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A Quick Update

Well, I leave tomorrow for winter-y Calgary!! I am going for about 10 days. They will buy a return ticket for me when they see a good deal. They were able to get a one-way ticket for under $100:) I am going to help my cousin and her family for a week or so, as she just had her 6th baby!! Lina Wendy was born Jan 31st, at just under 7lbs. Things are pretty crazy, as her hubby is a teacher, and often is out coaching games in the evening, so often it's just her and the kids. The oldest, M is almost 16 (funnily enough, she was the same age I was when my sister was born...), but she is busy with school, youth group, etc. I hope I am able to help, and I don't come home too exhausted:) I am actually looking forward to going. I think it will be good to get away for awhile..have a different change of pace, and see some new people!! I am scoring big points w/my parents for going. I think them seeing me get out of my "shell", and do things for other people is good for them to s…