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The Perfect Gift (I think).

Just came back from a busy day. It was fun, though..but I am super-tired. Church, then lunch out (by myself, as DH was sick), and ran a few errands, then home for an hour..then helped my brother look after Hayden while he did some errands...came home, and picked up my sister from the airport, and delivered her to my brother to take her home! The weekend went well...pretty busy, but fun, too..I baked cookies...went to see a movie, went to dinner..went to two parties on Friday..I think I am only going to work half of the week, since our boss said we could take some extra time off.

Well, I finally found the perfect gift for Baby T's mummy. It is actually the same thing that we bought for ourselves..but when I found it at another store, I realised that it would be the perfect gift. I won't say what it was, since his mummy hasn't gotten it yet (stupid Canada Post!!), but I really hope they get it soon!!! I had my Sister in law write his name, bdate, on the back..(she is a much…

Thoughts of Baby T.

This morning, I called my friend D. to catch up, since we haven't talked for awhile. She is a BLM (Baby Loss Mama), having lost her baby boy at 23 weeks. We talked for an hour this morning, and I hope what I said was encouraging. I never really know what to say, but I try to stay away from "platitudes". I would think this Christmas would be hard for her...I was talking to another FB friend of mine, asking her if I should include T's name in the Christmas Card or not...she emailed back, saying to definitely refer to Baby T. somewhere in the card, and to also try and get him an ornament.

Well, I tried for over an hour today (actually, probably about two), to find something. I think I should go into the "Angel Baby" making business. There is NOTHING out there! I did find one, but it also said "Baby's First Christmas 2011", and I don't know if that is fitting or not.
I don't know if she will be getting a lot (or any) gifts for him...if he wi…

A New Direction

I have no idea if anyone reads this blog, but I don't care. I love having an outlet where I can share. I have other ways, of course, but I like have a public place to vent and to share feelings. I am finding that Facebook is not necessarily the place to vent, and to air one's feelings.

I know it has been awhile since I have blogged, and it has been a combination of things..I really don't haven't felt like it, not really much to say, and just kind of forgetting, being busy. That being said, I have decided to go a bit of a different direction with my blogging. I will still update you on our lives, but it will be more reflective, introspective. I just want to be more real...more thought provoking, more smart!!:)

I am part of a group called "Childless Mothes", where ladies come together who don't have their own kids, and just chat about not having children in our lives. I do really like it, as it is a place to air my thoughts and feelings without judgement. I …

Summer, Pt 1

Yes, we're alive!! I thought I would do a quick post, b/c I am thinking that it has been awhile since i have written in this!!

We have had a fairly good summer! As far as the weather goes, we are only JUST NOW getting some "summer" weather...well, August, and September have been nice..June and July?? Only a few days were hot!!

I wouldn't say it's been a great summer, but it's been ok. I have been having some "stuff", that I am working through, and I had/am having some depression, it has made the summer a bit of a downer.

Just a few summer highlights:

I celebrated my 35 birthday. We had the party a few days later, thanks to my working and the Canucks (still a sore We had a few ppl in the park, and it was a nice party.

My sister graduated the end of June, and we had such a fun party!! Lots of people came to help her celebrate...lots of laughter, and pictures were had! And of course, yummy food! She is now at Bible College in Calgary.


Not Perfect..and some Family News

Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian Friends!! I hope your weekend was wonderful.

Ours was pretty quiet. Pretty much just hung out all weekend. We may go out today, but since the weather isn't nice...we may not do much. I watched some movies, and I went out a couple of times. I ended up going to church alone, and my friend took me out to a new restaurant in town..called was very good!! I went to the park twice to just enjoy the sun, and read. It was beautiful for Thursday, I took the day off, mainly because my right ear, which has been plugged for a week, was still bothering me. I just enjoyed the day. Our seems to be having problems again. Thankfully, it's not a big deal, but I did got to the place that fixed it the last time, and they told us that it was an oxygen sensor. We were going to go camping, but we found out that it was going to rain..then we were going to go to my parent's, but we decided to stay home, b/c of our burning too much fuel. We were both dis…

My Thoughts on Mother's Day

Hello...And Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there..especially to my MOMMY!! She has been an amazing mom...always there when I need her....loves to talk to me...pretty much about everything....just amazing. I feel so blessed that we have always gotten along...of course, there are the odd tiffs, but they always blow over quickly. She was there for me during my stay in the hospital last year...nearly every day for a month. She is one of my biggest cheer-ers!!

Well, I am about to leave go to away for the weekend..I will tell you more about it when I return. I am looking forward to it, that's for sure.

I must say, though..that this year..probably more than any other year, Mother's Day will be a bit more sad:( A more of a longing in my heart.....I have pretty much come to the conclusion that unless the Lord decides otherwise, we will not be having a baby. Of course, like I said, it's not iron-clad. But I think I have pretty much "made peace" with not havi…

Yes, we are Still Here!!

I have been a very bad blogger, lately. I am not really sure why..I think mainly because I don't know what to write.

Even now, I don't know if I should talk about my two trips, and update you on my health, or talk about how much I am dreading Mothers' Day this year. Or I could just talk about our mundane life:)

Well, I think I will do a bit of everything, and do a semi-short update.

The first weekend in April, Anker and I went to my parents' for about 24 hours. I barely remember what we did. I think we just helped out, and generally had a good time.

On Sunday, April 10, my friend and I boarded a bus to Vancouver. I was going to Van for about 2 days' worth of Dr's appts, and Anker wasn't able to take time off, as we were going Edmonton later in the month (more on that in a bit), but I didn't want to go alone. So, I asked my friend. We had a great time. We stayed at the Windsor Guest House. I really like it, although this time, the beds weren't the g…

It's Spring in my books!!

I know it's not "officially" spring, but it is in my books. The snow is nearly gone, and I haven't had to go out in my winter coat for a few days now, and it's warm(er)!! I usually start wearing capri pants next month. I usually wear Capri pants from April-November. True story. Unless it's REALLY cold, or I am on the beach. I love capris!! Love, Love, Love! I just love spring. The new life..warmer weather. I just love it.

Ok...I should probably update on what we've been up to. Basically, not much. I did go to Calgary on Feb 25-27. I went w/ the VCC Youth Group, as they were going to a conference. I really wanted to get out of town for a couple of days, and when I heard that they were going, I called and asked my brother (who was taking them) if I could hitch a ride. When they said that they were coming around my way, I definitely wanted to go. It was a nice weekend..I was slightly disappointed, as I was hoping to do more "girly" things w/ my au…


I also got BCAA two weekends ago..I was sick of having to call a tow truck/or using someone else BCAA to get our car towed/started. I can get it taken out monthly, so it won't be so much.

I am waiting on a few things from eBay. I paid for one nearly a month ago, and it's still not here yet. I called PayPal, and I filed a claim. The two other things should be here soon...:)

Just an Update

I should probably be getting ready for work right now, but I thought that I would quickly update on what is going on around here.

Not a lot, really..Just every day stuff:) We had SNOW last night, and early this morning. I am not happy. It also turned REALLY cold over the weekend:( One day, I was out in my light jacket, the next day, back the winter one. At least it's been sunny!!

Regarding my cyst..I finally heard back from my surgeon, and she said that it hasn't grown. Apparently, it was in the CT scan last March, but they didn't do anything about it, which makes me a bit upset. It was about 6cm, and now it has gone down to about 4 cm. To be honest, I am not totally content w/ what she said. I still have fluid in my abdomen (more on that in a minute), so I just don't understand why it's still there:( They will do another u/s in June to see how it's doing. I am doing fine, no pain, any everything else is fine. I will go to my Dr. here to see if we can take some o…


Don't worry, I don't have it (more on that in a moment), but is has been on my mind lately.

Maybe it's because there is a girl about 7 yrs old who's blog I have been following for 18 months has had her tumour return. Or, maybe it's because one of my old Bible College professors ended his fight with a blood cancer on Friday. Or, maybe it's because I **AM** worried that the cyst I have IS cancer..or maybe the leasions on my brain ARE cancer! Yes, I know, I am being overly dramatic, but I just worry about stuff like that. I don't understand sometimes, why God chooses not to heal people of any disease, for that matter.

Kate is a beautiful young lady, who at 5 1/2 yrs old was diagnosed w/ a rare brain tumuour, that turned out to be cancer. She has endured more than a child (or adult, for that matter) should in the last 18 months. Stuff that no one should have to know about..cancer, chemo, MRI, CT's, PET. Things seemed to be going well, I think she even had a …

This Town, and other complaints

Don't Say I didn't warn you!!

I woke up this morning with what I hoped would be a productive day..I really haven't done much. I did throw a load of laundry in the wash, and I did sweep and mop the floor, but the bathroom should get cleaned, and our living room should get vacuumed, but I don't feel like doing it today. Yes, I am lazy! I usually have Saturdays as my cleaning and home day..but I am just not into that...I am finally getting rid of our Christmas decorations, which have been in containors since, well, CHristmas. WIth our having a storage space (anker's bike parts are in our house storage), it's not as easy to get stuff/take stuff back..oh least when it's gone, we don't have to look at it.

I really wish we had a bigger place. I look at people's blogs and pics on facebook, with a tinge of jealousy..our place is a dump compared to theirs...oh well..such is life. I am not artsy at all, so I can't just go and make stuff to put on o…

Point Form

My blogging friend, Amber does a random thoughts post in point form every Tuesday, so I wanted to do it..I have a couple of times...and I like it...

I think I keep up with too many blogs. I don't really know how to delete a blog that I am following, well, I do, but it seems too much of a chore to delete it.

I have been disappointed in french fries lately. The only ones I really like are McDonalds. I don't even like Wendy's much any more.

My friends and I went to watch "The King's Speech" on Sunday. It was really good. Today, I learned that it got 12 Oscar nodds. This makes me happy.

I really want to start reading "Anne Frank's Diary". Maybe if I spent less time on Facebook, I will get to it.

We still have our tree and some decorations in our house. We have to take them to the mini-storage.

I think I have strep-throat. It feels like I burned my throat (as if I have drunk a hot drink). My friend told me that that was to ST feels like. Lovely.

I love havi…

Not Forgotten...

I wasn't going to blog tonight (I was actually just going to shut down and head to bed), but I thought I would quickly post what happened the last few days.

I wasn't going to post this, but I figure, this is a place where I can update, and share my thoughts and, why not?

A few days ago (Wednesday), I took a pregnancy test. I have taken them before, but it has been awhile (a year, maybe??) since I took one. I was late. I haven't been late for awhile. I was hoping. Praying. Thinking. Maybe. I was excited!! I didn't have any symptoms, so I was pretty sure I wasn't, but a lot of women don't have any symptoms, so I thought.."why not"? So, I bought a test, took it in Starbucks (well, in the bathroom, of course!), and nothing happened. I realised later that I did it wrong. Not wanting to waste it, I did it later that night at work. I peed in a cup. It was negative. I was sad. Not crying sad, but still sad. This was the first time a long time that…


Yes, I am a bad blogger!! I was hoping to blog before Christmas, but I never ended up getting around to it. Remember when I was asking "Where are you, Christmas?" Well, I finally started getting out of my slump (or whatever it was) a few days later, so I managed to get enjoy getting ready for Christmas.

I finally was able to finish off the rest of my blood work that I couldn't get done from the 15th. It was much easier this time.

Ok..well, I finally was able to get ready, and shop for Anker, and bake, bake, and bake again! I even gave some baking to some neighbours, cause I am nice, like that.

I had to work until the 22nd (that day, too), and I spent the 23rd getting ready to go. I finally found some pants that fit me that that were long enough for me, and I did some shopping (for gifts). Like I said, I baked, and baked. It was fun...I really love doing that sometimes.

The morning of the 24th, Anker and I got ready to go. The one good thing of having NO SNOW, was that the ro…