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A Quick Update

Just wanted to give you a quick update on how things went in Vancouver. First of all, thank you to all who prayed (and who have been praying) about my health, etc. That means a lot:) The trip down there and back physically went really well. The nice thing about not having any snow is that for the most part, the roads were great. Basically, we still don't know what I have. I saw the MS Neurologist, and she did a thorough exam, and she still can't say for sure what it is. I also had a quick eye exam, which showed nothing, and I also had some genetic counselling, where she took down all my family info, and where I had lived, just in case it could be used in a study (IF indeed I do have it..which we don't know for sure) She wants me to have another MRI, and I will have to have a lumbar puncture. Please pray about the LP, as I am really nervous about it. So, it is a waiting game now, as we wait for the doctor here to call me back, and to book more tests. I will do the tests her…

Happy New Year!!

Well, I hope that everyone had a wonderful NY Eve last night. Ours was pretty quiet. We watched a few movies, and we had snacky foods!! Today, I am cooking my FIRST EVER turkey! We were given one before Christmas, and because we knew we were going out for Christmas Day, we decided to keep it for New Years day! I have name him Trevor, and he is cooking right now!! We plan to have all the fixin's:)

Well, I am so glad that 2009 is over!! It really was not a good year for us...yes, we did have some great times, I will say that, btwn health struggles and financial struggles, well, it wasn't the greatest, but as my brother said the other night, no one in our family died, and no one is sick, so we must be thankful for that. I am all well aware of people that are fighting for their lives from Cancer, and that some people have lost loved ones. I am sure their Christmasses were very different and sad this year.

I do hope that 2010 is better!! First thing this year, is we are going to Vanc…