didn't buy. Love my library.

                                                                      Jan issue.

                                                                       Feb issue.
                                                                     Jan issue.

Guns, Crossborder Criminals, and Psychos wanting Parole

Just in the last few days, between watching our (semi) local news, and reading news clips on the internet, I am appalled the the laws, of both the US and Canada.

A few days ago, I saw that a man shot another man in a movie theatre. I still can't get my head wrapped around that. Who the HECK takes their gun to the theatre? I mean, honestly! I love Canada's gun laws. You can have a gun, if you take a gun course, and get a license. Plain and simple. Then, once you get the gun, you have to have it under lock and key. Hunters, and ranchers can have guns (after taking the course, of course) in their trucks if they are planning on using it, as long as they are not loaded. Yes, guns still do get into the wrong hands, and people do hurt and kill others with guns, and that is sad. But I think for the most part, there are less people that are hut and killed with guns in Canada than there are in the US. I actually used to be against Canada's gun law, because guns will still get (and d…

Boys Behind the Blog

1. What was your favorite movie of 2013?
The Hobbit; The Descolation of Smaug

2. What is your all time favorite movie quote?
Ah, Yah, No (from the Avengers)

3. What is your favorite type of movie? (action, scary, comedy, etc)e?
Action and Sci-Fi (he won't admit it, but he also likes the odd Rom-Com)

4. What is your New Year's Resolution?
Didn't make one 

5. Finish the sentence: This year I will....
Take things as they come

Linking up with Mel for her BBB series.

(Long Overdue) Christmas Post

 This has been edited at least three or 4 times.  I am trying to make this the perfect Christmas Post :)

I realize that it is almost the middle of January, and I have not done a Christmas post yet. I just seem to lack energy doing most things lately. I only seem to watch TV, FB, and run a few errands, and now, my new job. I do call a few ppl (family mostly), but even that I have to make myself do it. I haven't read a book in months; I an barely reading magazines, and my house, while not too bad, could definitely use a good thorough deep cleaning. Exercise? Nope!!! No worries, I still do get out and see people; my neighbour next door, coffee with the ladies, and church. The fact that I am aware of it is the main thing. We did manage to take our Christmas decorations down today. Our tree and lights are still up; mainly because I need a tree tote to pack it up in, which we don't have.

So, on to Christmas:)

On the whole, our Christmas went well. It was great to see family, play in…