Weekend Wrap Up

Another weekend under our belts; in the books. What can I say? :)

Our wknd was actually VERY low key, but very nice...and let me tell you why.

Friday; I met up with a friend for coffee, and we ended up running some errands together, and we also went swimsuit shopping...in which I found one...:) You can read about that (along with some other things that I touched on over the wknd here. After my friend and I went our separate ways, I went to the library, then I met my aunt for coffee at of course, Starbucks, then off to the store to grab a few things for supper. THEN, I had to head back out...which normally wouldn't be such a big deal, buuuut there was a Food Truck Festival right across the street from us...sooo, it was a biiiit of a traffic jam :) We ended up having pork stir fry, which was really good. I am not normally a stir fry fan, but every once in awhile, I will get a hankering for it, and it was really good. As I mentioned, there was Food Truck Festival next door to us, and since our city doesn't really allow them, save for special events, this was kind of a big deal. I think they were expecting a few hundred to show. There was about 2K. Seriously. When you come combine that (this town loves its events), on a Friday night...a SUNNY Friday night at that, and it being (almost) summer...well, you do the math. K and A were planning on going, but I was at least going to go and check it out. I found out that they had Mini Donuts, so I had to and get a few. The line for most of the trucks was almost 2 hours long. I only waited for 15 minutes. H wasn't feeling well, so he came back to rest, and A and K came back once K got their tacos. They left, and I watched a movie, I think. I had found a movie at the Dollar Store; a Lifetime one, which was actually really interesting. So, I watched that. Or, that might have been Saturday night. I don't remember.

         The food truck festival. Those two guys on the left are on my bloooog...hahhaha :)

Saturday: I just hung out in the morning; we watched The Reveanant, which was...interesting.. or whatever was on our PVR, and I relaxed. We met our friends for coffee at 2:30. Then came back home for a bit. I read magazines, and we went out and grabbed a bite to eat, then came back home. I watched movies, etc and hung out. I think I got caught up on Y&R. I know...exciting stuff. We live for the thrill-seeking experiences!! I also had a nice bubble bath, cause I was cold. Then I was hot. Then cold again. I hate being pre-menopausal.

                                                    I had a mocha, and hubby had a cap :)  

Sunday: Anker was feeling a bit sad about Father's Day, so we chatted about that. He wasn't feeling up to going, as thought it would be about dads (it wasn't...I was shocked). Since we had skipped church last week (there was a VBS work bee, so we went to that after church), I thought I had better go. I went, but was late. I went out with a friend for a quick lunch, and then I dropped her off, and I grabbed a coffee at SB, and journalled, etc. I came home, and hung out for a bit....then I went for a walk, and then called my dad, and we talked for a bit...then I went to my friends house, where we had iced tea, popcorn, and watched Hallmark Movies. Cheesy, yes...love them...yes. I got home stupid late...and hubby was up, and I tried to go to bed, which didn't end with great results. I was

It was actually a nice wknd, which was, well, nice :)


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