Five (and Maybe a few More) on Friday!

 ****Edited November 10/15

-1: Red Cups/Christmas Drinks:

Y'all...I should have known to put this in over the wknd! Red Cups AND Christmas drinks have arrived EVERYWHERE...and not just at Starbucks...McDonald's has Red Cups this year, as I am sure that other places have (or will have) them. I love the Eggnog Latte!!

 I think this was a Peppermint Mocha.

So, last Thursday, I met up with a friend for coffee, and I only had a few bucks to my name...and I asked them what the cheapest drink was, and they said a Chai Tea Latte. I didn't think I was going to like it, but I actually did. So good!!

-1.5: Egg Nog:
Again, I forgot to put this up/on awhile back, but Egg Nog is back!!

1: Groceries/Time with Mom:

Mom came through on her way to catch a flight to Calgary (Kamloops is the nearest airport to/from a lot of places around here...or else you go to Vancouver, Kelowna, or Cranbrook), on Wednesday, so she stayed over night (thus, making me clean up our place..will post pictures soon). I didn't get to see her much in the evening, as I was working, but I saw her in the morning (I drove her 5 minutes to the airport), and we had coffee, and a short visit. She also bought us probably about $50 worth of groceries. It was very sweet of her, and now we have food again.

2: Supper with my girlfriends:

I had supper with my church girlfriends last night. We went to Boston Pizza, and I had a very yummy full rack of ribs. I may or may not have split a $9 dessert with a friend. The supper and time were delightful.

3: Extra Cash (Dog Sitting):

In a few minutes, I am about to go and dog sit our friends Beagle. She said she'd pay us, and that's nice, but it is nice to spend time with a dog (I am actually more of a dog person, than a cat person), and hang out in/at someone else's house for awhile.

4. Awesome Purchases:

I found a $35 coat at Walmart yesterday, and I love it. I hope that it will keep me warm during the winter months. I also bought PJ bottoms for nine bucks, and I bought Big Bang for just under $30.

5. Date with Hubby:

Late yesterday afternoon, hubby and I went and grabbed coffee, and his meds. While we were at the pharmacy, I suggested that we get our flu shots (besides me having a compromised immune system, I need the shot for work). I know, I know...we like to live dangerously! Hubby hadn't been out of the house in over two weeks. I thought that it was high time that he not going get out, but we go on a short date. We each had a lovely Starbucks coffee, read through the paper, and ended up seeing one of our former neighbours.

Wow..I actually ONLY had five this week!!! I may do a "Thankful" post...but we shall see, as I have a few other posts in my drafts section that I want to complete :)


Alyssa Robison said…
Hi April! I stumbled across your page on a comment you made on Leslie's blog, "With a Side of Chocolate". I enjoy reading your posts and I too love dog sitting - extra cash and puppy kisses - hard to beat! I hope you're having a great week :)

Alyssa with Cocktails & Creatives

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