Five on Friday (and maybe a few more)

Happy Friday, Ya'll!! I am excited to share my FoF with you this week!!!

Linking up with Darci and the other girls this week again for FoF :)

Let's get started, shall we?

1. Tangelo's
I found these beauties at Wa1mart the other day. They are pretty sour, but I still like them.

2. The best Spaghetti Dinner. Ever.
I made this last night. We are pretty much living on Pasta right now. Plus whatever we have in the kitchen. Well, last night, I tried a bit of a different "recipe" (if you can call it that), with ground lamb, extra carrots and celery added in the sauce. I also roasted garlic, something I had seen on one of my favourite cooking shows, and it actually worked. It was very good!!!

3. These shoes!

Aren't the a hoot? I went looking for runners (next FOF), and saw these babies. $300 and they are yours, ladies! The only store in Canada that is carrying them is in our town. Love it!!!

Of course, I had to try them on! I would like the pink ones, please!!

4. Gift Cards
Our friends gave us a couple of GC'S on Sunday (after they took us out for a wonderful dinner). We have been pretty much living on these this week.

5.Stuff for the house.
I bought a Valentine's Day cloth for our table, a mat (which when I brought it home, realized that I had bought one similar to that a few years ago) a VDay towel, and 4 microwash cloths. I love them all.

6. New Runners

My aunt was so sweet, and offered to buy me a pair of shoes, for when I get a job (which we all hope is soon). I love them. Sorry for the bad pic.


Great 5 on Friday. Its always fun to try a new recipe. Those shoes are wild. I think I would trip and fall if I had to wear them lol.

That was so nice for your friends to give you a gift cards and your aunt the shoes. Really nice runners.

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