Tenth Anniversary: What We REALLY Did

Yes, Yes, I am sure that you are all DYING to know what we did on/for our 10th anniversary. Well, I wish I could say that we went to Vancouver, stayed in our little B&B, attended my Dr's appointment, had a lovely drive there and back, and maybe did a side trip or two on the way back. Sadly, that was not the case. However, if you want to read what really happened, here it goes:

Every year, we (or I) go to Vancouver to see my specialist for my heart/lungs. A couple of weeks before we were to go, I got this inkling that we weren't supposed to go. It had a lot do to with (lack of) funds, but there was a non-peace that I had about going. It also had to partly do with the fires happening around our province (would the road be safe from smoke and flames, there would be lots more traffic, etc). At any rate, I rebooked the appointment for October. I know I will have to miss a day of work, which I don't like, but at least it's only one day, vs the two days that I usually do (I asked them to please have me do the tests here in town, and they said yes!). At any rate, we didn't go.

Our anniversary was Thursday, July 27. Of course, neither of us had really gotten each other gifts, though I had gone to get a few things from Winners and Jysks the day before. I had bought a few fun things at Winners, including a plaque (which I am now selling on/in one of the bidding sites), honey, and Ginger Beer. Then I went to Jysks, and I found a duvet cover set for $15, and a picture for $5. Around 1130, I headed out to the library, etc. Our road is being worked on (redoing a sewer line), and the flagging lady stopped me and said that my tire was very low..I thought that she was being overly cautious, but I stopped on the side of the road, and call Anker. He ended up coming out and we pumped up the tire, and ran a few errands. We ended up buying gifts for each other while we are together/there, cause we are weird like that. So, I dropped him off, and I went to Starbucks, where I blogged, and wrote on FB what happened. My aunt (who is in town for awhile...long story) called me and said that I should probably go to the tire shop and get them to fix it. I ended up going, and I will spare you the long-drawn out conversation that I had with the tire people, but suffice it to say, I had a lump in my driver's rear tire, and the rest were pretty much crap (which we knew). They were originally going to let me leave without changing it! They just kept saying to keep it pumped up, and to get it changed in a few days! I was a tad annoyed, but I think it's because I am a woman. I kept referring to "my husband"...so they wouldn't think I was this dumb single lady who didn't know about cars! They finally told me that I really shouldn't be driving on it. Gee, thanks for letting me know! I nearly drove off with two really bad tires that could have burst! Not sure if we will be going back to them again! Ugh! Anyway, got said lumpy tire changed, along with the other front tire. I went back to the next day to get the other two changed. I am thankful that I was kept safe! I drove to and from my parents' twice in July, and my tire could have burst, causing who knows what to happen! I am thankful that I had had the premonition to not go to Vancouver, and I am also very thankful that my aunt and uncle are in town, so they could help us out with the tires. I am also thankful that I pushed and pressed harder to get answers....

Well, after the tire-changing fun, I went to the library, and then Anker and I ended up having supper at a local Mexican Cantina, SeƱor Froggy. Both Anker and I love it, and we always get a lot of great food for a great price. After dinner, we came home and just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

I found this picture at Jysks for $5. I really like it, and Anker does, too. And we have even put it up on our wall.

I found this at Winners (no, those are not our wedding pics!). I didn't think we would use it, and I didn't think Anker really liked it so, I have sold it. I will try to find something similar. I do have a lot of wedding pics that are in frames that I could (and should) put up.
 I found this at the dollar store. It's a chalkboard sticker. I haven't used it a bunch yet, but I think I could. Maybe.
                                                      Our suppers were SO GOOD!!

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