Five on Friday {Beauty (Haul) Edition}

Well, it is now Tuesday! Ha! That's what happens when you're busy on Friday (out all day, tired in the evening), work all weekend, and then am STILL too tired to do it until DAYS later! Oh well...

I thought I would do a few of my favourite beauty/make up items this link up. I was going to do 5 of my fave make up. my 5 fave skin, and my 5 fave bath products, and I might do that one day, but this week wasn't the week! Ha!

First off, I am probably THE MOST low maintenance lady in the world. I go weeks without putting on makeup..usually because I don't have time, and/or I don't feel like it. I am not much better (in fact, probably worse), at applying daily/nightly creams, etc....HOWEVER, when I DO do that stuff, I do enjoy it, and I do have my favourites that I use. I also, am not that loyal to brands (except when I was in Avon)...I usually just buy what is on sale, and what (I think) will work/look good on me are my tops 5 beauty/skin/make up/bath products:

1) Favourite Makeup:

 Is there anything better than NEW FRESH makeup? I think not! I have actually never really been much of a make up girl, so I usually just buy anything that looked cheap and that I thought looked good on my skin. Well, I still do that, but with a bit more know-how. Ha! Since becoming an "Avon Lady" a few years ago, I would just buy the make up from, since I haven't been in it, I haven't bought any new stuff, in well, forever. I have been wanting to buy Drew Barrymore's new Flower Beauty line for awhile, but I kept forgetting to check it out at Wal-Mart. I really do like it. I think my favourite is the mascara. With past mascaras, they seem to rub on to my glasses, but so far, this hasn't, which I love. The mascara is brown/black, and it twists three different ways, allowing you three different ways to apply. The eye shadow brush already fell off (oops!), but I really do like the colours, and how it blends. The name of it is called ShadowPIay/Twighlight Moon. I also have her Sheer Up  Lip Tint. The colour I have is called Bare Blush. The only real complaint I have about that is that you REALLY have to PRESS HARD for it to go on. I think that's partly due to it being very light. I also added some of my Avon Sparkle Lip Gloss, which added some, well, I don't know what it added, but it looked a bit better. (I I think I will do a beauty haul post soon). My animal-activist friends will be happy to know that they don't test on animals.

2) Favourite Skin (Daily/Nightly) Cream:

I got a bunch of creams while I was in Avon, and I sparingly have used them...but I have been using this one a bit more lately, and I like is suppose to remove aging or something. I like it, because it feels good, doesn't itch my skin, and goes it great. It is Avon's Anew Skinvincible Cream.

3) Favourite Acne Treatment:

Right now, I am using (and loving!) Avon's Clear Skin Acne Treatment. I use the toner a lot more than the scrub, but I like both.
4) Favourite Eye Make Up Remover:

My mom gave this to me in my stocking at Christmas time, and I really do love it..Andrea's Eye Make Up Remover. They are pads, and they (for the most part) remove the make up. I sometimes have to use Avon Eye Make Up Remover, which I also love.

5: Favourite Body Scrub/Wash:

My friend/neighbour gave me this for Christmas, and I am LOVING it....
I wasn't sure if I was going to like it or not, since I am not a huge fan of Body Scrubs, but I really do love it, and it smells amazing! Sadly, I don't see it on their site anymore...:( Hopefully, they will be bringing it back soon.  Check out Bath and Body Works site for more awesome-ness!

Well, that's all for this week! I have a TON of posts that I want to do in the next few days, so be prepared for an on-slaught of posts of/and randomness!

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