Blazers Game

Hubby and I scored FREE tickets to our local WHL team's hockey game tonight! I have been in this town for over 10 years (and grew up in the area), and have only been twice. I actually said a blurb about it here. Normally, hubby doesn't like going out (especially in the evenings..and I am not much better), but we didn't do too much today, so neither of us were really tired...and I had the night off, so I thought that we should take advantage of it. It was a fun game, not too busy, not too many crazy people yelling around us (like last, and it was an awesome game..not to mention that "we" won! After a quick stop at/to Subway, we were on our way. I love them game for the extra stuff; the sights, sounds, smells, and taste around me. They always have contests, draws, and giveaways going on. They was also a 50-50 draw, which we paid into, but we didn't win. We sure could have used the 3K. Just sayin. Pop (not soda!) was only $1, which was nice, and it helped to keep things down. We did spend money on popcorn, which was ever so yummy.

 The tickets!
I only got a few pictures, b/c Hubby said that I wasn't able to take any. Ha!
 My new purse made for a great seating companion. Plus, it looked good in the chair!
 They had a selfie contest going on...we didn't win, but we had fun!
It was 7-4 Blazers, and it was a great night out!

And that was our exciting night on the town!


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