Point Form

My blogging friend, Amber does a random thoughts post in point form every Tuesday, so I wanted to do it..I have a couple of times...and I like it...

I think I keep up with too many blogs. I don't really know how to delete a blog that I am following, well, I do, but it seems too much of a chore to delete it.

I have been disappointed in french fries lately. The only ones I really like are McDonalds. I don't even like Wendy's much any more.

My friends and I went to watch "The King's Speech" on Sunday. It was really good. Today, I learned that it got 12 Oscar nodds. This makes me happy.

I really want to start reading "Anne Frank's Diary". Maybe if I spent less time on Facebook, I will get to it.

We still have our tree and some decorations in our house. We have to take them to the mini-storage.

I think I have strep-throat. It feels like I burned my throat (as if I have drunk a hot drink). My friend told me that that was to ST feels like. Lovely.

I love having 3 days off. Usually, Fridays are my errand days, Saturdays are my stay at home cleaning, and relaxing days, and Sundays are my church and total nothing days.

Our car went on the fritz last Wednesday. I had taken it Mr. L@be to get it's oil changed, and it wouldn't start as I was about to leave. It turned out that the starter had gone. $450 later, we got her fixed. Yesterday, we got the oil send unit fixed...I hope this isn't the sign of things to come...we have been very blessed w/ this car..really, not a lot of problems.

I tried a new doctor, but I don't like her, so I will stick w/ my same doctor.

I have the genetic markings of CF...grr..Anker needs to get tested next.

I got my U/S done today. I asked the tech if the cyst was still there..it was, and it had gotten bigger. I will have to call my cancer specialist in a week, to see what she wants to do, if anything.

I have been busy visiting two ladies from my home church the last few days. One has left (she may return, as she wasn't feeling well this evening), so it is just one now. I feel really bad, as she doesn't have a lot of visitors..her husband has been in, but he has been sick, so I am sort of just trying to do what I can do to help out. If I am sick, though..I won't be going.

I think the last few weekends have been good. I really can't remember...went to BP one Saturday night...spent some time w/ my mom and sister two Saturdays ago, and I help my sister get her grad dress.

My friend started working at the same place I work..so it will be a great time, for sure!

I also got a raise at work! This makes me happy:)

We got Tier 3 Cable (again) this past week. If we can't afford it, we will cancel it, but it is nice to have TLC, Food Network, amongst our other fav. channels.

Will you all posted!!


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