Friday Five (Plus Maybe a Few More)

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a great wknd. I got some news (that I was sort of expecting) that my grandpa, who has been in the hospital for the past week, is coming home today, but he is not doing well. I know that he is fading, but I know that he is more than ready to go and be with Jesus. But, it still makes us all sad....we love him so much!!! are some of my faves from the last week...

1) Family and Friends.

 Family who loves me unconditionally...and of course, and amazing dad!!! Friends who gave me yet ANOTHER party, filled my Starbucks card with a ton of money...friends who took hubs and I out to/for coffee on Saturday....another set of friends who took us to/for lunch a couple of Sundays ago...friends and family who do life with us. Friends who go to/for coffee with me...go shopping with me...friends who watch girly movies with me..the list is endless.

2) Bathing Suit.

I was given TWO GC's to/for a local store in town, and my SIL said that she thought I had mentioned that I needed a Bathing suit (she was right), so when I got another GC to the same group of stores, I knew that I was going to grab one..or at least go and take a look...I found one similar to this at Penningtons.
Please note, that this is actual Michael Kors brand.. Please also note that I don't make enough money to buy brand names. Ok, I just checked, and they are at the Bay, so I might be able to afford it. But actual type I got was Seea Swimwear, but I couldn't find this type on their website, and I wasn't going to post a picture of me in this what you got to look at! I love it!!! And, it can double as a party dress (kidding. Kind of. Maybe).! Seriously, though, I do love it. And, even though it was $85 CDN, after the mark down of 30%, and my two GC's, I only paid $11. Ya, baby!!! But can I go on a rant for just a moment? In the entire store, they had 4 one piece suits. 4! Dude! Do they not know that I don't do 2 pieces? I can see why people do do 2 pcs...they are different sizes on the top and bottom, but it is twice as much for the same thing. Dude! Anyway...I found my new BFF!! This was the first time that I have gone Swimsuit shopping in 9 years. was high-time that I got and get a new one, too. I don't have like 4 or five just laying around, either. So, a new one was definitely needed.

3) Sunset Refresher

...and Double Star Days...and just Starbucks in general. I found this new drink that was going around on the interwebs that you can order off their Secret Menu. Order this next time your in/at Starbucks, and you will love it!!

4) Tidy Cat

We started using this particular brand of cat litter the other day, and it is amazing! It has almost NO odor Love it!!!

5) Hearing Aids
Hubby got approved for and got his hearing aids today!!! He has had ringing in his ears for YEARS, and he finally went to a hearing centre here in town, and was told that HA would make a bit of difference. We didn't think think that the Ministry would approve him..buut they did! He got them today, and he is already noticing a difference. Thank you, Jesus!!

Bonuses....Answered prayer, CFL Season starting up, new Journals, Kamloops' First Annual Food Truck Festival :)


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