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As I type this, I am all snuggled in my B&B in Vancouver. I have my bi-annual appt tomorrow with my specialist (which is way over due, due to my being in school), and I am staying a few extray days to hang out with Baby T's Mama (who now has a little sister, N). I got in around 3, and wandered around, found Starbucks (which isnt hard to do here, you can find one on every street corner), journalled, and then decided that I should grab something to eat. Whenever I come here, I like to try a place that Kamloops doesn't have. I was hankering fo Noodles, and when I saw a little Noodle shop, I decided to try it. It is pretty good, just very salty. Have eaten half, and am deciding if I should eat the rest, keep it or just throw it out.

Anyhoo...enough about that...For the last nearly two wks, I have felt sick..and disguisting:( It started out with my being nauseous every night, and/or morning. I thought the obvious, but that has since squelched (BOO!!). I then started getting s…