Five on Friday

If last week was quiet, this week was busy! Monday, cleaned house, and Mom stayed over, Tuesday, Vancouver Day Trip, Wednesday, well that wasn't AS busy, and I did manage to read in the back yard, but I did run some errands, and I went to our church's worship and prayer night. Today (Thursday), I pretty much ran (drove) all day, and I got ready for the wknd.

1) Reusable Bags
I found this really cute bag at Wal-Mart today (Thursday). I really love it.

2) Canadian Flag Donut/Free Slurpee Day, Tim Tams/Strawberry Starbucks Treats/Peach Danish
 The Canada Day Donut from/at Tim's is good!!!
I had been craving TimTams for a while, but they are always so expensive. I finally just ended up buying them on Sunday, and they were SO GOOD!
                                        I gotta real and honest and say that I do eat a lot of food that isn't healthy for me, but I don't drink a lot of Slurpees. I did manage to go and get one for their free Splurpee day, though! Yum!

TBB Asks: Vacation

1. Will you go on a a summer vacation this year? 
Yes, if it's Free. Seriously..,we usually don't...we might go camping one weekend....I am going to Calgary in July.
2. Do nothing but relax or a pack it all in vacation?  It depends if it is free or not. I like to do both. It's fun to relax, but it is also fun to see some sights.
3. What month do you like to vacation?  Anytime it's free. Anytime we have $$ and time.
4. Cruise: YES or NO?  Is it free? Then yes. Seriously...I would love to go on one :) 5. Favorite vacation tradition?  Anything that is free. Ha!!! I guess going to Vancouver each year for my specialist appointment.
6. Most memorable vacation?  The free one. Probably our honeymoon. We (tent) camped at Cultus Lake. It was so fun!!
7. Pack light or Pack it all?  It depends on if I have someone packing it for me :) Ha! I pack it all!!!
8. Hotel, Condo or House?  As long as it's free :) I guess we could include Air BnB, or cottage in this? Probably hotel.
9. Favorite thi…

Five on Friday

Hope all my USA friends had a wonderful 4th! This last week seems to have been busy! I have been cleaning and purging! It actually feels good! I bought two $4 laundry baskets from Wal-Mart the other day, as one of my was nearly broken. I had only had it for a year.

 I threw my old stereo out the other day. It didn't work well anymore, I didn't have much room on my dresser, and I didn't use it much. I bought these baskets at the dollar store for a few bucks each, and I LOVE them, and how they/it looks!!! I guess these could have gone in my 5 on Friday :) Oh well!!!
I also cleaned out my cupboards and my movies and a few books (I need to go through and throw out/give away even more). Some of them are going to be sold on the auction sites...and some I will just away.
Here are some faves:

1) Rain

We had a RAINY Canada Day weekend last wknd, and other than it being cold (I was at my parents'), I wasn't entirely sad about it. We need it, especially after the fires that w…

Weekend Wrap Up-The Birthday Edition

It has been almost a month since I have had my birthday, but I still want to blog about it. I do have a journal, but I often find it easier to blog (and then refer back to it) if I am wondering about what I did, or what happened. I am hoping that I can remember what I did :) Here goes!

This is the weekend from June 8-10, 2018

Friday: I got to school, and there were a few treats for me, which was sweet. I decided to make popcorn balls the night before, as bday treat for everyone :) It was a great idea, and I might do it again next year! It was a regular day at school....nothing major or exciting happened. After school, I don't remember what I did. I probably wen to the library, and then I came home and hung out. I think I watched TV/movies, etc.

                                                    My birthday treats that I got at school.

Saturday: My actual birthday! Anker made me pancakes with garden strawberries for breakfast! Yum!! We ended up going to the Farmers' Market. We…