Friday Faves/Top 15 of 2015 (AKA, 2015 in Review)

I have missed out on doing a post/link up for Andrea's 2015 Favourites, but I am going to do it anyway, and post it in the comment section, as well as use this topic for the Friday link ups!

Although 2015 wasn't a FABULOUS year (are they ever FAB?...not with us, but they are good), but it was a good year, with lots of highlights.

Here they are, in no particular order (ok, maybe in SOME order):

1) Temporary Position

In January (after driving through horrible roads after a dump of snow), I applied for, and got a temp position at work. SO happy!

2) New Car

We got a new-to-us car in February. It has much less KM's than our other car, not to mention much safer to drive, than our Alero.

3) Perm. Position.

I applied for, and got a permanent position, which started early March. Yay for benefits, lieu days, and holidays!

4) Moving

This actually happened end of April/early May. Ooops...! We moved (our first together, and the first time for me in 8 years) to a new place. So fun! An extra room, a yard, a garden. Love this place (for the most part).

5) Vancouver Trip

Took an overnight trip to Vancouver for my annual specialist appointment, and got a great report.

6) Seeing V

Got to see V (sister) this summer. We had a lovely time, and spent a fair amount of time together, which was awesome (we also got to pick her up at the airport).

7) Wedding/Family Wknd/Meeting Lilah

Yes, I am combining three things into one :) Seth got married, we had a lovely family wknd, AND we all got to meet Lilah (who was born in Jan). It was such a lovely time! And beautiful weather.

8) Victoria Trip

I haven't blogged about this yet (the heading is still in my, but hubs and I went to Victoria in August, and we had a great time. The second set of my holidays were had then.

9) Calico

We got Calico after we got back from Victoria. We LOVE her! She's so cute!!!

10) Getting an A/C

 A and K had a line on an AC, and asked if we wanted it...they bought it, we bought it...presto, our hot house becomes cool.

11) Another Temp. Position

I got another Temp Position in September. I so needed this change.

12) Thanksgiving With Family

We had a lovely TG Wknd with Family. Love going to the ranch at this time of year.

13 Spending time with H

Spent 2 days with H while his Mom was away. We had a lovely time together.

14) Sahara

We took in a stray cat after Christmas, so Callie has a sister. Awesome.

15) We're Still Together

In this year of breakups among celebs, we are very proud to say that we are STILL together. Sometimes, it feels like we just don't have it together. Then, we I read/watch/hear of celebs (or normal people) going through Splitsville (esp ones married AFTER us), and I feel so happy. We have out-married them. Take that, Blake/Miranda, Ryan/Kaley!


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