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Five on Friday

Happy Friday, Friends! I am really hoping to pound out a few blog posts this weekend, including about our Christmas and NY :) It seems that weeks just fly by. I seem to be out a fair bit in the evenings during the week, and I am "behind" in watching TV, reading (mags, books, etc), and doing household cleaning. Not to mention, blogging!!! Anyway...this week went incredibly fast. Today, however, was the LONGEST.DAY.EVER! It was a good day, but a long day! Here are some of my faves from the week:

1) I got a purse for under $20 at Wal-Mart the other day. I have been wanting to get a new one for awhile now, as my last one was ugly. I found this really nice black one. I know it's not summery, but I will try to find a lighter one in a month or two.

2) I actually got Anker out of the house on Sunday! We went to my brother's small bday party at their house, and it was a nice time. And the cake was delish!
3) I was gifted a Smart Multi-Cooker from someone on Thursday. I have n…

Randoms/Weekly Wrap Up:

I am happy to see Friday again, friends!!! I will say, that this week went by much faster than last week! Here are some randoms from the week:

Monday: I think I ran some errands after school. I came home and we had dinner, and I hung out for awhile. I felt like going out for a bit, so I went to my friends for an hour. I think I went to the library after school.

Tuesday: After school, I went and had coffee with my new friend from church, then I went to the dollar store and I came home for a little while. Anker had had a bad day that day, so I was glad that I wasn't around to witness it. I had had plans to go to a Tupperware event, but I didn't feel like going. I ended up going to the library, and then going on a late night grocery shopping run!

Wednesday: I took my friend to her mom's place (which is in the same complex as ours), and we ended up visiting for a bit. I think we had spaghetti, and then I went to Worship and Prayer night at our church. I went to the library, and t…

Five on Friday

1) Joining a Gym
Well, I actually joined a gym (yet again!). This is the third time that I have joined a gym in my life, and the first time since being in Kamloops. I joined the Y, b/c it is close to where I work, and they give back to their community. I also can join for $20 a month.

2) Home Improvement Shows

I have gotten into Home Improvement Shows the last week or so. I love them!!! Right now, I am into Restored by The Ford's and Fixer Upper.

3) New/Old Sitcoms

I am wanting a new sitcom to watch, so I have taken Mike and Molly out of the library. I also started watching Last Man Standing on NF at my brother's the other day. I really like it.

4) New Goals

Well, not really, but this makes me look like I am mature, so I will stick this in. I do have a few goals that I would like to accomplish this year. One is that I would like to start (even more) putting money away for things (savings, car, etc). I did pretty well the last part of last year, which I have to admit was pretty…

Five on Friday/Weekend Wrap Up

I have been meaning to blog all weekend, about the FoF, and for much longer about our Christmas and New Year's. I hope to do a few more posts this week sometime. But for now, here are my Fives from the last week.

1) New PJ's

I used to buy PJ's ALL.THE.TIME years a pair every week. I still love new PJ's, but they have gone up in price, and I end up buying other things. I bought new PJ's, from..where else?-Wal-Mart the other day, and I LOVE THEM!!! They were the first pair that I had bought in two years.

2) Ear Drops

I have had some sort of an ear infection for a week, and I am thankful that I have a running prescription on ear drops. I have been using them, and they have been helping.

3) Melatonin

I have been having issues with not sleeping for awhile now, and I went to my doctor before Christmas, and he said that I could try Melatonin. I am on a very low dose of 3mg, and I think that it is helping.

4) Breakfast Maker

I love my Tupperware Breakfast Maker…

Five on Friday (And Happy New Year)!!!

I will post about Christmas and New Year hopefully soon. I thought I would be blogging TONS while I was off, but I guess not. LOL. I hope you all had a great C and NY. Ours was very good. But I will fill you all in on another post. But are my top five faves of/from this last week (I may have a few more than five!)!

1) Double Star Day:

I had my first DSD of 2018 at Starbucks the other day, so of course I **had** to partake! I ordered a Toasted White Chocolate Mocha, and it was DELISH!

2) These AMAZING Pies:

On NYE, Anker and I had a nice evening; we ate fun food, and watched two movies, and we also had Key Lime Mini Cheesecakes. Oh.My.Word. It was SO GOOD!!! They were on 2 packages for $8, otherwise, I might not have bought them. I may have to buy them again.

3) New Day Planner:

I bought a new PINK day planner from Wal-Mart the other day, and I really like it. It doesn't have the calendar, only the note pages (which I didn't realize until after I bought it), but I …