Sunday Social

Welcome to my version of this wks Sunday Social!
You mean people have more than one handbag/purse at a time?LOL I currently have one at the moment; the $8 purse I bought at Walmart.

2. 3 things you would buy right now if money was no object?
A house, because I'm SO OVER living in an apartment, a new car, and a vacation house somewhere :)

3. Name a place you would go right now if given a plane ticket to anywhere?
Because of the crazy few weeks we have, I would settle for the hotel/motel down the hill!! I would love to go to Quebec City!! Oh, and maybe England..honestly? Pretty much anywhere!

4. What is the most valuable life lesson you've learned from blogging?
Write what you know, and don't worry about how other people's blogs look, design or content wise. Just do what you love and know!

5. What is the most valuable life lesson you've learned from a friend?
Don't trust them. Sorry, but i have had "friends" in my life (including one who was my MOH at my wedding) who are really no longer in my life (FB friends, and maybe some texts here and there), which makes me really sad. Remember the friend I had connected with a couple of months back? Well, we are hardly texting/connecting anymore. Makes me really sad. I am honestly tired of fairweathered friends, or friends who are only your friends when they want to be. The person who I have been connecting the most with lately? A co-worker! Yes, I know, I am slightly bitter. End of rant.

Next week's questions

These are all about YOUR blog!

1. Introduce yourself and your blog to us
2. What is your favorite form of Social Media and why?
3. What made you start a blog?
4. What do you feel the most meaningful/special post you've written is?

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