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Show and Tell Tuesday: The Best Day Ever!

When I first saw the subject, I thought it was about the best day that we had ever had...but as I was reading everyone's posts, I realized that it was about our day that we wish could have!

To be honest: I am kind of living my perfect days every day; especially during the summer! I sleep in, I go for coffee...I sit in the get the idea. I also don't really know what my perfect day would be...I have a few that I would really like!

Probably my perfect day would be finding and staying in a cute B&B somewhere in Victoria, B.C. After sleeping in, and eating an amazing breakfast..we would spend the day in Victoria's downtown; wandering the shops, and eating horribly good and unhealthy food. Then we would end the day by eating somewhere looking over the ocean, where we would eat fish and chips, along with some good wine (Locally made, of course!). We might end the day by walking along the harbour, hand in hand, and we would probably grab some ice cream. Oh, and some…

A Tale of Two Weekends

K, well, when I originally had made this (blank) post, it was going to be for LAST weekend, but I never "filled it out", so I am going to do an update on this last wknd instead. I am not going to post many pictures, as they are on my IG feed...ok, well, it is now August 27/28, so I will now post about TWO weekends.....!!

Well, I had hoped that I would have blogged today (Aug 28) as well as journaled, but I never got around to it. I slept in, and I had a bit of an off day. Then I ran errands...then I went out for the evening. So, I will try VERY quickly to post about the last couple of weekends.

Last Wknd:

My cousin and her family were out at the ranch from Alberta, as well as my Uncle, Auntie, and their grandkids (my cousins kids), so I wanted to spend some time with them (actually, I didn't know that my aunt and uncle were going to be there until I was making plans go to). I was originally going to drive out on Thursday, but then I fond out that Mom was in town, and tha…

10th Year Blogiversary!

I was wondering when my 10th Blogiversary was coming up, and I FINALLY checked just now, and it was on Thursday, August 24th!! I can't believe that it has been 10 yrs since I started this little blog! I have come to really enjoy blogging (even though I journal), and getting to know the blogging community. I currently follow over 250 blogs! And no, I don't read all of them every day! I wish I were one of those bloggers who had an exciting life, had kids, did great things with my house and or cooking, went on trips, and actually made money on /with blogging, but I am it is MY life, and MY blog :) So, there! Ha! I also wish that I had a pretty blog, and that I knew more (how to watermark my photos, etc), but's unique!!! I have 37 Followers, which isn't very much, considering that I have ben around for 10 years, but I am sure I will get more when I get on Ellen!! Haha!! Often, when I think, I think in the terms of how I would write it as I would in my blog. When I…

Show and Tell Tuesday-Guilty Pleasures

Linking up with Andrea for the twice monthly Show and Tell Tuesday! I have been missing/forgetting them the last while (sometimes, I don't participate, b/c the subject doesn't apply to me, or I don't want to show off my home). I had missed two weeks ago, where they talked about What was on your Phones. I nearly blogged about it anyway, and just put it in her comment section, but I never did. I still might do a blog post about that, though. So this week is all about GUILTY PLEASURES!!!
What can I say? I have a few...:) Magazines...I have an addiction, that I am trying cure, but not super well, unfortunately. At lest I get most of them from the library. I love People, US Weekly, InTouch, and Hello Canada. As for mostly magazines, I love Good House Keeping, Canadian Living, Chatelaine, Redbook, Prevention, Best Health, Health, Shape..well, you get the picture!
Starbucks...I love my Starbucks!! I love sitting and reading magazines IN/AT Starbucks! It is MY thing. Some people …

A Day in the Life (Summer Edition)

It's Friday, August 11th, and I have seen a few people do a few Day in the Life posts for summer, and I thought I would join in. You know, with my life being so busy and exciting and all :) I will do it on Monday, I think :) I don't have anything, it should/could be interesting (boring)!

Well, it is now Monday at nearly 1 pm, and I realized only a half hour ago, that I was going to d a Day in the Life post..and I only took one picture...ha! Oh we go!

9:00: Alarm goes off. I press snooze, and go back to sleep. Anker wakes up and (I think) makes coffee!

10:00: Am up for the day (please don't judge me; I am summer holidays, and I have no other extra jobs or places that I have to be today). I think I play on my phone for a bit.

10:30: I decide to try to make eggs in my new Tupperware Breakfast Maker. They turn out really well (I ended up eating them cold, but that was my fault, due to finding something on TV first).

10:30-12:30: Play on my laptop and …

Five on Friday/Ten Things of Thankful

I am linking up with some of my favourite bloggers this week for FoF!





I cannot believe that summer is nearly over!!! I also cannot believe that there are poor children already going back to school!! I know that they are done earlier than we people in Canada are, but still..Mid-August? That's still Summer!!! That being said..there are LOTS of BTS sales happening right now!!!
Here are my fave from this week:
1) Being Kept Safe (yes, again):
While it it is STILL VERY smoky around here, we in town are relatively safe. Yes, it is always good to be prepared, and I am keeping ahead of the laundry, incase we have to pack up and leave in a hurry, but for now, all is good.
2) Our Car Has Stopped Leaking:
The fluid that was leaking has stopped, and our car is still working. I am sure that that it should get a check up soon, but that will probably happen after I get back to work.
3) Easy Baby Siting Job
I am looking after a 1 yr old boy, C a few times this summer, and he is…

BC/Civic Day Long Weekend

In BC, we call it BC Day, but the rest of Canada calls it Civic Holiday. At any rate, it's a long weekend! Ok, that really doesn't matter for me during the summer, but hey, it's still worth blogging about, right?

Friday, Anker and I had appointments, cause we are old and cool like that (more on his appointment at another time). I dropped him off, and I went and met my sister at the mall. We had fries, and then browsed the book store and then went to Bed Bath and Beyond! My friend gave me a GC to/for that a couple of weeks ago, so naturally, I HAD to spend it. I bought my SIL some of her bday gift, and I bought us some hand soap (honey!) and 5 hand sanitizers (is anyone else bummed that they changed their hand sanitizer containers?). I may post a picture of them later. I still have $5 left to spend! We both had appointments, we parted ways. I went to the hospital to get my yearly Pulmonary Function Test. I usually have it in Vancouver, but I had asked if I could have here, …