Five on Friday

Yes, I am still around:) I know I need to update you all on our Christmas, before it gets to July, or even next Christmas:)

But I have been a tad know, Facebooking, watching TV, reading mags, and MY NEW JOB!

1. My New Job!

Ding Dong, Delivery Lady! Yes, I am now a delivery lady! I actually found it on the job seekers group I created on FB. I answered, and I started that night! I think it is about $40 a day, which isn't too bad. Anker came with me tonight, and we had fun hanging out together. At least it is something ; it gives me some coffee/magazine money.

2. The Young and the Restless.

Yes, it is one my favourite shows, and the only soap that I watch. I love it! It is really good right now, too. I don't normally watch it EVERY day, but I have been watching it every day since Christmas. Love it.

3. First Aid Course.

K, officially, I don't do it until tomorrow, but it is on my list. I am really excited to FINALLY be taking this. I have to have this to be hired pretty much anywhere in my line of work. I have been putting it off forever. I have taken it only twice prior, so it is kind of a new thing to/for me.

4. Magazine Day!

Yes, I am trying to be careful to not buy as many as normal, but I usually buy one a week. Although I was good a couple of weeks ago, and I didn't buy anything.


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