Ten Things of Thankful-Hubs' Diagnosis Edition

I thought I would combine a couple of posts in one, since I have a few posts that I want to write today. I am linking up with Liz for this weeks Ten Things of Thankful. I thought I would (kind of) explain Anker's diagnosis through this wks TToT.

1. He IS going to be ok (for now).
 We went to the specialist yesterday, and although the biopsy wasn't back yet, he figured from what Anker told him what his symptoms are that the diagnosis isn't a death sentence, at least not right now. As far as how far it has progressed, we won't know until we get the biopsy results back.

2. There are medications to help him (in other words, it's treatable).
Right now, he has been given two medications to help him get and feel better.

3. The Medications are covered by our provincial plan.
'Nuff sad.

4. They have made great strides in the last few years.
10 years ago, this diagnosis would have been a lot different than it does today. There are medications and vitamins that he can be on to help him control his condition.

5. It's Not Cancer.
His actual diagnosis is called Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. Basically, it's scarring of the liver, and also an autoimmune disease. Not the greatest diagnosis, but not the worst, either.

6. This actually may help us.
He is trying to get on disability, and once they find out what this diagnosis is, this actually might help get on easier/faster to his disability income.

7. The Specialist was good.
I wouldn't say he was exceptional, but he was thorough, and asked a lot of questions. He examined Anker, which is always a good thing, and he was pretty good at explaining the condition.

8. He will eventually get his Energy Back.
After he is on his medications and vitamins for awhile, he should get his energy back. As far as going back to work, well, I don't know. Hopefully, disability will be kicking in soon.

9. I know God has a plan in all this.
I am honestly stressing about finances right now. More than his diagnosis, actually. I don't know what His plan is in all this, but I know He will be carrying us through this.

10. God will be Glorified.
I have come up with this conclusion a few years back when I got sick: things don't happen (or not happen) necessarily for us; they sometimes happen to help/teach others. Through all of this, God will be glorified and praised, and hopefully this will touch others, too.


Christine said…
I have added you and your husband to my prayer list. I really wish there was more to be done. The one downside to having friends online is our inability to actually be there to help our friends with day to day things. But I'm praying.
aww...thanks Christine :) I am on FB if you want to add me, too. Yah, I agree...they are great, but not there in person. Boo. How are your chickens?
Lizzi R said…
A diagnosis is a great place to start from. Glad you both found out what the problem is.
Completely agree!! Thanks for stopping by!

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