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Advocating is Tough (When You're too Tired to Try Again)

Advocating for anyone or anything is tough. I advocate at work, and I advocate at work. It's a tough business, people.

In the fall, hubby had to apply for CPP (disability pension), and though we didn't know all the ins and outs of it, and asking our worker from the local brain injury association, we applied. It was actually to see on if disability (from BC) could get some money back that they paid to Anker over the last year or so. But we also thought that he would get up to $500 a month (less $500 from disability, but we wouldn't have to claim it towards what I make). Sadly, he didn't get approved. We were kind of upset, but somehow, not surprised. That being said, I read it, and got mad. And then, I got madder. They said that Anker would be able to go back to work. Ummm...back to work doing what? (that being said, I hope that he will still back to getting is regular disability next month)

So, it looks like we will have to re-apply. On top of that, b/c of what I make,…

That Time that We took in a Stray Kitten, and She's Still With Us

I haven't really been into blogging much lately, but there are a few posts in my drafts that are in my blog roll, that should get either published or deleted, so I thought I would do one or two :) I also haven't done a Friday link up post in the last couple of weeks, and I might do that, too.

So, if you follow me on IG or FB, you will see that we have a new kitty. She seemed to have adopted us. Just after Christmas, as hubby was out having his smoke, one of the neighbour kitties decided she would walk on in, and she pretty much hasn't left!

We tried to find her her owner; twice I put her picture on a couple of our city's group pages, and in the mean time, we had chatted with our neighbours, and found out that she used to belong to the girlfriend of the neighbour next door (where we found out what her name is), and she either tried to give her away, and the cat got away, or she just left the cat to fend for herself, as the cat seemed to be roaming around the neighbourho…

Friday Faves/Top 15 of 2015 (AKA, 2015 in Review)

I have missed out on doing a post/link up for Andrea's 2015 Favourites, but I am going to do it anyway, and post it in the comment section, as well as use this topic for the Friday link ups!

Although 2015 wasn't a FABULOUS year (are they ever FAB?...not with us, but they are good), but it was a good year, with lots of highlights.

Here they are, in no particular order (ok, maybe in SOME order):

1) Temporary Position

In January (after driving through horrible roads after a dump of snow), I applied for, and got a temp position at work. SO happy!

2) New Car

We got a new-to-us car in February. It has much less KM's than our other car, not to mention much safer to drive, than our Alero.

3) Perm. Position.

I applied for, and got a permanent position, which started early March. Yay for benefits, lieu days, and holidays!

4) Moving

This actually happened end of April/early May. Ooops...! We moved (our first together, and the first time for me in 8 years) to a new place. So fun! An…

Days off Things

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, I took my first holidays for/of the year. I have two more coming to me in March, then not sure when the other ones will happen, since I haven't booked them yet (They do it in two put in...if you want to...your holidays for the first part of the year in Octo/Nov, then in March, we book our last part of the year).

Monday, as I stated in another post, I came home in the morning, and was back in town around 12:30, and, since the roads were horrible, I didn't venture anywhere for the rest of the day. I relaxed and didn't do a whole lot for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, I went to Krystle's, as I brought a few things back from the ranch that H had left. We had lunch, and had a lovely chat...then I went to the church to pick up a gift from my Secret Sister. She gave me some chocolates and a Starbucks GC. I decided to go through the Drive Thru at Starbucks, and as I paid for my order, the barista said that the person in front of …

My Time at/on the Ranch

Anker and I hummed and haaa'd about going to my family's for (and around) New Years. Anker got sick (like, fairly sick) with a cold (that I have not gotten yet..yay!), so I didn't end up going FOR NYE, so I decided to leave on Sat, Jan 2. It helped that I didn't have to work on Mon/Tues (the first of my holidays for the year..yay!), and since Anker wasn't up going, I went alone was sad that he didn't come, but in a way, it is kind nice to get out and do something like a road trip by myself. The roads (and weather) were great! I arrived at around 4, and we had a lovely turkey dinner with my brothers, and my SIL. We played TABOO and Truth Be Told, and had a lot of laughs, and watched whatever was on TV, and went to bed.

Sunday, went to church, and came home and ate left over turkey dinner, and visited. Went over to my aunt and uncles to have Christmas pudding. SO GOOD! We had a lovely visit in front of the fire, and then it was time for Downton Abbey!!! I think i…

Show and Tell Tuesday/Re-introductions and Resolutions

Andrea is doing another year of Show and Tell Tuesday!!!
I am not sure what they will be doing this year (for topics), as I don't see their button yet, but for this week, we are all doing re-introductions and resolutions!

So, here goes!

I don't think this will have a ton of pics, bc, well, that all takes time! Actually, I might sneak a few in, as I have a few on m FB page.


I was born in Vancouver, BC, and due to many health issues, I was there for the first 21 months of my life. I grew up on my family's sheep ranch. I was home-educated from grade 5 (we don't say 5th grade up here) on. At age 18, I went to Bible College, and then went to Europe the Spring/Summer of 1996. Moved back home, then moved away, then moved back get the I did go and do a year of MOA training, then I moved to Regina, Sk (please know that I am giving you the Reader's Digest version), then moved home for a year, to help Mom look after the younger kids (by this time,…

Shift Work

I have decided to use this post to link up with Tiffany for this weeks LBFBH.

I had this post on my blog, then I deleted it, b/c I wasn't sure if it was too much info about work (it wasn't, I was just being paranoid), then I had a draft, thinking that I would do another post, then I guess I deleted it. original post was quite good, and I rather sad that I deleted it, but I will redo it, albeit a bit shorter.

I was inspired by The Glorious Mundane about doing a post about working shift work. My life is so glamourous, I know. Ha! I am a CSW who works in a 24/7 staffed Group home. Right now, I work 4, have a day off, work one, have four days off, work two days, have two days off, then back to four. When I work four days, the middle two shifts are two - 12 hour shifts. I have had this rotation/position since September. Shift work is well, interesting. There are many highs, lows, pros cons to having a job that isn't 9-5 M-F. Let me share them with you:


More …

Christmas/Winter Bucket List..How'd I Do?

I thought it would be fun to go through my list, and see on how "well" I did with my Christmas Bucket List this year.

To recap, here is my list:

To see on whether I have done it or at the end of each item.

1. Buy ONE Christmas DVD/CD, some fun accessory, ornament, decoration. (I have bought A Charlie Brown Christmas on DVD, got a new set of Christmas earrings, and I got a few ornaments from people so far this year, and I bought some decorations)....Done.
2. Sleep by the tree with its lights on (you can interpret that how you this the other night.
3. Make a Gingerbread house with hubby (we usually do this every year)...I didn't do this with Anker, but I did do this at work. Does that count?
4. Baking (either with someone or by myself)....done...both at home and at work.
5. Bake Christmas cookies for our neighbours (I have done this the last couple of years...not sure if I will do this this year though..)..I didn't do this this year.

New Year's Eve 2015 (and Other Happenings)

Happy 2016!!!

                                                       Photo credit: Zedge

I hope this year is the best year yet! Or at least better than last year. Ha!

The highlights were:

Getting a new-to-us car, getting not one, not two, but three positions (including a permanent one, which now allows me lieu days, holidays, etc. I am in a temporary one now, but since I have a permanent position with the company, I still get the permanent status..yay!), moving, going to Vancouver in June, and having my specialist tell me that I was doing awesome (and tell me that I don't need one of my meds), then Victoria in August, seeing my little brother get married, welcoming, and meeting my niece Lilah, getting our new kitty, and well, that is all :) Plus...a little something may be in the works..stay tuned.

The lowlights were:

My childhood friend dying, Hubby being cut off from disability, saying goodbye to our car, having to get a new battery for our new-to-us car as soon as we got it, al…