1. Gift Cards, Gift, Cards, Gift Cards

I/we got three GC's this week. And I/FINALLY used one that Anker had got from the church when he quit there over a year ago. That was to Montana's (it actually was for 5 restaurants, but we only really have 2...we have a "partial Harvey's", but we wouldn't use it there). On Sunday, I was talking with my friend after church, and I was telling her on how things are a bit tough right now...and she said "follow me to Starbucks, and I will buy you a drink". Well, she not only bought me a drink, but she bought me a $25 GC card! I was SO HAPPY, SURPRISED, and THANKFUL!  If you want to make/see me happy, buy me a Starbucks GC! That totally made my week!
Hubby also got a GC from his sister to the same five restaurants that the church got for him, so we are super stoked about that. We love Montana's!!! I also won a $10 GC from Bold Pizzeria. I put my pizza on IG, and tagged them, and they just back to me, saying that I had won yay!!

2. Student Loan

Because I am the only one making money right now, I finally went online to try to defer my SL for a few months, or at least make the payments less than what I am paying now. I don't have an answer yet, but they do put it on hold while they come to a decision, so that is awesome.

3. Getting to talking with N

I talked with my niece N yesterday, and she is such a cutie! She thought that I should go as a Kitty to our Halloween party at work. She also said that she already got candy, but "mama put it up, cause L can choke on it". LOL. She is also going as a giraffe, and L is going as a Tiger. She talks non-stop! I heart her.

4. Finding GOOD br*'s for a good Price!

I HATE br* shopping. It's annoying. It's expensive. And, frankly, I just would rather shop for just about ANYTHING except for br*s. Well, it was long over due for me to grab one (and hopefully, two). I went to a couple of stores, but I didn't find what I wanted for a decent price. My mom always said to spend lots of money of br*'s and on shoes, and I do agree with her, but sadly, I would sometimes rather my money go to other things. Anyway...I went to The Bay, and I found two for under $40. Sadly, I was dumb, and I didn't try the cheaper on (I had tried a smaller size on, and I thought it fit ok, but just thought that I needed a larger size), and it felt HORRIBLE on me when I wore it the other day, so I have it on one of the bidding sites. I am hoping that it goes for $10. But, I love the other one, so that is awesome!

5. Halloween Spirit

I have never been a HUGE one for Halloween. I love the fun parts of it; the candy, the fun decorating, and watching scary movies, but other than that, I/we haven't done a whole lot. In part, it is mainly because we have never have any kids that come to our house, and second, is because I just can't be bothered. I wasn't working last year on Halloween, so I didn't even do anything with/at work. This year, we are in a more kid-friendly neighbourhood, and I actually got some fun CHEAP decorations off one of the bidding sites. I had fun putting them on our windows the other day. I also got some solar things that you put in you window, so I have two of those for/as Halloween decorations. We also got a pumpkin from Mom and Dad, and I did get a few little things for our orange table cloth, some pot holders, and a tea towel. Oh, and yesterday, I broke down and got candy. Hubby and I also just baked and decorated some cookies that we found in a magazine.

6. Facebook Groups

I have said it before, and I will say it again..I LOVE my Facebook Groups. I have lots...caring for a sick spouse, infertility, and of course, the bidding groups! And, yes, I have been selling as well as buying! I am getting rid of a few things, and making a few bucks, as well, which makes me happy.

7. Baking, Baking, Baking.

I/we have been baking lots this last week or so. I will put up pictures, and give links to them later, but since this link up is time-sensitive, and since I have to go to work SOON, I will post all that at another time.

8. Good Friends/Family.

I am blessed with some great friends and family. Although it sometimes doesn't seem like it, I do have some awesome people that will "be there" for me when needed. I love talking with my cousin, my aunt, my sister-in-law, and of course, my mom on the phone. I mentioned to a friend newish friend of mine that I wasn't feeling well (I thought I was coming down with something, but it turned out to be nothing), and since I was at work, I couldn't go out and get anything, and neither could hubby, since we only have one vehicle. So, with out hesitation, she asked if she could go and get me some ginger-ale, and she dropped it off! She also included Pepto-Bismal, which was SO SWEET! I also love that I am making such great co-worker friends. Since we've moved (work), there are people downstairs, and they are all so sweet, and helpful. One of my former co-workers, from the other house has also moved over there, so that is awesome, too.

9. Money.

This is actually two-fold: I haven't been spending money on magazines, or anything that I/we don't need (well, not nearly as much, anyway), and I have been making a bit of money off of our local FB bidding sites. I/we are pretty much living off of that. And, we would have had more, but I spent a few bucks on a top that I "had" to buy.

10. Our Local Library.

I love our local library. I have been getting LOTS of magazines, and course, movies from there lately. Actually, it has never really stopped! Ha! It has saved me a TON of money.


Vanessa D said…
I'm on some of those sorts of Facebook groups. I purchased a gorgeous coffee table through them.
Cecelia Mifflin said…
Glad you are able to do some selling online. The local library is so good. My husband was buying so many books. He would buy and then sell them, but I told him to go to the library. It took some doing, and now he comes and goes with all the books he wants. So much better.
Kristi said…
Libraries are a great resource. It sounds like you had some welcome surprises this week!
The A Team said…
Thank you ladies, for visiting my little blog!!! Yes, I was very blessed with surprises!!!
Pat B said…
Your post has a lot of "gratitude" in it . Libraries and the internet is a source of so many things to learn. You sound like you hit the jackpot for number of gift cards received in a week. That is definitely worth celebrating.

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