Guns, Crossborder Criminals, and Psychos wanting Parole

Just in the last few days, between watching our (semi) local news, and reading news clips on the internet, I am appalled the the laws, of both the US and Canada.

A few days ago, I saw that a man shot another man in a movie theatre. I still can't get my head wrapped around that. Who the HECK takes their gun to the theatre? I mean, honestly! I love Canada's gun laws. You can have a gun, if you take a gun course, and get a license. Plain and simple. Then, once you get the gun, you have to have it under lock and key. Hunters, and ranchers can have guns (after taking the course, of course) in their trucks if they are planning on using it, as long as they are not loaded. Yes, guns still do get into the wrong hands, and people do hurt and kill others with guns, and that is sad. But I think for the most part, there are less people that are hut and killed with guns in Canada than there are in the US. I actually used to be against Canada's gun law, because guns will still get (and do) get into the wrong hands, but I think that on the whole, it lessens the problems with guns. I just don't understand why the States thinks that everyone can own guns. Yes, the guys Duck Dynasty have guns, but they have their own land, and they use them to hunt. My dad has a gun. It is under lock and key when it isn't in use. He only use to to kill predators that are seeking to kill the sheep. He doesn't like killing animals, He only does it if the need arises. Thankfully, the need is few and far between. End of rant 1.

The same day (I think) I also learned of a man who is a nurse from the US CROSSED the boarder, and started WORKING with a MINOR while he had a criminal record in the States. How the heck did he get across the boarder, AND get a job? Every job in my career I have to fill out a crim chck. I can't get out of it. Did he actually pass BC's Crim Chk? Wow. That is bad!! I am appalled that he got across the border, and they had got the job. Unbelievable. Come to Canada. We welcome Criminals, apparently. End of rant 2.

The other night, my FB friend shared a link about a man wanting parole who killed 2 people in cold blood, because he "felt like it", and "wanted to see what it like to kill someone".  The sad part is that he will probably get it. Now, I am not a fan of the death penalty (Canada doesn't have it); as I always say, The death penalty never solved anything. But in this case, I am sort of for it. I mean, wanting parole? We aren't talking about someone who killed someone in an armed robbery, or whatever. Cold blood, people. If he isn't going to get the death penalty, then at least lock him up for 100 years and throw away the key. End of rant 3.


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