A Quick Update

Well, I leave tomorrow for winter-y Calgary!! I am going for about 10 days. They will buy a return ticket for me when they see a good deal. They were able to get a one-way ticket for under $100:) I am going to help my cousin and her family for a week or so, as she just had her 6th baby!! Lina Wendy was born Jan 31st, at just under 7lbs. Things are pretty crazy, as her hubby is a teacher, and often is out coaching games in the evening, so often it's just her and the kids. The oldest, M is almost 16 (funnily enough, she was the same age I was when my sister was born...), but she is busy with school, youth group, etc. I hope I am able to help, and I don't come home too exhausted:) I am actually looking forward to going. I think it will be good to get away for awhile..have a different change of pace, and see some new people!! I am scoring big points w/my parents for going. I think them seeing me get out of my "shell", and do things for other people is good for them to see...and for me, too, of course!!

Sadly, Anker and I won't be spending Valentine's Day together. We had a "mini date night" tonight, where had a nice supper, that he made, and he taught me how to play chess. We will have our "real" VDay date when I get back. I found out on Sunday that I will be missing a "Love Feast" (meal) at our church this Sunday. Oh well. I told Anker that he could go by himself. I will miss him while I'm gone, and I think he will miss me:)

The last night I am in Calgary, I will go and see my Grandparents, and hopefully, my brother and his fiancee, as well. It will be nice to see them again..and have my own "mini vacation". I really haven't done any vacay's alone...they have either been w/ my family or w/ Anker, and of course, my trip to Europe. The only vacation that I went on alone, was back in 2006, when I went to see my friend in the Okanogan. Interestingly, that was about the time that I was starting to talk to Anker online.

So, one of the fun things that has happened is that I got down to where I was when I was married. I weighed myself today, and sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case, but I am hoping that it will change when I get back. So, Mom was in town, on her way to Calgary, and we shopped for a pair of pants and three tops!! (plus sheer cover up) It was a fun day, and we had a great visit. The whole day was muchly needed!!

I have been debating about sharing some personal thoughts about a future family, but I am not sure if I should share that here...or if I do, what exactly to share. In everything, I want to be respectful of Anker (not that I wouldn't...but I don't want to talk out of turn). I have really been wanting a family lately..well, that has never ceased, really. That is just something that I really want, and for reasons that I won't post on here...I don't that that is going to happen. That really makes me sad. Have children is something I have wanted for SO LONG, and I see other people going through it, and it saddens me that I probably won't get the chance. I have to really think of our life as not having kids, but I just can't seem to NOT think of our life with out them.

That is all that I will say about that for now. I know that for awhile, I didn't think that I would get married, and I had to come to a place where I was (semi) content, and it happened, so maybe this is what will happen for me.

Still no work for me...maybe this is why I am going...to help them, and maybe there will be a job when I get back. I am taking my resumes with me, in hopes of at least dropping a few off. You never know what happens, and I know A LOT of people out there, and I have never closed off the idea of working in another city for a time, as long as the legistics were good.

Apparently, it's coooold in Calgary, so I have pack my woolies!! I have never flown Westjet before, so this will be fun. The last time I flew was back in 2007 for my brothers wedding, and before that was back in 1998, flying home from Regina. I like to fly, I am one of those rare people that actually LIKES getting to the airport 2 hours early, and (when they served food on flights) like airline food. I DO get a bit scared, though...esp since 9/11, and now the Christmas Day scare.

Well, enough for now, I guess:) I don't think I will get much time to update while I am there, so will hopefully update when I get back.


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