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I cannot believe that summer is nearly over!!! I also cannot believe that there are poor children already going back to school!! I know that they are done earlier than we people in Canada are, but still..Mid-August? That's still Summer!!! That being said..there are LOTS of BTS sales happening right now!!!

Here are my fave from this week:

1) Being Kept Safe (yes, again):

While it it is STILL VERY smoky around here, we in town are relatively safe. Yes, it is always good to be prepared, and I am keeping ahead of the laundry, incase we have to pack up and leave in a hurry, but for now, all is good.

2) Our Car Has Stopped Leaking:

The fluid that was leaking has stopped, and our car is still working. I am sure that that it should get a check up soon, but that will probably happen after I get back to work.

3) Easy Baby Siting Job

I am looking after a 1 yr old boy, C a few times this summer, and he is the EASIEST baby. Ever. For real. He rarely cries, and we just generally hang out and play. It makes looking after him so much easier, and fun.

4) A VERY Short Visit with Family

L, A, and their girls were coming through town on the way back from Alberta, so they had messaged me to see if we could maybe maybe it. In the end, it was a bit of a bigger deal than the original plan. Our other brother S and his family arrived, as did my mom and dad. We met at A and K's so the little girls could have a place to play. I got to see K again. She is so sweet!!! Because of a meeting for Tupperware that I had in the evening, and b/c L and A were only going to be an hour or two, I was only there for an hour myself. It was quick, but nice to see them.

5) Meeting My Childhood Bestie for Lunch

I met up with my childhood friend (I think she is my longest-running friend!) and her parents for lunch on Thursday. We met at The Noble Pig Brewhouse in downtown Kamloops, and I had only been there once or twice before, and Anker had been there once or twice in different occasions (he didn't come, but I am just putting that out there). I really enjoyed the food this time, and it wasn't even that expensive. I had their Cheeky Sandwich and fries!! Anyway, C and I met in school. We were neighbours and Farmers' kids along our back road. We are only two weeks apart. We grew apart when we were in high school (I was home educated from Gr. 5 on), but then became close again for a few years. Sadly, she moved out to AB 10 yrs ago, and even with SM, we haven't been in contact as much as I would like, but life happens, and we do try to see each other once year. We hadn't seen each other for two years, as she didn't come out last year. It was great to see her (and her parents who still live here) again. We could have chatted all afternoon!! It was great was a great 2 hours, and I am SO GLAD that we met up!!

6) Lots of Veggies

We have picked 10 zucchini's and 100 tomatoes. I can see a lot of salsa in our future. We are also getting beets, and pickling cucumbers.

7) First Tupperware Order/First Recruit

Ok, it's not a big deal, but I did my first ever TW order ON MY OWN (ok, with help) the other night, and I also got my first recruit!!! I am on my way to getting my free car, for sure!! The first order that I did was actually done by my up-line after my (first) online party, so this was the first order that I had done on my own. I also did do a warranty order, but I don't count that.

8) Getting to Hang W/ H

I am going to baby sit H this evening. I think Aunty needs to take him on a Tim Horton's date after his swim lesson this evening.

9) New Shows/Fall TV

Ok, this is VERY frivolous to be thankful for that, but I am trying to make 10 items here. Work with me!!! Since Baby siting C, I have started watching Dr. Phil and Rachael Ray again. So, I am not PVR'ing them. I am also starting to watch some shows that I used to watching on Food Network, which are Chopped, Chopped Jr, and Chopped Canada. I also like Beat Bobby Flay. I am also looking forward to my/our Fall TV. We are in the middle of watching the last episodes of Saving Hope. We started last week, but we haven't been able to finish them. Hopefully we can finish watching them on Sunday.

10) Thankful

I am just thankful that God has us in the palm of his His hand. Everything from keeping us safe, to little bits of blessing. I am thankful that we were able to keep afloat financially this summer. We aren't rich by any stretch of the imagination, but we are able to keep food on the table, gas in our car, and (mostly) keep up with our bills.

...and for TToT (which i decided to do half way through my blog post):



Unknown said…
I'm also sad that summer is coming to an end, although we don't get an awful lot of sun here in the UK! The children here have July 'til September off of school (6-7 weeks0. Is that about the same time as they have over there?
The A Team said…
Most of Canadian children have about 8-9 weeks off of school (depending on the year). Some parts to the States have 12 weeks off!!!
messymimi said…
What a blessing a garden can be, home made salsa sounds delightful.
Clark Farley said…
Welcome to the TToT!
Number 2 is totally and simple a solid Grat for any of us!
Number 5 sounds like it must have been fun. Meeting with old and/or childhood friends seems to always have an element of the time machine to, to see even briefly through eyes much younger.
Number 6 Hey! Thats not fair! (We did a small garden this year) and except for the squash everything is struggling to make it to the finish line...and we're on the south coast of New England! what the heck! lol
Number 9 don't seem to get to watch as many cooking shows as once... still enjoy Good Eats when I come across it on the remote.

Good TToT!
The A Team said…
I am looking forward to making salsa in my new Tupperware Chef and Prep :) I LOVE cooking shows, and I just discovered that we get Cooking Channel Canada. I have started watching it while I was babysitting (at their house), and they have so many good cooking shows!! I found out today that we have that!!
Kristi said…
One hundred tomatoes?! You must have quite the garden! Enjoy that fresh produce. Fresh salsa sounds delicious!
The A Team said…
Ok, it may not be 100...but there will be a lot!!
Kerry Kijewski said…
I love salsa, but I've found it is difficult to get right when homemade.

Old friends are great for being the ones who knew you when...

I am in Ontario and didn't have to deal with wild fires, but I kept a close eye on the news and I can't imagine having to up and leave my home so suddenly. Scary. I hope, for your sake also, that all that is behind the west coast, for the most part. Stay safe and lovely to see you here at our little TToT.
The A Team said…
Hi Kerry! Thanks for visiting my little blog!!! My husband makes salsa, and does a wonderful job!! For the stuff that does require a long shelf or fridge life, I want to try it in our new Chef n Prep. There is a fire 25KM away from us...hope everyone stays safe! I am longing for winter!!
Josie Two Shoes said…
Hi April! I am back home and finally catching up with TToT posts. This was fun to come and read, nothing is nicer than reconnecting with old friends and picking up where you left off. We may head different directions through the years but the memories tie our hearts together and make reunions feel so good!

Babysitting such a sweetie would be really fun, and if it provides an opportunity to watch some of your favorite tv shows it's even better. :-) I enjoy the cook off shows too.

I hope you stay safe from the fires and I am thankful that you're able to make ends meet, or at least close enough, that's how we live too, and I am ever mindful of how many struggle just to have enough food. Your garden efforts are awesome!

Thank you for sharing your blessings with us at TToT! XO

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