Monday, November 30, 2015

Friday Link ups!

Happy Sunday/Monday!!!

I hope everyone had a great wknd! I worked all wknd (though I did take Friday off as a lieu day..yay!), so I am rather tired, but happy that I just have one more day of work, then I get a day off. Yay!!

Here are the five faves of this wk:

1) Gift Cards

Hubby's sister gave us our Christmas gift early: 4 GC's! One for Starbucks, one to The Bay (A Canadian department store), and one to Cineplex, $25 each, and a Visa GC for $50. We are stoked!!!

2) Time With H.

I spent a little over 48 hours with H this past wk. His mommy was away for a few days, and she had asked me awhile back if I would mind looking after him while my brother was at work. We had a such a fun time. He really is a ham, and yes, I had SUCH FUN spoiling him!!!

3) My Fairy God-Mother

AKA: My aunt who wants to clean up our house. I am not sure on how to put this, but I am not the cleanest housekeeper around (well, I used to be...then I got top it off with my working, and hubby being a bit of a hoarder (though, thanks to our shed and a spare room, that has eleviated the issue), and now that we have a kitty again, well, it can get a bit messy. Aunty V came over to see our house, and a few days later, I sent a text to our family members asking us to pray for us. She called me and said that she wanted to come and help us clean up our house to get it ready for Christmas. We weren't sure on how to take it, as we didn't think our house is TOO bad...but I really think she just wants to help us out. Besides, she is bringing and making lunch.

4) Showing (some) Restraint

I have been a little bit better at/and not spending so much money on coffee, and magazines. I SO wanted to get this wks issues of US and People, b/c it has my girl Adele on it, but I held restraint. Even my aunt said that she was impressed that we haven't had to borrow money from them lately.

5) A Husband Who Understands/Gets It:

Not gonna divulge too much info, but spent about 10 minutes (which is a long time for mean, I interrupted his listening to me while I went on and on about my day. Love it. Hashtag #blessed.

5.1) You Version Bible App

I actually had this one as Christmas/Advent Devotions, but I HAD to change it, b/c there are just so many great things I love about this app. I JUST now checked out my Christmas/Advent Devos on/in my YV Bible App. People, this is awesome. LOVE IT! There are probably 20 devos...ranging from 2 days to 30 days. It's fabulous! I am STILL trying to get through my Devotion (49 days) on Infertility that I started in the summer. I keep forgetting about it...then I may read a day or the Sciptures, but I love the devotional content. They are always so encouraging. I also just finished a 5 day devotional titled Believing in God No Matter What. It was great reading the verses and the content.

That's all for this week!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Friday Things/TToT

Happy Saturday, Friends!!!

Hope everyone had a good week. My week started out not great, but then it got better. Oh wait, that was last week. This week has gone pretty well. Work is going is going well, and everything is awesome. Isn't that what everyone loves and wants to hear? Ha! Actually, it as gone pretty well. Nothing too exciting, but nothing horrible, either, so that's good.

Here are my five for this week:

1) All things Christmas!

I thought that my parents had ALL of our Christmas stuff, and it turns out, that we had a couple of boxes....some of the decorations, and ALL of my movies and, yay! I also bought some Cutie oranges yesterday-I was looking for some Mandarin oranges, but I couldn't find any-, and I am drinking my Christmas "coffee" out of our Christmas mugs. I also found and brought out my sweaters, and my winter/Christmas PJ's. I have already started listening to Christmas music from my own CD/TV/YouTube, and I have watched HA2, and have watched a couple of Christmas movies (or is it just one?). I watched Madea's Christmas, which is awesome. I am going to my brother and SIL's today to watch a Christmas movie, and drink cider. Yay!!

2) Date Night with Hubby.

Last night, A and I went on a date. Yes, a real one. We went to Montana's and we had a yummy meal, then we went and watched HG MJ PT2. I didn't get a picture of us at the theatre, as my phone was nearly dead, and I didn't get the greatest picture of my food, but trust me, we went out on a date!

We event went on a late night Wal-Mart run, as I had forgotten to grab a few things when I was there earlier in the day.

...speaking of which....

3) A New Electric Mixer

Our hand-held electric mixer died a couple of weeks ago, so we bought a new one last night for under $20 bucks. It's no Kitchen Aid, but I think it will do the trick.

4) Starbucks Christmas Mugs

I bought two Starbucks Mugs off of one of one the bidding sites yesterday. I over-bid a bit, cause I thought that EVERYONE would want them, but it turned out that I was the only bidder. Anyway..two for 7 bucks isn't bad, and I really love them.

5) A New CD (and the Restraint to buy ONLY one):

I FINALLY bought the new Carrie Underwood CD! I also ONLY bought one...despite my wanting to buy about 10 that I had seen (Christmas, and non-Christmas...yup.looking at Adele's new one), and lots of movies (both Christmas and non). Anyway...I love it!! I know have ALL her CD's!!!

6) Pop-Tarts

I have wanted Pop-Tarts for awhile now, and I finally bought some last night. Now, they are no pastry struedel, but they are pretty good. I may or may not have had two for breakfast this morning.

7) Grandma Getting Better

My gramma has been in and out of hospital (and surgery) all summer with her appendix. She got it out a few weeks back, and she is doing awesome. My mom was there when she got sick the second (or fourth, depending on how you look at it), and my other two aunts were there to help her as well. I am SO thankful that she is doing awesome!

8) TV

Ok, I know this is super-shallow, but there are some good TV shows on lately. Amazing Race, Y&R, Saving Hope, Grey's Anatomy, Hot in Cleveland (I am binge-watching season 5 as I type this), Big Bang Theory, DWTS, and a few new ones that look great, and that I have already PVR'd; Cake Wars, Farmhouse Rules, and The Pioneer Woman, plus a few movies (again, Christmas and non), that I found on several channels. I am "sad" that a few of them are now on Winter Hiatuses, but that's a few less that I have to watch :)

9) Thankful/Grateful

I just touched on/about the attacks in Paris, and Beirut last week, but I wanted say that I am SO thankful that I live in this country. Although I realize that it could happen here, I am thankful that it hasn't yet, and that we live in a relatively small city, that things like that are highly unlikely. That being said, I am also cautious that it COULD happen here.

10) Cheap Gas

Y'all, gas around here is CHEAP! And that makes me/us SO happy!!!

I filled up last night (even though our car was 3/4 full, just based on principle.

Well, those are the five and 10 for this week. Hope everyone's weekend is going swimmingly.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Guest Post Swap, Anyone?

So, I am just throwing this out there...would anyone want to do a guest post swap with me? Is this a thing? Do people pay to do one? I would love a little more traffic to/on my blog, AND I would like to talk on someone else's blog about infertility. anyone interested? I have seen this on other blogs, and I thought it would be a fun thing to do! I think it's fun to see/read other people's guest posts on other people's blogs. It's neat to see who other bloggers love to follow, and why they think these people are cool.

Yes, I realize that this is all this post contains....but I am too tired to write a longer post right now. I might combine this with another post later this wknd.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Thought you saw a few posts of mine in your blog news feed, went to click on them, and they weren't there? Well, that's b/c I deleted them. I just am trying to be a bit more careful on what I blog about/share on social media. I will still blog (duh!), but I will keep it to just my/our personal life/infertility, and, well, that's all. Ha!

This post is going to be random, cause, I feel like it.

*The attacks in Pars (and Beirut, and Kenya-last April-, and Turkey) were horrifying. I think the end days are near, people.

*Two wknds ago, I dog-sat our friends Beagle. Oh my goodness...he is just the cutest thing ever! I had fun just relaxing, watching movies, and drinking wine.

*Tim Horton's has their Christmas cups back. I heart them.

*My grandma nearly died a couple of weeks ago, from appendicitis (again!), but she is better now.

*I had a date with a little dude the other day. He took me out for coffee, but I had to pick him up! Darn men that don't drive!!! We had a fun time...he is so cool, and chill.

*I have a serious magazine problem addiction love. You've probably  noticed that if you follow me on IG or FB. Thankfully, my library stocks most of my favourites, so I don't have to buy them all.

*While I was dog sitting, I tried to watch Sixteen Candles, and I couldn't get into it. I know. Please don't send me hate mail. I am sure I am the only girl who doesn't like it.

*My legs bother me at certain times of the month. Does anyone else have this problem?

*I did something today that I have NEVER done. I may blog about, not because I want or need to draw attention to myself, but because I felt so moved to do what I did.

*One of the posts I deleted was about the highs/lows; pros/cons; joys/sorrows of shift work. I am sad that I deleted it, and I think I will do another post.

*Our church is going through some MAJOR changes right now. We need to figure out if we stay there, or find a church closer to where we live.

*I tried the Sugar Cookie Donut at Tim Horton's, and it was GOOD, but SUPER SWEET. I also wanted to try to their Sugar Cookie Latte, but they didn't have it. I was not impressed.

*I was out for over 6 hours today. I had brunch, washed our comforter at the laundromat, tried a new (and local!) cafe and deli, went to a local thrift store, and then to the library. So fun!

*Then, I came home and got caught up on shows that I have missed, due to work, and well, work. I also watched a movie. And I read magazines. I also called my mom, and my cousin/friend.

*I actually have gotten to bed "early" a few times this last week. Shocking, I know. 1-2 am seems to be my "magic" bedtime since taking/having this new position.

*..and I know that this is NONE of my business..but SPURGEON? Really? I know why #Bessa (my couple name for Jessa and Ben Seewald) named him that, and I have to admit that Spurgeon Seewald does sound nice, but that poor child! I hope they at least call him Elliot (his middle name).

Well, I think that is a short update on us! Hubs is doing ok. I hope we will get out this wknd. We have a GC that we are itching to use. We might even catch a movie.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Five (and Maybe a few More) on Friday!

 ****Edited November 10/15

-1: Red Cups/Christmas Drinks:

Y'all...I should have known to put this in over the wknd! Red Cups AND Christmas drinks have arrived EVERYWHERE...and not just at Starbucks...McDonald's has Red Cups this year, as I am sure that other places have (or will have) them. I love the Eggnog Latte!!

 I think this was a Peppermint Mocha.

So, last Thursday, I met up with a friend for coffee, and I only had a few bucks to my name...and I asked them what the cheapest drink was, and they said a Chai Tea Latte. I didn't think I was going to like it, but I actually did. So good!!

-1.5: Egg Nog:
Again, I forgot to put this up/on awhile back, but Egg Nog is back!!

1: Groceries/Time with Mom:

Mom came through on her way to catch a flight to Calgary (Kamloops is the nearest airport to/from a lot of places around here...or else you go to Vancouver, Kelowna, or Cranbrook), on Wednesday, so she stayed over night (thus, making me clean up our place..will post pictures soon). I didn't get to see her much in the evening, as I was working, but I saw her in the morning (I drove her 5 minutes to the airport), and we had coffee, and a short visit. She also bought us probably about $50 worth of groceries. It was very sweet of her, and now we have food again.

2: Supper with my girlfriends:

I had supper with my church girlfriends last night. We went to Boston Pizza, and I had a very yummy full rack of ribs. I may or may not have split a $9 dessert with a friend. The supper and time were delightful.

3: Extra Cash (Dog Sitting):

In a few minutes, I am about to go and dog sit our friends Beagle. She said she'd pay us, and that's nice, but it is nice to spend time with a dog (I am actually more of a dog person, than a cat person), and hang out in/at someone else's house for awhile.

4. Awesome Purchases:

I found a $35 coat at Walmart yesterday, and I love it. I hope that it will keep me warm during the winter months. I also bought PJ bottoms for nine bucks, and I bought Big Bang for just under $30.

5. Date with Hubby:

Late yesterday afternoon, hubby and I went and grabbed coffee, and his meds. While we were at the pharmacy, I suggested that we get our flu shots (besides me having a compromised immune system, I need the shot for work). I know, I know...we like to live dangerously! Hubby hadn't been out of the house in over two weeks. I thought that it was high time that he not going get out, but we go on a short date. We each had a lovely Starbucks coffee, read through the paper, and ended up seeing one of our former neighbours.

Wow..I actually ONLY had five this week!!! I may do a "Thankful" post...but we shall see, as I have a few other posts in my drafts section that I want to complete :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month (A few days late)

I was hoping to post a bit about Pregnancy and Infant Loss last month (I actually found out that October is designated to that half way through), but i just kept forgetting. Oh well, better late than never, right?

So, October was designated PL&IL month. I guess that Oct 15 was the designated day. Canada's Infertility Week is in May. Anyway, I wanted to do a short blog about it, since I follow a few ladies who have lost babies; whether it be through miscarriage, stillbirth, or have died shortly after. My mom is also one who has suffered pregnancy loss. She had 7 or 8 miscarriages (this also means that I have 7 or 8 siblings in heaven..yay! I hope I have at least another sister waiting for me up My cousin also lost a baby this spring. I have never suffered a pregnancy and/or an infant loss (that I know of), but like I said, I have several family members, and friends who have. It is heartbreaking, and it isn't "just a miscarriage" (or "just a stillbirth", etc). I watched "Return to Zero" (again) the other day. It always breaks my heart when I watch this. The couple suffered so much, no one (including themselves) understood it. It nearly wrecked their marriage.

Like infertility, it is a subject that has been deemed "taboo" to talk about. No one really discusses it. No one wants to. Too many women (and men) have suffered in silence, without being able to grieve or talk about it. I find this heartbreaking, and so not ok. It needs to be brought up and out into the open. People need to talk about it. People need to know that it's ok to properly mourn the loss of their little one.

I am glad that awareness groups bring this to light. It is getting better, but we are still not there yet. I hope that in time, it will be a less taboo subject. I hope that people won't talk about this in hushed tones, or behind closed doors. I am thankful that there are Bible studies on this (same with infertility), to help heal people's hearts. I am thankful that there are FB groups and pages about this. The church on the whole is getting better at recognizing it, but they still have a ways to go.

I know that people have shared some posts last month, but I didn't save any of here is one I got from one of the pages. Their campaign slogan is #1in4isme. I am not sure if it is 1 in 4 in the US, or Canada, or N. America, but regardless, the number it too high.

Monday, November 2, 2015

The One Question I Hate/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

 I have also decided to link up Tiffany over at The Dwelling Tree for this wk's LBFBH.

Since before becoming infertile, and even a bit since then, I would often ask if a couple are going to have kids...or, I will ask if they (particularly the woman) if they have kids. I never really saw that as intrusive, especially if I asked it a certain way, and yes, I still will ask people if they have (or are going to have) kids. But, in the last couple years, I have actually grown to hate that question. When someone asks "do you have kids", I actually become uncomfortable. I don't know what to say. I sometimes say "no", or sometimes I will give them the whole (or part of) story. I will sometimes just say that we have a cat, and I have nephews and nieces whom I love.

Whenever someone asks that question, I will often become sad, and it reminds that we don't have, nor will we ever have kids. I feel that there is something wrong with me. Like, I am not normal. I will quite often rush through my answer, sometimes even changing the subject. It makes me sad, b/c I know that eventually people will stop asking if we have kids. I often wonder if my mom gets questioned about not only A and I, but my other brother and sister who also can't have kids. I wonder what my parents say, or think. I often wonder if my parents view us as normal, or different. I sometimes feel that they treat us differently, b/c we don't have kids...and also b/c Anker has health issues. People ask about A and K still...on whether they will adopt another one. I usually say that they are thinking about it (which is true), and then move on to something else. It's not that I mind talking about it...nor do I think that it isn't any of their business (which, it isn't, but everyone asks personal questions these days, and thanks to SM, everyone knows everything about everyone), but again, it just drives home the fact that we won't be happen.

And yes, people ask us if we want to foster/adopt. And yes, we would, but no one would give us a baby, since A is over 50, and we both have health problems, not mention that adoption costs like, 1M$. LOL. And yes, though I know that foster is free (and it pays money), and I would love to do that, A doesn't want to. Same thing with Foster To Adopt. It's all well and good to say all that, and yes, I have asked people the same thing, but it isn't like you flip a switch, people! It is a process! It takes time, energy, and sometimes money to make things happen. Oh yah, and you both have to want to do it. Hubby doesn't want to, so that kind of makes things a bit difficult. People have told me that I/we don't want kids bad enough if we aren't willing to Foster/Adopt. Well, that IS partially true...but it's not like losing weight, or saving money, people have WANT to give you a baby. If a person is sick/not well, then you are (almost) automatically rejected. I am not being negative. I am being real.

And that's just on how it is.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


1. Gift Cards, Gift, Cards, Gift Cards

I/we got three GC's this week. And I/FINALLY used one that Anker had got from the church when he quit there over a year ago. That was to Montana's (it actually was for 5 restaurants, but we only really have 2...we have a "partial Harvey's", but we wouldn't use it there). On Sunday, I was talking with my friend after church, and I was telling her on how things are a bit tough right now...and she said "follow me to Starbucks, and I will buy you a drink". Well, she not only bought me a drink, but she bought me a $25 GC card! I was SO HAPPY, SURPRISED, and THANKFUL!  If you want to make/see me happy, buy me a Starbucks GC! That totally made my week!
Hubby also got a GC from his sister to the same five restaurants that the church got for him, so we are super stoked about that. We love Montana's!!! I also won a $10 GC from Bold Pizzeria. I put my pizza on IG, and tagged them, and they just back to me, saying that I had won yay!!

2. Student Loan

Because I am the only one making money right now, I finally went online to try to defer my SL for a few months, or at least make the payments less than what I am paying now. I don't have an answer yet, but they do put it on hold while they come to a decision, so that is awesome.

3. Getting to talking with N

I talked with my niece N yesterday, and she is such a cutie! She thought that I should go as a Kitty to our Halloween party at work. She also said that she already got candy, but "mama put it up, cause L can choke on it". LOL. She is also going as a giraffe, and L is going as a Tiger. She talks non-stop! I heart her.

4. Finding GOOD br*'s for a good Price!

I HATE br* shopping. It's annoying. It's expensive. And, frankly, I just would rather shop for just about ANYTHING except for br*s. Well, it was long over due for me to grab one (and hopefully, two). I went to a couple of stores, but I didn't find what I wanted for a decent price. My mom always said to spend lots of money of br*'s and on shoes, and I do agree with her, but sadly, I would sometimes rather my money go to other things. Anyway...I went to The Bay, and I found two for under $40. Sadly, I was dumb, and I didn't try the cheaper on (I had tried a smaller size on, and I thought it fit ok, but just thought that I needed a larger size), and it felt HORRIBLE on me when I wore it the other day, so I have it on one of the bidding sites. I am hoping that it goes for $10. But, I love the other one, so that is awesome!

5. Halloween Spirit

I have never been a HUGE one for Halloween. I love the fun parts of it; the candy, the fun decorating, and watching scary movies, but other than that, I/we haven't done a whole lot. In part, it is mainly because we have never have any kids that come to our house, and second, is because I just can't be bothered. I wasn't working last year on Halloween, so I didn't even do anything with/at work. This year, we are in a more kid-friendly neighbourhood, and I actually got some fun CHEAP decorations off one of the bidding sites. I had fun putting them on our windows the other day. I also got some solar things that you put in you window, so I have two of those for/as Halloween decorations. We also got a pumpkin from Mom and Dad, and I did get a few little things for our orange table cloth, some pot holders, and a tea towel. Oh, and yesterday, I broke down and got candy. Hubby and I also just baked and decorated some cookies that we found in a magazine.

6. Facebook Groups

I have said it before, and I will say it again..I LOVE my Facebook Groups. I have lots...caring for a sick spouse, infertility, and of course, the bidding groups! And, yes, I have been selling as well as buying! I am getting rid of a few things, and making a few bucks, as well, which makes me happy.

7. Baking, Baking, Baking.

I/we have been baking lots this last week or so. I will put up pictures, and give links to them later, but since this link up is time-sensitive, and since I have to go to work SOON, I will post all that at another time.

8. Good Friends/Family.

I am blessed with some great friends and family. Although it sometimes doesn't seem like it, I do have some awesome people that will "be there" for me when needed. I love talking with my cousin, my aunt, my sister-in-law, and of course, my mom on the phone. I mentioned to a friend newish friend of mine that I wasn't feeling well (I thought I was coming down with something, but it turned out to be nothing), and since I was at work, I couldn't go out and get anything, and neither could hubby, since we only have one vehicle. So, with out hesitation, she asked if she could go and get me some ginger-ale, and she dropped it off! She also included Pepto-Bismal, which was SO SWEET! I also love that I am making such great co-worker friends. Since we've moved (work), there are people downstairs, and they are all so sweet, and helpful. One of my former co-workers, from the other house has also moved over there, so that is awesome, too.

9. Money.

This is actually two-fold: I haven't been spending money on magazines, or anything that I/we don't need (well, not nearly as much, anyway), and I have been making a bit of money off of our local FB bidding sites. I/we are pretty much living off of that. And, we would have had more, but I spent a few bucks on a top that I "had" to buy.

10. Our Local Library.

I love our local library. I have been getting LOTS of magazines, and course, movies from there lately. Actually, it has never really stopped! Ha! It has saved me a TON of money.