Five On Friday

I haven't done a FoF post in awhile....thought I would link up...

1) Celebrating our 10th Anniversary. 

Ok, so that was last week, but I am including in this week. So there. We had a very interesting day, but it ended up well, so that is the most important thing. We had dinner at a local restaurant, and then came home and relaxed.

2) Trips to the Ranch

I went to the ranch (aka: my parents') twice in July. Once over the Canada Day Long Weekend, and then once towards the end of the month. My sister and SIL and I had a nice girls' evening on the Thursday, and then I stayed at the cottage alone for two days. It was bliss!!!

3) Being Kept Safe

As previously stated, I had a lump in my tire. I could have very nearly died (or at least gotten hurt) if the tire had burst. I am SO thankful that God kept me/us safe.

4) Anniversary Gifts

I will probably post some pics, but I went to Winner's, and I ended up getting a plaque-thing to attach pictures on it. I am actually selling it, b/c I didn't think we would use it, but it's very nice. I might use that money to go and something else for our wall. I also got some REALLY Ginger-y Ginger Beer, and some honey. Then I went to Jysks, and got a picture for $5, and a duvet cover for $15. Anker and I also went to the dollar store, where we gabbed a few gifts for each other. I got chalkboard To Do List plaque to put on the wall, and Anker got a colouring canvas.

5) Frasier

I TOTALLY am into Frasier right now. I started watching it from the beginning to end awhile back, and I have started back watching it. I am in the middle of season 8. I love my Frasier and Friends!!


Happy anniversary! Glad that everything turned out ok!!!

The A Team said… too!!!

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