Show and Tell Tuesday/Re-introductions and Resolutions

Andrea is doing another year of Show and Tell Tuesday!!!
I am not sure what they will be doing this year (for topics), as I don't see their button yet, but for this week, we are all doing re-introductions and resolutions!

So, here goes!

I don't think this will have a ton of pics, bc, well, that all takes time! Actually, I might sneak a few in, as I have a few on m FB page.


I was born in Vancouver, BC, and due to many health issues, I was there for the first 21 months of my life. I grew up on my family's sheep ranch. I was home-educated from grade 5 (we don't say 5th grade up here) on. At age 18, I went to Bible College, and then went to Europe the Spring/Summer of 1996. Moved back home, then moved away, then moved back get the I did go and do a year of MOA training, then I moved to Regina, Sk (please know that I am giving you the Reader's Digest version), then moved home for a year, to help Mom look after the younger kids (by this time, my parents had 4 more kids...including me and my three younger, there are 7 of us in all), while she home schooled the older (younger) ones.

Then it was off to Calgary, AB (for the third time) for over 5 years. I worked in various medical offices, and had a lot of fun adventures! That is when I started having problems with depression/anxiety. I moved back home for a bit, then moved to where I live (city-wise) now. I have been here for just over 11 years.

I met my hubby in 2006, and we married in 2007. We (sort of) started trying for a baby that next year, I got sick in 2010, was in the hospital for a month, found out I was diabetic the next year (I think), found out I had the CF gene in February 2011, found out that hubby had no sperm later in the year, and the next year (I think?), I found out that I really shouldn't carry a baby. I went to school to become a CSW from Sept 2012-April 2013, worked in a Christian book store for the summer/fall/winter, then got my job with/at my current employer in February 2014.

So, that's me in a nutshell!

As far as Resolutions go, I don't really do them, but I have decided to try to read more of the Bible this year.


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