Friday, May 23, 2014

Five On Friday

Just a quick one today, since I am off to run some errands before work, but first one of the girls I like up with, Christina had her baby GIRL the other week, so hope on over to wish her congrats. Caroline Grace is her name..which I LOVE!!

Ok..on to this weeks FoF.

1. McD's Iced Coffee.
I am loving it. Just sayin!!

2.  Boston Pizza Gift Card
We actually got this last week, but I forgot to put it on the list. When Anker left his job, they gave him a BP GC, which we are going to use when he gets feeling better.

3. Another $8 Purse
I am cheap person. I think purses that cost than $40 are stupid. But when I find them for less than that, well, I am happy. My other purse that I had bought for $8 broke, so I had to buy another one. Yes, I am aware that this will have a short life, too. Oh well. They just don't make purses like they used to.

****Edited very late Friday night****

When I first started this earlier today, I thought had (in my head) the 5 that I had wanted to (had planned) on posting, but when I got to 4, I totally forgot! So I am just going to "make up" two more things.

4. Made My First Stew. Ever.

Ugh! I can't believe that I am the age that I am and I have never made a stew. Ever. Maybe it is because I have never liked them (sorry, Mom!). They have always tasted gooey to me. I have never had the desire to make them. Well, all that changed when I was to make a chicken stew the other night at work. They didn't have the recipe, so I found one online....I found and made this recipe for Potato/Chicken Stew, and it turned out really well! EVERYONE loved it. I was happy. The End.

5. Seeing lots of family this Week
Got to hang out with three of my aunts this week, and enjoyed some great visits. I also got to see my sister for a few minutes.

5.1. This Cheesecake
I ordered this Wednesday night. It is SO good! I was "good" and only ate half that night, and half the next morning for breakfast! Wanna have one for yourself? Check out Montana's Steakhouse!

I will update you on hubby's condition when we get he results (hopefully) on Monday, or at least after we see the GI specialist.

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