Stranded: Netflix Edition

Linking up with Shay for a new (to me!!) link up! Stranded is a new (again, new to me) series that she and Erika do once a month, where we all share what we would love to be stranded with if were on a desert(ed) island (or, in my case...on a deserted ice berg!!) are my favourite shows that I would love to take with me:

First off, I don't have NF, we actually have Crave TV, but same diff. Anyhoo...

1) Friends
I actually have all the seasons. So, maybe this doesn't count, since I already have the seasons? No? Well, too bad :) LOL. I love FRIENDS!!! There will never be another show like it :) 'Nuff said!

2) Frasier
This series I am sort of watching on CT right now...I actually a couple of seasons from the library, but I didn't end up finishing Season 3, and I kind of dropped the ball on watching it, and I need to get back to watching it. Anyway, I love the series. All the characters crack me up!!

3) Downton Abbey.
It IS on NF :) I actually had a few seasons, but we really needed the cash, and I didn't think that I was going to be getting the rest of the series, so I sold them. I do love DA, and I would love to be stranded on a deserted island with this series.

4) Gilmore Girls/Full House
 K, techincally, this is 4, but since I have the entire seasons of Friends, then I thought I should add another one... I am combining these last two b/c I don't LOVE GG, but I do like watching it, and I have always loved me some FH! My brother and sister-in-law have NF, I have started watching the first few eps.

I am sure there are more shows on NF (like Big Bang, etc), that I would watch, but these are some of my faves.

What are yours?

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