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Still Here

******Edited July 28, 2015******

******Since I didn't link up on Friday, I thought I would link up with Tiffany @ The Dwelling Tree for this weeks Let's Be Friends Blog Hop*****

I have a TON of posts that I want to write, but I have either been too busy, too tired, or too lazy. Or I just haven't wanted to. I keep perusing over my PLETHORA of blogs that I follow, hoping to get inspiration, but I just end up doing other things (like

Here (in no particular order) are just a few things that I/we have been up to. I was going to make a Friday Link up post, but again, back to the lazy excuse! Ha!

We have been having cooler weather this past week, along with some rain. We love it.

On Sunday, I went to church, while hubby cleaned up (he didn't want to go..he's been in a funk about church lately), then we had A, K and H over for pizza. We had a lovely chat, then after they left, I went out grocery shopping.

Monday, I had a meeting at work, then I came home an…

Friday Link Ups

Yes, I am two days late. But, I really don't care :)

I have about 10 blog posts that I want to write, that are in my little I hope get some done this week. Maybe.

For now, are a few of my favourites from this past wk. I was going to post pictures, but I think I will just the text for now.

1. Free stuff at 7-11.

In Canada this last wk, 7-11 was having their birthday bash, and if you downloaded their app, you got something for free every day. I missed two days, b/c let's face it, who wants to get free water? And I forgot the other day. But 5 out of 7 days isn't bad.

2. Cooler Temps.

Well, until yesterday, they had been cooler, but yesterday and today were HOT! It is now raining, so yay!

3. Drugs.

Or more accurately, sedatives. I had a dental procedure on Thursday, and since I flipped out during the last cavity filling fiesta, I decided that I would go the sedative route. I used to think Sleep Dentistry was creepy. I don't anymore. I may or may not …

Friday Link Ups

Hey everyone. In case you haven't noticed, I haven't really been on the Blogging band wagon. There are many reasons, some of what I won't post here, but some of them are.....being too busy (work, reading magazines, you know, the important, errands, last wknd at the ranch), too hot, no internet for almost two days (gasp!), and to be honest, just not really into blogging. But I know I get that way, and in/after a few days, I get back on it again. I should be in bed, as I work a 12 hour day tomorrow (it's my work wknd...I joke that I always have long wknds...I either work them, or I have them..all three The laptop is burning my legs, and making me (and the room) twice as hot as it normally is...but I will do a short Friday link up post.

Here are some things that I have been loving (and doing) the last week or so...

1. Canada Day

I didn't do a heck of a lot for/on CD. Vienna came with our aunt and uncle, and we all ate lunch together, then V, A…

Post 500, and My Little Brother's Wedding

Yay! I am at post 500!! I am so happy! I know, I's not a lot, but to me, it is pretty cool. I love on how my writing has changed (gotten better) since I started 8 years ago!!! Speaking of which, it will be our 8th wedding anniversary next month, and my/our 8th Blog-aversary in August! Crazy! last wknd, my little brother Seth, married the love of his (short!) life!! **** this part was done on July 8/15. I realize that I am way too many posts behind, but I have been either busy, or not into blogging..but, never fear...I will get to them, eventually..**** They are both young, but love is love, right? LOL.

The weekend was wonderful, in part because I got to see N and L :) Of course, it was great seeing everyone else, too!!! But you know..I don't see N and L near as much as I'd like.

I left Friday morning (I was able to take is a lieu day..Yay!!), with two of my SILs, and L.  The wedding was a couple of hours away, so it was a short trip. We had a lovely …