Post 500, and My Little Brother's Wedding

Yay! I am at post 500!! I am so happy! I know, I's not a lot, but to me, it is pretty cool. I love on how my writing has changed (gotten better) since I started 8 years ago!!! Speaking of which, it will be our 8th wedding anniversary next month, and my/our 8th Blog-aversary in August! Crazy! last wknd, my little brother Seth, married the love of his (short!) life!! **** this part was done on July 8/15. I realize that I am way too many posts behind, but I have been either busy, or not into blogging..but, never fear...I will get to them, eventually..**** They are both young, but love is love, right? LOL.

The weekend was wonderful, in part because I got to see N and L :) Of course, it was great seeing everyone else, too!!! But you know..I don't see N and L near as much as I'd like.

I left Friday morning (I was able to take is a lieu day..Yay!!), with two of my SILs, and L.  The wedding was a couple of hours away, so it was a short trip. We had a lovely time with Naomi and her friends and family in the morning. We had a bit of a bedroom shower (FYI: Having kids there is a bit We had a lovely brunch and spa time, then it was time to help get things ready. Then the rehearsal was at 5 and the dinner was at 6 (or something like that). N was the flower girl, and she wasn't too sure about it at first, but after the first try, she actually kind of enjoyed her self.

Anker was planning on coming up the next day, so I spent the first night by myself. I actually stayed at Seth's Land lords, and they are so nice, and the place was amazing!!! I didn't bring my laptop, so I did internet on my phone, and read, and called people.

Anker picked me up the next day, and we got to the church around 12. It was about 25C (I think), despite it being cloudy. The church was HOT! And though the guys didn't wear full tuxes, they were still dressed up (jeans and long sleeved shirts), so they were pretty hot. H (who's 4) refused to take off his vest (and he also had a long sleeved shirt on..go figure!!) But other than the heat, it was a wonderful wedding! I loved Naomi's dress, and N did great as FG. I ended up helping with the guest rocks (instead of a guest idea), and placed the gifts. Even hubby got into it, and had fun directing people.

Both of the dads (Naomi's dad is the pastor of the church where they had the wedding), did the ceremony, so it was very nice. And it was relatively short, which was great. I think if it were any longer, people would have fainted. Ha! Then we all turned the sanctuary into a reception hall, and it was wonderful (but still hot). They only wanted a few pictures with family and the wedding party (smart idea, btw), and no receiving line (even smarter idea!), so after the pictures, people got the sanctuary transformed, and Luke and Amanda took Seth and Naomi for a few pictures with just the two of them. I got to hold L (who's four months), and who screamed. A lot. Ha! Actually, she did pretty well, and N did awesome.

The reception was nice, but again, quite hot, and it was over at 6 (Seth wanted to leave at 4...when the reception started at 3..ha!! He then said they could leave at 5....well, they left at ended up getting lost on their way to the resort they were staying..poor kids). After the wedding, some of the family congergated at the house where some of the family had rented a house for the wknd. We couldn't quite afford it, but it sure is a good idea when you have young kids. H and N loved it!!! It is situated in Vernon, and very easy to get to. We just chilled and hung out, and visited with everyone. Did I mention that H and N got along SO well!! They had SO much fun!!! And we aunties (esp Vienna and I) had SO MUCH fun hanging with the kiddies!

***well, it is now July 10th. I just haven't been into blogging much lately, but I will try to get this finished up tonight***

Sunday morning, we all met at the house around 12 (after a  nice relaxing morning at our place, and my going to the dollar store to grab a few gifts), and we all went to the beach. I think that was the best part of the wknd. I have many memories of hanging out on Kal Beach, so it was fun to go back. We came back and had a LOVELY bbq of Lamb chops! It was SO good! We ended the evening by starting a movie, thought it was dumb, and started another one, only be so tired, that we couldn't finish it.

Monday morning, we all got together to say goodbye, and we all went our separate ways. are some pictures...

 Saying their vows.
 I thought this was such a cool idea.
 Seth and Naomi saying thank you.
And yes, she is from Haiti. I like to refer to her family as "my international friends". I grew up with her dad, and her mom is from the US; their two boys where born in the States, and her and her sister Noelle were adopted from (while they were in) Haiti. They have all since lived in Haiti once after that (if not twice), and they have lived in the States, and most recently, our hometown, and now they live in the Okanogan, where her dad is a Pastor of a small church.

The theme was Grecian Rustic, which I had no idea that that was what it was until Naomi referred to it in her thank you speech. 

 Vienna spent hours gluing the feathers to the jar.
The food...Yum.

 The food at the BBQ.
 I did my hair myself.
 Kal Lake and Beach.
 Grecian Rustic.
 The room where I/we stayed.
 The kids wanted us to bury them. Even N was ok with having herself buried in sand.
 The only decent picture of inside of the house. We had some friends over as the older kids are theirs.
 Sisters! Naomi was long gone, but she will get in on the next one.
 The pictures of the house!

Of course, I have more, but these are the ones I thought looked the best (well, sort of)  to put on the blog.


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