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Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Hello again!! Well, I am linking up with Tiffany @ The Dwelling Tree for this weeks Let's Be Friends Blog Up. It has been awhile since I have linked up with this blog hop, and I am really excited.
I am going to give you a couple of links to particular posts, since I am about to head off to work.  Here is one I wrote last Monday. This is what I wrote today for Saturday's TToT. Enjoy!

Sunday Social

Welcome to my version of this wks Sunday Social! You mean people have more than one handbag/purse at a time?LOL I currently have one at the moment; the $8 purse I bought at Walmart.

2. 3 things you would buy right now if money was no object? A house, because I'm SO OVER living in an apartment, a new car, and a vacation house somewhere :)

3. Name a place you would go right now if given a plane ticket to anywhere? Because of the crazy few weeks we have, I would settle for the hotel/motel down the hill!! I would love to go to Quebec City!! Oh, and maybe England..honestly? Pretty much anywhere!
4. What is the most valuable life lesson you've learned from blogging? Write what you know, and don't worry about how other people's blogs look, design or content wise. Just do what you love and know!

5. What is the most valuable life lesson you've learned from a friend?
Don't trust them. Sorry, but i have had "friends" in my life (including one who was my MOH at my wedd…

Ten Things of Thankful-Hubs' Diagnosis Edition

I thought I would combine a couple of posts in one, since I have a few posts that I want to write today. I am linking up with Liz for this weeks Ten Things of Thankful. I thought I would (kind of) explain Anker's diagnosis through this wks TToT.

1. He IS going to be ok (for now).
 We went to the specialist yesterday, and although the biopsy wasn't back yet, he figured from what Anker told him what his symptoms are that the diagnosis isn't a death sentence, at least not right now. As far as how far it has progressed, we won't know until we get the biopsy results back.

2. There are medications to help him (in other words, it's treatable).
Right now, he has been given two medications to help him get and feel better.

3. The Medications are covered by our provincial plan.
'Nuff sad.

4. They have made great strides in the last few years.
10 years ago, this diagnosis would have been a lot different than it does today. There are medications and vitamins that he can be on …

Five On Friday

Just a quick one today, since I am off to run some errands before work, but first one of the girls I like up with, Christina had her baby GIRL the other week, so hope on over to wish her congrats. Caroline Grace is her name..which I LOVE!!

Ok..on to this weeks FoF.

1. McD's Iced Coffee.
I am loving it. Just sayin!!

2.  Boston Pizza Gift Card
We actually got this last week, but I forgot to put it on the list. When Anker left his job, they gave him a BP GC, which we are going to use when he gets feeling better.

3. Another $8 Purse
I am cheap person. I think purses that cost than $40 are stupid. But when I find them for less than that, well, I am happy. My other purse that I had bought for $8 broke, so I had to buy another one. Yes, I am aware that this will have a short life, too. Oh well. They just don't make purses like they used to.

****Edited very late Friday night****

When I first started this earlier today, I thought had (in my head) the 5 that I had wanted to (had planned) on …


Right now I am pretty stressed. We find out tomorrow when we visit our GP the results of Anker's biopsy. As much as I don't want it to be cancer, I don't want it to be "nothing". I just want it to be  something fixable.  You know; with diet and exercise. Anker has been in pain off and on all week. I nearly have taken him to the hospital a few times. He refuses to go; saying that they can't do anything for him there. Ugh! So he continues to live in pain, and I continue to hear and see him in pain. It is a lose-lose situation. Trust me.
y j
I am near tears pretty much all the time, b/c I don't know what the results will be. The other nighI had an anxiety attack. I couldn't sleep. I was worried about Anker, and then I was worrying about finances. We can't live on my job alone (well, if I were working a lot of shifts, we could...but just barely), and there has been no word on when or if his disability will be approved. There are a lot of unknowns righ…

Ten Things of Thankful-Mothers Day and Regular Day Edition

Linking up with Liz for this weeks TToT.

Yes, I aknowledge that it has been awhile since I have linked up for a TToT. I have missed it so I figured that it was time. Since I didn't join in on the MD one last wk, I thought I would do half of this dedicated to my mom, and half to regular life.

I am so thankful that:

1. My Mom chose to stay home with us.
I am so glad that Mom chose to be a stay at home Mom while we were young. Yes, she would get quite busy with things in the church, but we kids were her #1 priority, and I am forever thankful.

2. That she chose to home educated us.
We were in school for the first few years, but then Mom decided (and Dad too) that she would home educate us. That was before homeschooling was popular, and we were considered weird. You would think that living on a farm would keep ups isolated, but it never did.

3. That she taught us the Word of God.
Obviously, Dad did that as well, but we are talking about moms here. At any rate, she loved (and still does) …

Five (times two) on Friday

Linking up with Natasha and the girls for this wks FoF:)

1. Hubby FINALLY had his Biopsy this week!
After weeks of waiting, he finally got it done on Thursday. He only had local freezing, and was not put under, so we were only there for a few hours. Hubby said that it didn't hurt as much as he thought it would. Now we just have to wait to see either our GP or the GI. Ugh! At least the results are already in :)

2. Long Weekend
It is a long wkd in Canada (we call it Victoria Day wknd). I am just relaxing today, and working some of the wknd, which I don't mind.

3. The Lilacs are out!
I love these flowers, they are my favourite!! They bring back so many memories of home!! I found that there is a lilac bush at work, and I found a few on the way home from my walk (which I have also been trying to do more of).

4. Mocha Light Frappiccino.
I love this frap. I am sure it isn't as healthy as it sounds, and how I wish it were, but it is good none the less.

5. Homemade Iced Coffee
I have …

Mother's Day Wknd and a Photo Dump

I am not going to do a Sunday Social, and I don't even know if I am going to do TToT, but I thought I would recap on our Mother's Day weekend.

First, though, I was going to dump some photos on the short trip to the ranch TWO Thursdays ago. I went mainly get away from our noisy apartment complex, and I had to grab meat, eggs, and wool/yarn. I also wanted to play with some baby lambs

It was a super short trip, barely 24 hours, but it was great to get away. I actually don't mind driving on my own, and the trip both ways was good, but a lot of traffic. Here are just a few pictures from that trip.

 Getting some lamby love.
 How can you not love that little face?

I love me some lamby love!! They were so sweet!! I love the orphan lambs.

Ok, so this past wknd, we went to the ranch to buy KK (along with my aunts cat, Benji who also died this winter), and to spend MD with Mom and the fam.

****edited/upated May 17/14****

Yes, I seemed to have fallen off the blogging wagon. Again. Wel…

Ladies Retreat/Our Awful Week ***Edited*** May 12/14

Since there are a few blog posts that I want to write, I am going to combine these two in one.

Last weekend, our church in town went on our annual ladies retreat. I hadn't been in the last two years, so I was looking forward to it SO MUCH. We went to Rock Ridge Canyon about two hours away. The weekend didn't disappoint!

We left (we all carpooled) around 2 on Friday afternoon, and stopped at BP half way for lunch/supper (they don't provide supper on Friday). After a quick trip to Starbucks, we were on our way!

  We go there around 6 or so, and as soon as we registered, they gave us sweet little gift bags.

 We then got organized in our room. They were camp-style rooms with bunk beds, but surprisingly not bad to sleep on.
We had a great evening of worship and a great speaker who I would HIGHLY recommend!! She speaks ALL over the world, but is from Toronto area.  She founded Foundations Ministries, and is such a sweetie. Her name is Marie Miller, and you can find her speaking…