Hi!! Long time no blog!! My laptop decided to kick the bucket, and no longer works, so I only had my phone, and thankfully, Mom had given me a Tablet when we visited her a few weeks back, so I was able to play my train game, log onto the library website, and watch movies, etc. Then, I got a Chrome Book for work, which I am using for blogging right now. Anker came home with a new (ish) Mac computer, so he is tranferring everything from his old computer to the new one, and I will have the old one. I have to start ALL over again!! Passwords and website saving, as well as picture saving. Thankfully, most of my pictures are on FB, so that won't be an issue. My blogging-relating pictures and my resume are with my old computer, which won't be able to be revived.

And now it is April 22/17

I now have his old computer, which, for this PC/Windows gal is tough! But I guess I will get used to in time. I have to somehow add "blogging/linking" pictures/buttons, and start all over again, there, too.  Blogging kind of has lost its luster when you have to re-save pictures, etc. Oh well.

So, where should I begin? It has been awhile since I have blogged....a few weeks, in fact. Things are going well. My job is going well, and even though I am exhausted at times, I am still loving it. Anker and I have been doing ok. It is finally spring here in this part of the world. I finally broke out my sandals last evening!!

Well, this has taken me all day to write. I am slowly saving some photos that I will want to add to my blogging repertoire, etc.

Last weekend was Easter, and it was a very quiet wknd. Since it is mostly in April, our family is always so busy with lambing, so it was never a big thing while growing up. We have celebrated it when it has been in March, however, and I was checking to see if we had celebrated it last year, and sure enough, we had. So, Anker went to VI to see his sister, as it was her 50th birthday on April 15th. We had found a great flight for him, and bc I had forgotten that it was Easter Wknd, thinking that I was working, I had bought him a ticket...then I realized that it was Easter, and rejoiced, b/c I had the whole (4 day) weekend to myself!!! Anker had a great time with his sister (and he came back with red wine, a new-ish Mac laptop for him, so that I could have his old one, chocolate, and some money), and I had a great time on my own. I watched TV on the big tv, I went out and did things on Saturday, church on Sunday, and he came home on Monday. On Friday, I went to the ranch for the day with some people from school. It was fun showing them around, and it was great seeing the baby lambs. It was great having the whole bed to myself, and I would put movies on my Tablet, and not have to worry about wearing headphones. I also ate a mutton chop dinner on Saturday evening, and it was SO GOOD! Sunday, after Church, I went to the dollar store and to Starbucks for while, before coming home and watched movies, and I also went for a short walk with my friend from work. On Monday, I went to coffee (which turned into breakfast, naturally) with the girls, and then I picked up Anker from the airport. In the evening, I needed to get out of the house for a bit (long story), so I called up my friend, and we went for a drive and a chat. After I came back, things were better, and we had Subs that I had gotten a few hours earlier, and we managed to sort of salvage the rest of the evening.

The rest of my spring break went well. That was so long ago, that I don't remember what I did! I had met the girls for dinner at a local Greek Restaurant, and the food was really good. On April 2nd, I was to do nursery, but someone wanted to switch with me, so I did it on the 9th, and I didn't end up going to church on Sunday. I stayed at home and watched TV. On April 8th (a couple of weeks ago), I took our car to get the chip fixed that we got on Christmas Day. I met my coworker for a coffee at a local coffee shop. We had a great visit, and I ended up trying their donuts, which were amazing! The next day, Sunday, I met up with my brother and sister in law at another local coffee shop, where we had a short visit, complete with coffee and a pretzel. I could put in links and extra pics, but I don't wanna :) Anker has been starting on our garden. I went to the first Farmers' Market today, which was kind of fun. I bought a tomato plant, and a scone. I just realized that I didn't put this in point form. Does it matter? Hmm...:) We went to cancel our cable and our home phone today, but they ended up retaining us for less than what we were paying.  Eh...what can you do?

I tried the Unicorn Frap the other day...it was kind of weird. But it sure was pretty!!!

That is a bit of an update on us. Things are going well around here, which is a good thing!!! There are more things to write about, but they are not really that interesting or that important. Ha! Hope you are all having a great wknd!!!

PS: Since when has Easter become this cash grab for kids? Yes, an Easter Egg hunt is great, and even a few Christian/Easter-related gifts are great, but a huge full on basket of stuff? Umm....Okay? What happened to just a bit of chocolate? :)


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