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Well, I really have no idea who is reading this. I thought that I sent some invites, but apparently, they didnt get invited. ARRGHH! Oh well. I will ask my other friend who has a blog, how I go about adding/inviting.

Well, nothing really much new. I am going on Medical EI, as I just couldnt take the stress of work anymore. I couldnt keep up my stats like they had wanted, even when I kept trying. I am enjoying not working, and getting involved in the church. I really am enjoying it. I also am going to help redo our library (church), so that is a very overwhelming job. I have only really just begun.

I think since I wrote on this, I went on an overnight trip with our church's "KidsLife" midweek program (think Sunday School meets VBS). We went to McQueen Lk, which is very nice. It is owned by our local school disctrict, and it has cabins and a big meeting/kitchen cabin. It was a fun time, and i got some nice pics of the lake.

Thanksgiving 2007

Well, I am determined to keep up a blog. I don't really think Facebook (for which I am STILL addicted), really cuts it as far as keeping a blog goes. I am going to start to put up pictures here on this site, as I really dont feel comofortable to posting certain pictures on Facebook.

So, I am sitting here on this sort of dreary Fall day, wishing I could get going on other things. I have a bed that needs to be made, a cake that needs to be baked, I birthday party I really should go to (well, that is later), a house to clean (including bedroom), and the list goes on! I thought I would update you on our Thankgiving Weekend. Does anyone read these things anymore??? I think that MySpace is sooooo yesterday...which is why I am not posting there anymore. I mean, who reads it..haha.

So, we went to the Ranch for Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful few days. Both Adam and Luke where there, along with Krystle, of course!, and her friend Janette, who is going to Bible College in Three Hills. We h…

Crazy, Crazy World!!


Well, I really hope this blog is private..haha..not sure..but maybe no one is even LOOKING at this thing. oh well. I wont add any pics now, as I have Facebook for that. BUT once we start expanding, then we will add pics.

So, our trip to the PNE went well. (see FB for pics) Well, actaully, the PNE kind of sucked, but the rest of the weekend went fine. We stayed at his sisters, and had a nice time. We went to Fort Langley on Sunday, and on Monday came home. It was a nice short weekend.

Work continues to be very stressful. I know, I should be happy..and i am..cause I am only part time. But I am struggling with my stats, which makes it really stressful ( I wont even go into my stats, just certain metrics i need to meet). Anyway...I am looking for something else, just not sure what I want to do.

KidsLife and Bible study start at CCC today. I have decided that I wanted to help out. Anker also goes to Bible Study, so it is a time for us to go out together (well, sort of) and just…

Our Blog

Welcome to "The A Team" Blogsite! Grab a cup of coffee, or iced tea, and sit back and relax and catch up on our lives!

Well, I finally decided to start a REAL blog..forget MySpace, forget FB, (I will post there too, though), and any other blog site..thanks to my friend Jamie, I found this neat blog site! I will post what i posted (as well as past posts) on this site to start with. At first, i thought, well, maybe I should wait until we have kids before we start one, but I also noticed that other ppl with no kids have one...sooooo, I thought, why not?? Here goes..!

posted Aug 6 on MySpace:The wedding was a great day...very hot though. I can't wait until my pics. come. Everything went really well. Everyone said it was a lovely day. We are just relaxing and nesting. We got a alot of nice gifts, and i had a nice Bridal shower and stagette party a week before my wedding. We were married July 27, and i also found out that my friend, also eloped that day, so that was kind of co…