Ladies Retreat/Our Awful Week ***Edited*** May 12/14

Since there are a few blog posts that I want to write, I am going to combine these two in one.

Last weekend, our church in town went on our annual ladies retreat. I hadn't been in the last two years, so I was looking forward to it SO MUCH. We went to Rock Ridge Canyon about two hours away. The weekend didn't disappoint!

We left (we all carpooled) around 2 on Friday afternoon, and stopped at BP half way for lunch/supper (they don't provide supper on Friday). After a quick trip to Starbucks, we were on our way!

  We go there around 6 or so, and as soon as we registered, they gave us sweet little gift bags.

 We then got organized in our room. They were camp-style rooms with bunk beds, but surprisingly not bad to sleep on.
We had a great evening of worship and a great speaker who I would HIGHLY recommend!! She speaks ALL over the world, but is from Toronto area.  She founded Foundations Ministries, and is such a sweetie. Her name is Marie Miller, and you can find her speaking videos on YT. After the evening service, we had nachos and fruit and went to bed.

Had a great breakfast the next morning; the food was amazing! This was breakfast on Saturday Morning.

After our morning session, the afternoon was spent relaxing, Ziplinig, sleeping, and whatever anyone felt like doing. On Friday evening, there were about 10 deer below our cabin..
This is what our cabin looked like..there were about 5 rooms (plus a foyer) on the main level. I don't know what was on the top level, since we didn't get up there.

There was also a hotel that people could stay at.
The afternoon was windy but sunny. I did grab a few pics. Sadly, I left our camera in our car, so I only had my phone.
 View from the lawn.
 The trail around the lake.
 The main hall.
The littlest Lady :) Her mommy brought her because she was nursing her. This is our friend Kim holding Miss C.

I have a few more pics, but I won't bore you....but I think you get the jist of what it looked it looked like.

Here is what we had for supper.
Greek food...ooh ya!!!
Yup..chocolate cheesecake. It was too rich, even for me.

We had a great Saturday evening service followed by a fun bonfire and marshmallows. After a good sleep, and a great breakfast, and worship and preaching, we were all on our way home.

As soon as we got home, I noticed that our cat, Kitkat was not well, at all. He wasn't walking, and Anker said that he hadn't eaten much, and not really drunk much over the weekend. I noticed that he wasn't able to walk far, if at all. We made the decision to put him down the next day.

Monday, I woke up with my neck super sore, and in spasms. This was the second time in two weeks that this had happened. It was worse than that last time. THANKFULLY, I wasn't scheduled to work (I didn't work at all this week), but I was still upset, because, well, who needs a sore neck, right? We got KK in around 3 to the vets. It was really sad seeing him being put down, but we know it was for the best. He had lived a long life, and just wasn't getting better.

The vet was so great, and allowed us time to say our goodbyes, both before and after he was put down. I had never seen an animal put down before (we usually would just shoot them..well not me, but other family members), and it was actually quite moving. He just left us before our very eyes. Poor Anker was crying, and even the vet was a little sad. He gave us a box to take him home in, and we moved him into another box so that he could fit in our freezer, and we buried him on Saturday. It is so odd not having KK here to great us when we get home, or having him around. Here are some last pictures of our KitKat.
 When KitKat was fat and sassy :)
 Anker saying his goodbye. He has had him since KK was 6 months 15.5 years he has been his kitty.
 KK doing his "pretty Kitty" pose.
 The last one at the vets. Poor thing.

My cousin drew this picture of KitKat from the cover photo on my FB page. It was SO sweet!! We got it in the mail on Thursday, and it was a total surprise.

After we put Kitty down, we grabbed us each a Frap, and watched Grey's to dull the pain.

Anker has been really sick all week, and of course, sad about KK. I have been stressed, with Anker being sick, my neck being sore, and just the general happenings of life. Anyway, there were good days this week, however. Anker had I ran errands and went to appointments this week, so we went for lunch out one day, and went for a snack another day. He got his glasses checked, and I saw our regular doctor about my neck.

Yesterday, as I was driving, I had a bit of a meltdown about everything. Yes, even about missing our kitty! I had a few moments of crying, which I felt better after.

I will hopefully do some more posts this week. I would love to do an SUYL post about graduation, and maybe an SS, and maybe a TToT-Mom Edition. I also went to the ranch the Thursday before our retreat, and I had fun with some lambs :) I will post those at another date.


JenniferH-ece said…
Hey, that's me in the Starbucks pic! LOL! It was a great weekend and glad we got to go together! :)

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