A Quick Update

Just wanted to give you a quick update on how things went in Vancouver. First of all, thank you to all who prayed (and who have been praying) about my health, etc. That means a lot:) The trip down there and back physically went really well. The nice thing about not having any snow is that for the most part, the roads were great. Basically, we still don't know what I have. I saw the MS Neurologist, and she did a thorough exam, and she still can't say for sure what it is. I also had a quick eye exam, which showed nothing, and I also had some genetic counselling, where she took down all my family info, and where I had lived, just in case it could be used in a study (IF indeed I do have it..which we don't know for sure) She wants me to have another MRI, and I will have to have a lumbar puncture. Please pray about the LP, as I am really nervous about it. So, it is a waiting game now, as we wait for the doctor here to call me back, and to book more tests. I will do the tests here, and all the results will go to Dr. Devonshire at UBC, and we will work from here, and continue to see Dr. Collier in Kamloops.

So, with our appointment done, we pretty much spent the rest of the trip having fun:) We stayed w/ Anker's sister and her family. She took us to the Vancouver Aquarium, where we had our first 4D theatre experience. It was very neat, indeed. They also took us out for dinner, and we took them out for breakfast at IHOP. Also ended up seeing a movie in the movie theatre the last night we were there. Also enjoyed roaming three malls, and got a couple of GREAT deals on some sweaters.

One thing that is kind of scary that happened, is while driving on the way back from my appointment at UBC, Anker had a mini black out. I don't know how else to explain it. He has had this happen before, but not near as bad, and it doesn't always affect his vision. He has talked to the doctors about it, but they can never find what it is. Well, it happened this time, and it scared both of us. His vision got all fuzzy, and he could barely drive. Thankfully, we were almost to where we turn off to go to his sisters. Once we were able to stop, he still had to wait a few minutes before it went away, and his vision to come back, and he was ok..but he went to the doctor when we got back (he actually took an appointment that I had made before we left), and our family doctor has sent him for a CT, and will now be seeing the same neurologist that I'm seeing. So, we both have health issues now. We make quite the pair, I know. I just hope it's nothing serious. The doctor thinks it could be an inner ear problem, but the fact that his vision goes could be something more than that. His CT is scheduled for Monday at 8:15PM.

That is pretty much it. I had an interview last week, but I didn't get the job. I am getting really tired of not working..or not having the money. So, we are pretty much not buying/doing ANYTHING that we don't need. Please also pray that I will find something, and SOON!! We are also thinking still about having children. This has always been a dream of mine for, well, FOREVER! And it is a dream that I may not see realized. Not just health-wise, either...right now, that fact that we have not a lot of money makes me wonder if it is irresponsible to be bringing a child into this world. I was talking to a lady in our church that is in a similar situation, and they have a large family. And I was just asking her what she thought. On one hand, you can say that the Lord will provide, and you have to just step out in faith, but on the other, is that really fair? There are so many questions going around in my head about this. Anker I think pretty much thinks the way that I do..although he is more on the "wait and see" approach, regarding having kids in general. There is a whole lot more I could say, but I think I will end here. Just pray that we will know what to do..that God will guide us.

I know my problems aren't nearly as big some people's right now. We don't have to look very far to see people who are barely hanging on. It has been over week since the earthquake in Haiti happened, and the damage is indescribable. You feel so helpless, so you give what little bit you can, and you pray.....

I think that about covers it for now...I just talked w/ my cousin today, and she officially can have her baby at any time, so I guess I am "on call" for when the baby arrives.

Last Saturday, I saw the dermatologist for my hair loss again, and said that my iron was low, and to just double the dose. I think the hair is growing back, so that is positive.

Anker is also getting over a really bad sinus infection. It started on the way back from Vancouver, where his ear got plugged, but it wouldn't pop. It just got worse, and I finally had to drag him to the walk in clinic, where the doctor there gave him some nice drugs!! He hasn't been working much this week, so that only adds to the stress of money issues. He is much better now, and should back to work on Monday.


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