Monday, March 11, 2019

TBBT Asks: What are Your Favourite Things/Must Haves?

I haven't done a TBBT Asks in FOREVER, so I thought I would quickly do one up :) I could have combined the last FoF and this one, but I thought I would do two :)

What are my favourite things???

1) Family
I love my family. Both sides. Yes, we are big and loud, we argue, and sometimes even nosey, but we are there for each other through thick and thin.

2) Sushi
I love me some sushi:) I could love off sushi. Ok, maybe not live off it, but I love it :)

3) Jesus/Bible/Church/Worship Songs
You get the idea. My spiritual life sometimes, (ok, mostly) what it should be, but I love Jesus, even if my actions and words don't convey it :(

4) Hallmark Movies

I am STILL in a Hallmark move stage. I have watched a few non-HM ones, but I always seem to go back them. I also have gotten into the Aurora Teagarden Mystery movies as of this weekend. I love Garage Sale Mysteries, Gourmet Detective, Flower Shop Mystery, and Murder She Baked series. They are HM movies with a bit of a twist, so you still feel like you are watching something with a BIT of a storyline, but not with all the gore, and violence of a "regular" murder/mystery movie.

5) Daniell Steel Books (ok, ALL books!)

I love me some DS books :) I might start a few next week while I am off work.

6) My Job

I love my job. The end.

7) Starbucks

Ok, these are not in order :) Hahah! I love me  some Starbucks....:)

Oh wait...are we doing "must haves"?...well the things above still qualify!

8) Sleep
I love my sleep!!! Especially when I can SLEEP in!

9) Library
I love my library time. That is almost more a "must have" than Starbucks!

10) Magazines
I love my magazines! Especially US and People!

I will try to add some more pics, but it is late, and I wanted to get this written, published and posted before I get to bed.

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Friday Favourites/IWD

Happy Friday, friends!!! I will probably post this tomorrow (Saturday), but I wanted to get a bit of a start on this. I haven't done an FoF in AGES! Here are some faves from the week:

1) It is International Women's Day! I didn't realize that this was such a long standing holiday. I thought that we are started celebrating it in the last 10 or so years, but I googled it, and it has been around for over 100 years! I am thankful that I am surrounded by amazing and wonderful women! I love that women are rising up, and making a name for themselves. We really are a hearty bunch!!!

2) Spring Break

Ok, so it is still a week away, BUT....I am still looking forward to it, so I am counting on my list.

3) Healthy (-ish)

I have been very healthy (as in not getting the cold for flu), for which I am very thankful! I can really only attribute that to God (and the flu shot!), as I really have no other reason as to why I haven't gotten sick yet. Another round of something has been going around town, and a few people at school have been out with it. I am just thankful that I haven't gotten it (yet).

4) Movie w/ Girls

This happened last week, but I am putting it on the list :) My mom, and sisters-in-law who were here, went to the movie, on the Basis of Sex, and I can tell you that it is an amazing movie, and I will probably end up buying it. It was fabulous!!!!

***March 11, 2019***
5) Breakfast Cookies

I made these breakfast cookies the other day (ok, week), and they were SO good!!! They are GF (if you use GF-certified oats) low sugar, and packed with lots of punch!!! I would make them again, for sure!

Friday, March 8, 2019

Where I Live/Where I am From

Well, I had hoped to have this out long before today, but last week was INSANELY busy, and this week, I HAD the time to blog, I just haven't really FELT like blogging :) Ha!

Well, I have talked about this a few weeks ago, so I guess I had better make good on my promise, and do what I had set out to do! #blogginggoals

Three years ago (almost to the DAY!) I joined up with a fellow blogger about talking about our hometowns. You can find the link hereHere is where you can find what I talked about. I have talked about on/in my IG stories. But if you missed any of those, here is a quick recap: I wanted to a bit of a project (for lack of a better word), and to talk a bit about where I am from (or where I live), and I wanted you all to do the same. If you don't have blog, you can post on IG/FB; in either stories or feed, or both! With Spring Break looming (can I get an AMEN?), and summer on our minds (hello, sunshine and warm days!), we are all probably looking at places to travel to (heck, maybe even move to!), so I thought this would be a fun way to share either where you live (currently) or where you are from.

Here are a few rules:

It has to be somewhere where you have lived, either past or present. If you don't want to talk about your current community for privacy reasons (which is totally ok), post about either where you lived in the past, or your area (or county). For instance, if you live in Vernon, but don't to particularly say you live there, you can post about the Okanogan Valley. You can also talk about your county, but please keep it to the area (IE: Don't give a description of your state or province, or even your country), as it can otherwise be too broad. Feel free to use descriptions of your area from their website (I guess you probably should say where you found it from), and of course, post some pictures! Preferably your own, but if you see one that you want to use, make sure you credit the picture-taking people!

I think I have created my FIRST link party!!! I hope it works! If not, put your blog post in the comments.

Ok! So, here goes!

I am going to talk about my current city where I live (and have for nearly 15 years consecutively!), which is Kamloops, B.C (Canada). I will probably reference a lot to the city's website page, as their description of it really is the best.

Kamloops is in the heart of the Interior of British Columbia. We are are the gateway to Vancouver (commonly called "the Coast"), the Okanogan, and right on the TransCanada Highway. To the north is Edmonton, AB, so as you can see, it really IS the traveller's hub.

Kamloops is the English translation from the Shuswap (First Nations) Tk'emlups, which means "Where the rivers meet", or "meeting of the waters". The North Thompson and South Thompson meet up in Kamloops (I grew up in a small town about two hours north, fittingly called The North Thompson Valley). Kamloops is a city of about 90,000 (funnily, enough, I didn't find this on the COK site...I found it here. I won't bore you with the history of our fair city (though it is exciting!), but if you would like to find out more, you can go here. Also, you can go here to view some stats.

Kamloops is very dry, and arid, and it can get VERY hot in the summer! There are a fair number of orchards around town (apples, peaches, cherries, apricots, to name a few), and it isn't uncommon for your neighbour to have a cherry tree or two in their yard!

Kamloops' claim to fame (among others), is that we call ourselves the Tournament Capital of Canada.  Why, you ask? Because a lot of sporting events are here. Swim meets, ball games, soccer games (tournaments); you name it...we probably have had it played here. We are also proud of our Blazers Hockey Team, and a host of other sport teams (JR/Bantam hockey, baseball, as well as our university's Wolfpack Athletics/Sports Team). We also host the only Music in the Park program of its kind in BC (if I am correct). It starts on Canada Day, and continues until the end of August. This is a free event, where people can come (rain or shine), and listen to local (and not so local) talent play in the band stand, and relax on their lawn chairs, or on blankets. We are proud hosts of Western Theatre Canada (which I may or may not have just found out that it is based here). There are a host of other things that happen in our town, the would take ages to mention; Santa Clause parade, Kamloopa Powwow, Cowboy Festival, Famers' MarketBoogie the Bridge, to name a few. I could go on and on about the events, but I think you get the gist. We also have an outdoor summer theatre which runs for about 6 weeks in the summer, called Project X Theatre. We also have three large venues where games are played and plays played and musical acts perform!

We have 82 parks; 3 or 4 water parks, 3 or 4 indoor pools, 1 or 2 outdoor pools, miles of walking/riding trails, and we also have a bike park! We have a few really nice beaches (next to the river), an airport, a Costco, a Walmart, a hospital, two sets of rail road tracks, 1 really good mall, and about 3 other semi-decent malls. We have two movie theatres, 5 rinks (including the one downtown), 8 or 9 Starbucks' (I had to throw that in!!), three of which are not "real", but serves their drinks (like the ones that are in Target), 20 large grocery stores (that doesn't include Walmart and Costco, and small, local grocery stores, of which there are probably 10), and, well, you get the picture! I love our downtown in the summer. It comes alive with the sound of music! Really, it does! I love it when April and May roll around, and people start playing on the street, the patios start opening up, and the merchants put their stuff on the sidewalk to sell. Oh yah, we also have two libraries, and an art gallery, and a museum (including a children's museum, which is actually pretty good!).

We live in the part of town where it is probably the hottest, and the gets the most sunlight, and the least amount of moisture in town. Kamloops is a hilly city (oh, the hills!), but where we live is flat, so that is awesome! I would say that Kamloops is a (mostly!) a friendly city. We love hosting events, and we are pretty community-minded city. Our sister city is Uji, Japan, which I think that means that dignitaries visits each others cities.

What drives our community? We have a university, and I would call us a university town (or city). We have a few mills, 3 mines (including one an hour away, which is a big employer), railways (CP and CN), lots of events are hosted here, as I have stated above, and since we are the largest urban in the area, we serve A LOT of small communities; people don't think twice about coming into town who live 2 or even 3 hours away. The hospital, BCLC (lottery), and the university are the top 3 employers in our town. And of course, tourism. Via Rail comes through here, and every summer, this town becomes a mecca full of tourists :)

So, there you have it! I love our city!!!

Here are a few pictures. I will try to add some more this weekend, but for now, here are just a few!

I hope the link up works :)
Yay! It worked!!! Please hashtag #whereilive or #whereiamfrom on all Social Media platforms :)

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

A Fun Project

I am looking forward to doing a fun "little" blogging/Social Media project in the next little while. I had hoped that I would get it done by Feb 28th, but since this week is going to be INSANE, I am going to push it back a week.

I thought it would be fun to talk/post about where we live, OR where we are from. Since Spring Break is (probably) on our minds, and then after that, summer, we could talk about our communities (this also comes sort of on the heels of what the class did in the fall, and what they are doing now in Socials). Almost like a commercial (without the annoying pressure!).

So, here is how it will work: If you don't have a blog, you can post it on IG, but feel free to start up a is free and fun! You can post it on IG stories and/or feed (do both if you want). Take some fun, cool pictures of the area that you are going talk about, post the pictures, and some fun stats and facts about your community, and viola....:)

Here are a few rules:

It has to be somewhere where you have lived, either past or present. If you don't want to talk about your current community for privacy reasons (which is totally ok), post about either where you lived in the past, or your area (or county). For instance, if you live in Vernon, but don't to particularly say you live there, you can post about the Okanogan Valley.

You can post on IG and on your blog (if you have one). If you want to post on FB, that is totally awesome, too!

Use the hashtag #whereilive OR #whereimfrom (I am also toying with the idea of using #whereyourefrom or #whereyoulive, but I don't know which one to use), so that others can "follow" along.

Though definitely post fun things to see and do, don't JUST limit it to that. Post some fun facts about your community/area. What is it famous for? What celebrity hails from your area? What are some fun  facts (for instance...A LOT of Hallmark movies are filmed in and around Vancouver, and a few movies have been filmed in and around Kamloops..Once upon a time is filmed in Steveston, and Pamela Anderson is from Ladysmith).

I am not going to post a limit on pictures, but please make sure the pictures you post are all your own.  If you want to use one from somewhere, make sure you credit them.

I think those are enough guidelines for now :) I HOPE to try to host a link up (something that I have never done!), but if that doesn't work, you can post your link in the comments.

The deadline to post will be March 10th (I will try to have mine up by March 8th).

Doesn't that sound like fun?? I cannot wait!!!

Life Lately

Yes, I am still around :) I just haven't been into blogging (even though I STILL have a ton of posts to be written and posted) lately. In fact, I haven't been into much lately. I work, I visit friends and family, I run errands, I watch my shows, and that is pretty much it. Ok, I guess that is a lot, but I haven't wanted to read (magazines or books), or blog, or really watch movies that are not Hallmark. No worries :)

So, what's up with us??? First off this week is going to be INSANE if I do/go to everything that is on my calendar. Most everything is fun (save for a dentist appointment!), but other than that, there will be a lot of coffee dates, a movie, and a few other things.

We had a couple of days where it snowed last week. I actually am bad at remembering the weather and when it happened. I think it was the week before last, and some this week. I am not entirely sad about it.

I helped my brother and SIL move a couple of weeks ago. And when I say "help", I really mean, I ran errands with Mom, and helped her put the boys to bed. I brought donuts! Actually, I did help a fair bit :) They also chose to move on the COLDEST day of the year!! I also helped looked after the boys for one hour or so last week when she needed me, and I went over on Friday for a couple of hours. I went over the week before they moved, while the moved the heavy stuff into the new place, and I hung out with J. My other niece K, was there, so that was fun. She is a few months older, and is a scream! She actually let me hold her twice!!! She is so sweet! Oh...and J is walking!

We had two long weekends in a row (3 for me, as I took Friday off), which were very nice. On Family Day long weekend, I didn't do a ton, as usual, but I tried to be semi-productive. I actually made some cookies that were delicious! They are breakfast cookies, and I would make them again, for sure! I will try to find the recipe and post it.

This last week was a tad stressful, but it got better as the week went on. There were issues with Anker getting his disability cheque, and then, someone bumped into my car. I had my brother stay overnight, which stressed me out a bit, but it went fine. Anker dealt with and got his cheque the next day (but they weren't able to direct deposit it, and our bank holds large cheques for a few days).

I am reading "The Librarian of Auschwitz", and it is ok (it is a true story), but so far, it hasn't grabbed me. I will probably continue to read it. I haven't read a ton of magazines lately (ok, I have read a few), and I watched a non-Hallmark movie a couple of weeks ago called Queen and Katwe. It was ok. It is based on a true story, which is pretty awesome.

Anker has been doing ok. He is knitting a sweater, and he is almost done. We do a few dates together, but nothing much. We DID go to my brother's for Family Day on Monday, and we watched The Incredibles 2. Anker and I went on a walk a few weeks ago. We went down to the river floor, which was really fun! The day was BEAUTIFUL, and I didn't even wear a coat (though I probably should have!), and I got in all my steps :) We also ran a few errands on another Saturday. We got stuff for his herb garden that he got for Christmas, and we checked out a newish store that neither of us had been to yet. We also went to/for coffee another day (Ok, that might have been before He still hasn't gone to church with me (ok, he went once or twice), but hopefully soon! He doesn't like going out when it is this cold (-5C and colder), as his hands get really cold, go white and he can't feel a thing. I think I am getting it, too. So, that's fun and special.

Our car has been making weird noises. Our mechanic didn't hear it, but he did find that the A/C pulley thing is gone, so there's that. We didn't think it was drivable, so Anker did amazing and took initiative, and called BCAA, etc. This also involved my getting rides to and from work. Usually, I am the one who deals with the car stuff. I am still driving in around the city...I am praying that it doesn't break down somewhere.

Valentine's Day was ok. I got some sweet (literally and figuratively!) gifts from the kids at school. It was also 100's Day, so it was a crazy, busy, but fun day! In the evening, we didn't do much, which was fine. I must be growing up, as it didn't bother me much at all. In the past, I would have gotten upset, or would have been sad. We didn't have any money, so I just grabbed McDs. and we ate together. The next day, I got paid, so we got Chinese food. Yum!

I am not sure if I posted this, but since we were away for Christmas (yep, gotta post about that, too!), any family who wanted to give us gifts were still at the ranch. Mom came in sometime in January, and we met up, and she gave me the gifts. I got some fun stuff :) I felt bad, as Anker didn't get as much as I did. I think Dad owes him some socks, though! Ok, I just checked, and I DID post this...but oh well.

I have had some visits with friends. I met my friend D at Starbucks last Friday. I also spent some time at The 'Bucks probably around the same time, and read, and hung out for a bit :) You see almost all the time I went to Starbucks on my IG page :) I actually sat OUTSIDE at Starbucks a few weeks ago. Yes, it was heaven!

A couple of Fridays ago, some of we co-workers went to the local pub for a birthday drink and snack for a couple of the teachers. We had a fun time, and then after that, I went to our church's volunteer appreciation dessert night (I sometimes do the slides at church), which was fun. I came home EXHAUSTED, but I didn't sleep well, which is weird.

Speaking of sleep, I am on sleeping meds. I hate that I have to take them, but I don't know what else to do. I have done the whole "sleepy hygiene" thing, and it hasn't helped. Ok, I could probably have done better at that, but I did try...for real. I try not to take them when I have to be up in the morning, but now it is getting to be at the point, which kind of scares me a bit. I will take Melatonin on the "off" days, which at least is natural.

Did I mention that our local library underwent some renovations? I am not 100% loving it, but I am 90%, and that is pretty much the same thing. Actually, it isn't bad, but there are some things that I don't like about it. Oh well :)

Today, I went to my brother and SILs for waffles and a visit. Anker didn't want to go, so I just went. I went to the library and then I went grocery shopping. Yes, I am wild. My other brother and his wife just got back from being in Mexico for three weeks, and brought us back vanilla and chocolate :)

We were going to get rid of Netflix, but we are going to keep it, and get rid of Crave. Honestly, Anker changes his mind more than I do!

Roll up the Rim is back at Tim Horton's :) I only bought one, and I won a coffee :) So, I guess you could say that batting 1-1!

I also made some Valentine's Day cookies with a friend the day before V-Day. They were very interesting cookies. I got them from Better Homes and Gardens, who got THEM from Molly Yeh. They turned out kind of weird...I might have messed them up...oh well.

A couple of weeks ago, our PAC gave us a lovely lunch!!! It was DEVINE!!!

I really don't know if I blogged about this, but I did go to the ranch a few weeks back. I had a lovely time, and it was great to spend it with family.

You can see all of my pictures of our/my adventures on myIG Page. I probably have have nearly 5000 posts, but I have deleted some old ones in the past (or ones that don't look good, the ones that don't have any "likes", etc).

So, there you have it! I think that is pretty much most of what we have been up to lately. Hope your new year is going well.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

A Day in the Life

I saw that a few people are doing a Day in the Life posts on their blogs, so I thought I would do one. I have done a few before...I know I did one in the summer, and one this time last year. The day that I chose to do it was on Tuesday, January 29. So, without further goes! Brace yourselves, was one EXCITING DAY...NOT!

7:05 AM: Wake up...I HAAATE mornings! To me, mornings shouldn't start until 9 am! Ha! I have 3 alarms set on my phone....6:30, 7, and 7:30. I try to wake up (meaning, look at my phone to start the wake up process) at around 7.

 7:05: I play on my apps to help me wake up. I know this isn't healthy, but it helps...really.
 I continue to check IG, FB, and I will usually check the weather.
 7:06: I read my Bible verse of/for the day.
 7:18: I chat with my sister, Vienna on What's App. We always have this continuing conversation going on. We never really say good bye :)
 7:25 AM: I get dressed...My order of what I do changes daily....but I think I got dressed first (probably after my morning bathroom/brush/pin my hair routine). I choose pants from Penningtons, and a blouse from I don't remember where!
 7:32 AM: I say good morning to Kitty. Calico knows our routine pretty well. She loves her pets! She gets  up on her cat stand in the morning (or whenever she needs) a pet.
 I also grab a coffee. Anker is amazing and making coffee for me (ok, us) in the morning. As much as I talk about Starbucks, I actually don't go there in the morning that often. I mostly get my morning Joe from our house. However....see, a few posts below.
 7:33 AM: I get my lunch together. I am terrible for not making it the night before. However, as this day, I have hot lunch at school, I only need to bring a snack, so it is minimal prep in that department. Also, I have no clue on how families get out in the morning (whether or not one or both work outside the home), as I can barely get myself up and out the door in time, let alone 1 or 2 more other humans.
 7:35 : I slap on some make up. (Please note, this was the last time that I actually have worn the stuff) I tend to rather sleep, then spend the extra few minutes it takes to put on make up. True story.
 Today, I put on Avon eyeliner and eye shadow, and Beautycounter mascara.
 7:44: Anker has been a dear, and started the car for me. I don't end up scraping the windows, b/c #lazylife.
 7:45: I leave a bit early. b/c I decide to go to Starbucks to grab some coffee for my teacher and I, because #coffeeislife.  I am listening to Chris Tomlin this morning, and I eat a banana on my way to work.
8:00: I grab us each a coffee. I get a white mocha.

8:15: I get to work, and I start on the prep for the day. We usually talk about our previous evenings (or weekends), and what the plan is for the day. I am so blessed to have worked with the same teacher for 3 years. We get each other :)
8:30-10:00: Work with the kids; Usually on Tuesdays, we do devotions, sing, and we work on spelling words and I work with some students on their printing.

10:05: Recess time :) I have carrots, pumpkin seeds, almonds and an orange. I just sit and relax and chat with my friends in the staff room.
10:25-12:00 : I switch to a different class for this block, and we do art. I say hi to the fishies as I pass by (our school is raising CoHo Salmon).
For the first period of art, the class has a popcorn party (they finally got enough points do what they wanted, and they wanted a popcorn party!)! I wasn't sad about it. For the second block of art, I am reunited with my class, and (I think!), we do some drawings based on Karla Gerard

12:00: Lunch. Twice a week, our school has "hot lunch", and I order it sometimes. Today, it is lunch from SeƱor Froggy. Yum!

12:30: The kids each lunch, and I do some notes, etc.
1:00: After lunch, the kids start in on a map of Canada.
I decide to do one, too :) The kids can't have all the fun :)

1:30-3:00: We finish up the school day. I think the kids did some quiet reading until 2:30, and then we   said good bye until tomorrow.

3:00-3:30: I help my teacher move some stuff around, so I don't leave school until about 3:30.

3:30-4:30: I run some errands. I get mad at the bank (long story), so I decide to forgo my library time, and I just come home.
4:45: I come home, and I decide to do dishes. Anker has already started dinner, so that makes me happy!
6:15: I figure out if I need to do laundry that evening, or if it can wait for another day or so. I find clothes that I can wear for work, so laundry gets delayed.
6:30: I make potatoes and veggies to go along with the chicken.
I even make sure that some gets put into my lunch for the next day! Go, me!
6:30: I sit with Anker, and I watch the news. I remember why I don't watch the news.
I also pretend this is wine.
I had hoped to get a post written out for mental health day, but I never did (as it is now Feb 17!).
7:00: I try to decide if I am going to back out to the library, or if I am going to stay home. I end up staying home and having a bubble bath, with an old issue of Guideposts.
8:00: I make some calls. I think I called my mom, my aunt, and my cousin. Just so I have (low) noise, I put on Friends that is on TV.
8:30: I hang out on social media, while I watch TV.
9:00: I continue to hang out on FB, etc, while I watch The Good Doctor.
I also end up listening to some amazing videos on You Tube, including ones from Zach Williams, and Lauren Dangle.

10:00-10:25 (approx). I get ready for bed, and set up FRIENDS, and and play on my phone as I go to sleep. Yes, I realize that I wake up and play on my phone, and play on my phone and go to sleep :) Bad habit, I know.
So, there you have it! It is also Feb 17...nearly a month since I documented it with pictures, and a few weeks since I started this post. I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my life. Oh, I should say that while I am at work, Anker hangs out at home; he knits, he does puzzles, and sometimes some projects. In the evening, he will watch tv in the living room, while I hang out in our bedroom. Yes, we are weird, but it the way we are, and we are (mostly) ok with it!

For other Day in the life posts, you can go herehere, and here.

TBBT Asks: What are Your Favourite Things/Must Haves?

I haven't done a TBBT Asks in FOREVER, so I thought I would quickly do one up :) I could have combined the last FoF and this one, but ...