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Guys Behind the Blog #3

Happy Tuesday! Yes, I am blogging two days in a row! Ha!

I am linking up with Heavens to Betsy for Guys Behind the Blog. Let me tell husband LOVES this...ha! NOT! Oh well, I make him play, anyway.

Here are March's questions:

1 // Do you have a good luck charm or ritual? (like a lucky coin, or you always used to listen to a certain pump-up song when you played sports in high school or college?)

2 // What is your favorite dish that your wife/fiance/girlfriend makes for you?  Do you have any fun memories of a time when she tried to cook and it totally flopped or does she get it right every time?
 Stroganoff. Probably, but we can't remember. I (April) flop A LOT.

3 // What did you want to be when you were growing up?
 Something to do with electronics.

4 // Which of the five senses is your strongest?

5 // Would you ever run for president? (or Prime Minister, cause we're Canadian).

April's questions:
1 // Has Starbucks ever spelled your name wrong on a c…

Friday Link Ups/Weekend Wrap Up***And TToT***

**********Edited for TTOT on Sept 5, 2015**********

I thought I would link up TToT this week, but since I hadn't (yet) done a Friday Link up/TToT (just didn't get to it this week..I still might), I thought i would link up with an old Friday Link up post. I hope that's ok to do!! 

Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a good wknd. Mine was ok...I have a lot of things on my mind, which was partly why I didn't do the Friday link ups on Friday.

Warmer Weather: We have been having warmer weather here in BC, and I like it! Well, except for the other day, when it was FREEZING! I am very closet to getting my capri's and sandals out.

Starbucks Mug: I got a new Starbucks travel mug the other day. It was a great price, and it is huge...however, I am not a fan of the lid. It is a bit awkward to drink from/out of. Oh well.

Health System: I love (for the most part) Canada's health system. It is free! My mom was in the hospital on Friday (which was part of the stuff that's on m…

Major Randomness/Friday Link Ups/Let's be Friends Blog Hop

I am starting this on Thursday (that's today!!), so that I can link up for the Friday link ups...actually ON THE DAY that they start!

I am actually not feeling well at the moment...I was going to call in sick, but, there isn't any coverage, and I worked an extra shift and a half this pay period, so if I don't call in sick, I will get more money! Oh, and I actually want to go :)

This will be a MAJOR random post...I hope you are all ok with that...

*********It is now Tuesday, and I am HOPING to finish this post TODAY, plus I will now be linking up with the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop as well.***************

Last Weekend: Well, it would not be considered two wknds ago! Ha! So, TWO wknds ago, I decided to go out visit the parents. Anker wasn't feeling well AT ALL, so I went alone. It was actually a fun time. I don't have ANY problem in going and doing things alone, even if it means doing something (going somewhere) out of town. First though, on Friday (again, two wknd…

Five (plus a few more) on Friday/Oh, Hey, Friday/Friday Favorites/Friday Favorites

Well, I am pretty late in post for last Friday's link up, so I thought I would start up a post for this Friday's link ups! I am meeting someone for coffee, then it is off to work, so Friday will be pretty busy, so I thought I would start one up now :)

I have found 3 more link ups, which is totally cool! I love me some blog link ups!!!

SO...I will have a few more than 5 things :) I will also keep adding on UNTIL Friday makes an appearance!!

1) New Car!!!

Our Alero has been giving us problems for, well, ever..!!! We finally had to bite the bullet, and spring for a car that is safe on the road. We found through word of mouth about a Ford Taurus 2001 with 95K KMs. After some initial issues with the battery, then the starter, we got it on the road! We love it!
We borrowed the month from my aunt and uncle, which was very kind of them, and we love having a safe and reliable car. Oh...did I mention that it was only $900?

2) Old Car!

We had to say good bye to our Alero yesterday. So sa…