Five (times two) on Friday

Linking up with Natasha and the girls for this wks FoF:)

1. Hubby FINALLY had his Biopsy this week!
After weeks of waiting, he finally got it done on Thursday. He only had local freezing, and was not put under, so we were only there for a few hours. Hubby said that it didn't hurt as much as he thought it would. Now we just have to wait to see either our GP or the GI. Ugh! At least the results are already in :)

2. Long Weekend
It is a long wkd in Canada (we call it Victoria Day wknd). I am just relaxing today, and working some of the wknd, which I don't mind.

3. The Lilacs are out!
I love these flowers, they are my favourite!! They bring back so many memories of home!! I found that there is a lilac bush at work, and I found a few on the way home from my walk (which I have also been trying to do more of).

4. Mocha Light Frappiccino.
I love this frap. I am sure it isn't as healthy as it sounds, and how I wish it were, but it is good none the less.

5. Homemade Iced Coffee
I have made this a few times at home; it is delightful. It is basically coffee with ice, but hey, it is cheaper than Starbucks and just as good.

6. Repayment Relief
For the second time since having to pay off the loan, I have asked for repayment relief. And I was approved. Yay!

7. Summer is here!/Spending time Outside
 I have been able to spend some time outside this week, reading and enjoying the sun.
...and this is the temperature's we have been having. Hubby has been cleaning and organizing our patio, and buying herbs making it pretty. I bought two chairs the other day, and I will post them next week (or in another post).

8. Organizing
 The one thing I did manage to do this week (other than work) was organizing our movies. Yup, I am a geek. Even more? I organized them in/by genre, and DVDs in one area and VHSs (yes we still have them) in another.
 VHS's and TV series to the left.

Our DVDs to the right. We have more than that; there are more behind those ones.

9. I worked 2 Days this wk ( and more in the next wk or so).
I am glad to be back after two weeks of not being called in. I missed everyone at work.

10. My Neck is getting Better.
It has almost healed up. I hope the soreness NEVER comes back. I still have no clue as to what brought it on.


Hubby Went to to church for the first time in Months with me last week! And he says he is going again this week!

And just because it's my blog and I can:

I found these childhood and young adult favourites of mine this week. I had to buy them!


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