Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Well, I really have no idea who is reading this. I thought that I sent some invites, but apparently, they didnt get invited. ARRGHH! Oh well. I will ask my other friend who has a blog, how I go about adding/inviting.

Well, nothing really much new. I am going on Medical EI, as I just couldnt take the stress of work anymore. I couldnt keep up my stats like they had wanted, even when I kept trying. I am enjoying not working, and getting involved in the church. I really am enjoying it. I also am going to help redo our library (church), so that is a very overwhelming job. I have only really just begun.

I think since I wrote on this, I went on an overnight trip with our church's "KidsLife" midweek program (think Sunday School meets VBS). We went to McQueen Lk, which is very nice. It is owned by our local school disctrict, and it has cabins and a big meeting/kitchen cabin. It was a fun time, and i got some nice pics of the lake.

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