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Five On Friday

Here are my faves from this week!

1) New (to me) Computer

Anker gave me his old one, and got a new-ish computer. I am learning aaaalll about Mac :) So far, not a huge fan, but what can you do? It was free!!!

2) Awesome Friends and Co-Workers

I love my co-workers at school so much!!! We are all there for each other when needed. I love that we can all support and learn from each other. Last night, we went out to my friends (we have been friends for over 10 yrs, and met through church) for supper, and we had a great evening. She gave us a bunch of meat from their calf (who is now dead, obvs), so we have a ton of beef, now.

3) Unicorn Frap

Ok, it wasn't my favourite, but it was fun, in the fact that it is super popular right now, and it sure is pretty!

4) Chocolate

I gotta say, I have OD'd on chocolate more than anyone should. Ugh. But it was SO GOOD!!! I am loving Lindt/Lindor, now. Yum!!!

5) Good TV

I am PVR'ing (but not necessarily watching) SO many good shows right now. I …


Hi!! Long time no blog!! My laptop decided to kick the bucket, and no longer works, so I only had my phone, and thankfully, Mom had given me a Tablet when we visited her a few weeks back, so I was able to play my train game, log onto the library website, and watch movies, etc. Then, I got a Chrome Book for work, which I am using for blogging right now. Anker came home with a new (ish) Mac computer, so he is tranferring everything from his old computer to the new one, and I will have the old one. I have to start ALL over again!! Passwords and website saving, as well as picture saving. Thankfully, most of my pictures are on FB, so that won't be an issue. My blogging-relating pictures and my resume are with my old computer, which won't be able to be revived.

And now it is April 22/17

I now have his old computer, which, for this PC/Windows gal is tough! But I guess I will get used to in time. I have to somehow add "blogging/linking" pictures/buttons, and start all over a…