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Weekend Wrap Up

Another weekend under our belts; in the books. What can I say? :)

Our wknd was actually VERY low key, but very nice...and let me tell you why.

Friday; I met up with a friend for coffee, and we ended up running some errands together, and we also went swimsuit which I found one...:) You can read about that (along with some other things that I touched on over the wknd here. After my friend and I went our separate ways, I went to the library, then I met my aunt for coffee at of course, Starbucks, then off to the store to grab a few things for supper. THEN, I had to head back out...which normally wouldn't be such a big deal, buuuut there was a Food Truck Festival right across the street from us...sooo, it was a biiiit of a traffic jam :) We ended up having pork stir fry, which was really good. I am not normally a stir fry fan, but every once in awhile, I will get a hankering for it, and it was really good. As I mentioned, there was Food Truck Festival next door to us, and…

Friday Five (Plus Maybe a Few More)

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a great wknd. I got some news (that I was sort of expecting) that my grandpa, who has been in the hospital for the past week, is coming home today, but he is not doing well. I know that he is fading, but I know that he is more than ready to go and be with Jesus. But, it still makes us all sad....we love him so much!!! are some of my faves from the last week...

1) Family and Friends.

 Family who loves me unconditionally...and of course, and amazing dad!!! Friends who gave me yet ANOTHER party, filled my Starbucks card with a ton of money...friends who took hubs and I out to/for coffee on Saturday....another set of friends who took us to/for lunch a couple of Sundays ago...friends and family who do life with us. Friends who go to/for coffee with me...go shopping with me...friends who watch girly movies with me..the list is endless.

2) Bathing Suit.

I was given TWO GC's to/for a local store in town, and my SIL said that she thought …

40 Things I Know For Sure/That I Have Learnt/Bday Reflections

As I have stated, in my previous posts here and here, I just celebrated a birthday. But not just any birthday, the big 4-0. I really had a hard time leading up to it. I know that part of it has to do with our not having kids, and our life not being what we really want right now. I also am not spiritually where I want and need to be. A part of me cannot believe that I am 40. That just seems...old. I know that I am not old...I don't feel old (at least not most of the time!!), and I don't think I look old. Other than being overweight, and not super healthy (PCOS, diabetes, heart/lung issues), I actually look fairly good. My skin and hair are my best features, I think. I don't do thing to/with my skin, and I just wash and wear my hair, and I usually wear it up (due to being super thick, and it makes me hot). I rarely wear make up (I will go for weeks without wearing so much as lip gloss...I know...bad), and I still think I look pretty good. So, that part, I am (sort of) ok wit…


When I first heard of the shooting in Orlando, I was confused. I thought it was an off shoot of the killing of Christina Grimmie. Then, I soon realize that it wasn't, and that it was a completely different "event". My heart breaks for the families of the people that were killed. I cannot fathom that someone would open fire and kill so many people....all because of his views on the gay lifestyle.This is such a senseless shooting. I won't get into gun control, religion, or lifestyle. I will say that all 50 of those people killed were a child of a family who loved them (ok, I don't know for sure, I am guessing so, and I hope so!!). They were a son, daughter, friend, grandchild. My hope in this is that people would have or find a sense of purpose for this horrible act. I don't know why lets senseless tragedies happen (and no, I do not, for one second, believe that God sent him to kill them. Do.Not.Believe.It. That is not the God I serve). I have been thinking ab…

Birthday Shenanigans

Birthdays...what can I say? I always try to drag them out and make them birthday weeks!!! I said in this post, my family had a surprise birthday party for me while/when we were there a few wks ago, which I documented :) I got a gift card to a group of stores under one name/company to go towards a bathing suit. I also got some china tea cups, and a couple of IOU's. My mom said yesterday, that her gift to me was to take me to a movie of her choice (yup, you read that her!!). At a later date, I was given some money, and lots of cards.

My next birthday celebration was at our church ladies' coffee/devotion morning. I had thought that maybe something was up, when my friend, who doesn't go much anymore kept asking me if I was going. I told her that I wasn't sure (which was true) if I was going or not, due to gas, etc. I also had some sort of an inkling that SOMETHING was going to happen, as I was going to do a birthday party, but I ended up cance…

Family Wknd

Well, this post is a little bit old, and I even thought of not documenting it, but it was such a fun time, how could I not?

A few weeks back, Mom had said that she wanted to do a small party for their anniversary. She had already decided that she wanted to fly my SIL, and their two girls out from the Island, and thought that it would be a great time to have a party. She wanted it outside, complete with lights and a dance, but sadly, it rained, so we had it all inside, which was probably just as well, since it makes things a bit more work when they are held outside.

Anyway, I was originally slated to work that wknd, but since I was (and still am) off on SL, I was more than happy to go out and help them celebrate. She had called me earlier in the day, to see if we could try to make it out by 4, as she said she was quite tired. Unbeknownst to me, it was all a rouse to get me out at certain time, so that they could give me a surprise bday party!!

The funny thing was, was that I had NO IDE…

Ten Things of Thankful

I haven't participated in a TToT in/for awhile, so I thought I would this week. Here are a few highlights/thankful things from the last couple of weeks.

1) Our crazy/loud neighbours are GONE!!
Our loud, rude neighoburs are gone. We are happy. I actually want to be at home now. I am PRAYING that we get NICE people next to us.

2) Family Time./Supportive Family
Two weekends ago,  hubby and I went to my parents to hang with da fam!!! My SIL A, and her girls N and L were there, so we had a lovely time. I will probably do a post about this soon. As far as our supportive family goes, I am feeling so blessed that we do have such awesome family, who come together during hard times. We are having a tough go of things, and our family has been SO supportive. I/we heart them.

3) Bday Week/Shenanigans
This is/was bday week/wknd. I had a bunch of things planned, but due to our not having any money, people having previous plans, among other things, I don't think that anything will happe…

Friday Things

I was planning / hoping that I would have linked up this past week, but since it is almost Wednesday, I think I will wait until this Friday :) I haven't done a Friday Link Up in awhile. are a few things....

This is/will be for LAST FRIDAY:

1) Our crazy/loud neighbours are GONE!!
Our loud, rude neighoburs are gone. We are happy. I actually want to be at home now. I am PRAYING that we get NICE people next to us.

2) Family Time.
Last wknd, hubby and I went to my parents to hang with da fam!!! My SIL A, and her girls N and L were there, so we had a lovely time. I will probably do a post about this soon.

3) Bday Week.
This is/was bday week/wknd. I had a bunch of things planned, but due to our not having any money, people having previous plans, people dying, among other things, I don't think that anything will happen. Now, since this is going to be posted AFTER my birthday, well, maybe things may change

4) Our A/C
Our A/C is up. We actually put it up last Friday or…

Stranded: Netflix Edition

Linking up with Shay for a new (to me!!) link up! Stranded is a new (again, new to me) series that she and Erika do once a month, where we all share what we would love to be stranded with if were on a desert(ed) island (or, in my case...on a deserted ice berg!!) are my favourite shows that I would love to take with me:

First off, I don't have NF, we actually have Crave TV, but same diff. Anyhoo...

1) Friends
I actually have all the seasons. So, maybe this doesn't count, since I already have the seasons? No? Well, too bad :) LOL. I love FRIENDS!!! There will never be another show like it :) 'Nuff said!

2) Frasier
This series I am sort of watching on CT right now...I actually a couple of seasons from the library, but I didn't end up finishing Season 3, and I kind of dropped the ball on watching it, and I need to get back to watching it. Anyway, I love the series. All the characters crack me up!!

3) Downton Abbey.
It IS on NF :) I actually had a few seasons, bu…

Show and Tell Tuesday: What's in Your Bag?

Linking up with Andrea for this Tuesday's Show and Tell Tuesday! I actually have missed the last couple of SATT's, and truth be told, I actually forgot about them! Anyhoo....this week is focusing on what is in our bags (purses). I love US Weekly's weekly column in their mag about what is in celebs' bags. It always cracks me up.

 The purse itself is nothing to exciting. I bought it from Target before they went out of business last year. I love it; I love the colour, the pockets, the style. I don't spend a t on of money on purses (or on a lot of other things). I usually only spend about $40 or so. This purse is very functional.

 My purse filled with stuff. I may have taken a few things out before I took the picture!!!

I was going to take a bunch of pictures of my contents, as I that is what I saw others do, but I didn't feel like taking a bunch of pics, so I just took one picture of all my stuff/junk.

So...what do I have my purse? I am SO GLAD you asked!!!

I have…

CIAW 2016 (If only a Couple of Weeks Late)

So, I wanted to blog about infertility during CIAW a couple of weeks ago, but, I just never got around to it. Then Kelly did a SUYL on Infertility last Friday, and I never got to that, either. Ugh! Anyway....most of my blog is about infertility anyway, so I wasn't too sad about not writing about it during either of those times....buuuut, I still want to talk about it while it is still SORT of close to CIAW, and to the link up (I can't officially link up, but, I will post the link in her comments).

Soooo....infertility..I have an entire blog (or at least blog name) dedicated to it. No one wants to talk about it. Very few people truly understand it. A club that very few people belong to, despite not wanting to. Infertility is a dark and lonely place. There isn't a lot of info on it; no one does walks, or fundraises for it. No one brings you dinners, or a card, no one knows what to say. It is a very long, and isolated road; one that I wouldn't want to wish on anyone.


Weird Space

Yup...still alive :) Never fear, yo!!!

I feel like I am in a bit of a weird space. I have felt that way for awhile, even before going off on sick leave from work. I think it has to do in part with a certain milestone birthday coming up. But, it is also just me, and where I/we am/are in life.

We are super strapped for money, which leaves us both pretty stretched and stressed. We are both down a fair amount (but at least I happen to get out a lot, which is good), which doesn't help. And yes, I do struggle with contentment, and that is something I know I need to work on. I can't even fully describe on what or how I am feeling. I feel like there is something more that I want to/should do with my life.

As far as how I am feeling, I just feel...displaced. I am at an odd place in my life...I have a career, but I still feel blah. We don't have kids; we have cats. We are almost 16 years apart; hubby is on disability, so he doesn't have a job to talk about/go to, etc. At least h…