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It's Spring in my books!!

I know it's not "officially" spring, but it is in my books. The snow is nearly gone, and I haven't had to go out in my winter coat for a few days now, and it's warm(er)!! I usually start wearing capri pants next month. I usually wear Capri pants from April-November. True story. Unless it's REALLY cold, or I am on the beach. I love capris!! Love, Love, Love! I just love spring. The new life..warmer weather. I just love it.

Ok...I should probably update on what we've been up to. Basically, not much. I did go to Calgary on Feb 25-27. I went w/ the VCC Youth Group, as they were going to a conference. I really wanted to get out of town for a couple of days, and when I heard that they were going, I called and asked my brother (who was taking them) if I could hitch a ride. When they said that they were coming around my way, I definitely wanted to go. It was a nice weekend..I was slightly disappointed, as I was hoping to do more "girly" things w/ my au…