Thursday, September 21, 2017

Christ for Mayor

We have a mayoral race happening in our town. One of the men who is running, is named Ken Christiansen (or is it Christian? I am not sure). Well, with elections, come the ever-so-lovely campaign signs popping up all over the city. One of his signs is positioned in such a way, that as you drive past it, all you can see is Christ for Mayor. Funnily enough, it is right near the Alliance church! I think it was a coincidence, but I think it's hilarious! I got to thinking, though...what WOULD it be like if Christ were mayor of a city? What would He do? What would be get rid of? Would He be a fun mayor? I think he would be fun, fair, but tough. I think A LOT less shenanigans would happen in our city, and more "real" work would get done. I would hope that He would do away with no paid parking! I think He would He would do away with all the grow-ops in town, and would probably decrease taxes. He would probably have a free restaurant or two for people who are down on their luck, or people who are having a tough time financially. He would probably have more programs for the homeless..heck, there probably wouldn't BE ANY homeless, b/c he would make sure that everyone had a home. Maybe there would be a larger food bank building. Or, maybe there would be a place where you could get free (or for very cheap) clothes, shoes, etc (a mix between a dollar store and a thrift store). Parks would be free of smoking and drinking (for real), and crazy shenanigans. Of course, there would be no bad people (ok, now I am really living in a fantasy world!), so no bad things would happen. All strip clubs and sleazy bars would cease to exist. Don't you love my city? I do!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Fires, and Floods, and Hurricanes, Oh My!

Name something that ISN'T happening right now...we have fires, we have floods, we have hurricanes, we have volcanoes (ok, those aren't IN the news per se, but I am sure they are happening), we have terrorists attacks, we have nuclear missiles being thrown, we have weird, crazy marches (I was going to do a blog post on this, I never got around to it) that give Christians and white people a bad name, we have gun shootings...earthquakes and tornadoes! Not to mention Human Trafficking, and Religious Persecution...and of course....the abuse/murder cases that flood our TV and phone screens. Have I left anything else out? Anyway, I know that because of Social media (and news in general) we are hearing more of these things happening. A friend of mine had this Jay Leno quote on her profile years back, and I really liked it...I went looking for it, b/c I think it rings very true.

 “With hurricanes, tornados, fires out of control, mud slides, flooding, severe thunderstorms tearing up the country from one end to another, and with the threat of bird flu and terrorist attacks, "Are we sure this is a good time to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance?” 
-- Jay Leno

So, the point in all this? Let's not take God out of our Daily Life! We NEED God more than ever!! Our world is HURTING for Jesus!!! How do we not get depressed, and just want to dig a hole, go to sleep and not wake up for days on end? Social media can be a good thing, but it can also be a depressing and hurtful tool. Sometimes, I just want to ignore it (and I do), and focus on the good. Because, let's face it, we NEED more good in this world!

Sometimes, life gets depressing...and those are when we turn FROM God (I am guilty of this), when, in reality, we need to turn TO God! We need to lean on Him, and trust that HE has everything in control. I am thankful that God already knows what is in store (for my life, and for the world). I am thankful that He has the world in His hands. The important thing to know is to be aware of what is going on (for the most I stated above...don't dwell too much on it), b/c it IS good to know what is going on in the world, and to pray, and see what you can do to help (if you can). Donate blood, food, house items, time, money...the list goes on. Do good in your own corner of the world (and Internet). Share a cup of coffee with a friend...look after their kids, help them move, open the door for someone, compliment a stranger's clothes, hair, accessories, etc. Smile at the bank teller or cashier. Do Good where and when you can :)

Friday, September 15, 2017

When Walmart Calls....

It is FRIDAY! AND PAYDAY! Can you tell I am excited?? I love my job, but I am SO happy that the weekend is here!!! I wish I could say that I have a full/productive weekend planned, but I do not. We might clean up the back yard..MAYBE! Yah, probably not. Ha! I should get our bedroom cleaned up, which was something that I had wanted to do all summer, but I didn't get to it. I don't mind doing our is kind of a fun thing that I like to.

Anyway...since it was Friday, and Pay Day, it called for a round of Caffeinated drinks!! I bought for my teacher, and my supervisor. I had a Salted Caramel Mocha half sweet. Yum. I decided that I would go up to Walmart to get a few things..(the essentials, like Magazines!) After work, I went to the library, where I ran into my SIL, and we visited for a few minutes. After I got all the magazines, read one that I needed to return, and wandered around enough times, I went up to Walmart (for those in the States, Walmart is to your Target...we do not have Targets in Canada anymore...SADNESS!). There is just something about wandering aimlessly around WM that does a soul good, am I right? I actually DID get some groceries, some underwear, and a top...AND...miracle of miracles, I DID NOT succumb to getting my 3 mags for $10. Go me! I didn't even go down the make up aisles, as I tend to do. I may or may not have bought Krispy Kreme donuts from the Jr, Lions outside. After said WM trip, I grabbed Chinese food, and headed on home. We watched the last of the news together, before I came in our room and I am now just hanging out. Wild Friday night, it is!! We like to live on the wild side!!

One thing from this week that I forgot to put on my FOF post was that the BC NDP Government has made a couple of improvements to PWD. We will now get $100 more a month, and they also have raised the amount of money that we are (or in this case..I am) allowed to make (over and above the $1,000 per month) over the course of the year, before they cut him off. Yay!!! We are very happy with this change.

That was all that I came on here to are free to go back to your Friday night!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Cold Brew, Chocolate Croissant, and Magazines

For me, my down usually happens at Starbucks. And the library. And in our bedroom alone (with him watching TV in the living, and me watching tv, etc in our bedroom). And in the park. You get the idea. I NEED my downtime!! So, I have been SORT OF good at not going to Starbucks the last month..I haven't been perfect, but better than before. Well, today I went after school, b/c you, know..#grade2ishard!! I have a star dash that says I have to get a cold brew, a caramel macchiato, and an iced tea/lemonade, and I get an extra 100 stars! I tried the vanilla cream cold brew, and it was ok, but not great. I actually will end up drinking it tomorrow mixed with regular coffee, and some creamer from the ID. The chocolate croissant, however, was DELISH!

Five on Friday

I am getting a head start and am doing this on Thursday! Shocking, I know! It has bit a bit of an eventful week for me. I ended up falling and slipping in some water at school. So, I am limping around with a sore knee. I am thankful that the children who saw didn't laugh. LOL. Fall is coming, y'all! I normally wouldn't want it to come so fast, but I am suddenly looking forward to it!!! Bring on the cozy nights at home (not that I don't already spend the evenings at home, b/c, HELLO, laziness!!)! Seriously, I am kind of looking forward to it. I wore pants for there first time in AGES (despite my should have worn pants when I went to my parents' back in August) today (and cute socks, too!), and I wasn't even that hot. It has been cooler in the mornings...and sometimes, even at night when we go to bed. I guess it really IS coming, then!

This first full week of school has been kicking my butt! I am VERY MUCH looking forward to 3pm tomorrow!! That being said, though, I am happy to report that things have gone very well, and I am so happy and blessed. I love the grade 2 class. They are all so sweet, and always have hilarious things to say!!

Here I am icing me knee today (yes, it might have been JUST for the picture, but I did have it on ice all last night..for real).

So, here are the 5 things from this wk!

1) A Lazy Sunday Afternoon:

On Sunday, I didn't go to church, as I slept in (oops!). Anker and I watched some of the Hurricane Irma footage on TV, then I did some relaxing in our room, and then I sat outside for a couple of hours. I read magazines, and drank ice tea, and ate carrots and cookies.

2a) Walk:

I had a very long over due walk on Tuesday! I didn't walk nearly as much as I should have this summer. I had to MAKE myself go out, and I am so glad I did!

2b) Rain:

We had a good few minute rain 3 nights ago! We have had some rain before, but it would only be a sprinkle (or maybe a light rain). I wish it had rained all night, but we are happy that it came at all.

3) Dinner

Who needs dinner out when you have a husband willing to make it at home? He made chicken breasts, rice and broccoli last night, and even though the chicken was tough (not really his fault), it was still very good.

4) Cheap Coffee Maker

Our coffee maker has been leaking for ages! It really started leaking a couple of weeks ago, and Anker tried to fix it, but it still continued to leak. So, I went online to see if there were any in the bidding groups...and I "won" a coffee maker for $5 last wknd, and I picked it up on Monday. We love it...!!! The best $5 I had spent in awhile!!!

5) The Garden That Never Ends

Our garden is pretty much done, BUT there are still some veggies that keep coming!!! Anyone want any beets/carrots?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday (Well, Wednesday!): Show us What's in Your Handbag/Purse?

This week I am linking with Andrea for this weeks Show and Tell Thursday. Now, I am going to just say up front that I am in now way a fashionable person. In fact, I can sometimes say that I can be a bit frumpy. I don't wear make up all the time, and I rarely buy brand name items. That can be the same for my purse/handbag. I am so not trendy. But I do try to find purses that work for me, and that get my stuff from point A to point B.

Here is my purse:

 Here is what's IN my purse!

I was going to dump it ALL on the bed, but I didn't feel like it, so I will just show you a bit of it, and I will tell you the rest.

Here goes:

Tupperware Planner, small calendar, Thieves, our local Transit schedule, pads (cause, you never know!), Ibuprofen, work ID, key and FOB, (usually) my cell phone, tissues, sun screen, a couple of lipsticks/glosses, wallet (THAT'S a whole other blog post!), business cards, candies, gum, deodorant, pens, hand sanitizer, my blood glucose meter. a slap on the wrist thing, bobby pins, small knife, hand lotion, mascara, two scratch ticket scratchy things, house key, elastic hair band, eye glass screwdriver,  socks, napkins, house key, lip balm, a to- go stain tube, about 4 tubes of chapstick, about 3 pairs of sunglasses, and I think that's all :) I might take a picture of EVERYTHING later tonight (It is now Thursday)! Wasn't that exciting? Yah, I thought so, too!!! And yes, I DO clean out my purse on occasion!!!
I think I missed a few things...sunglasses, fidget cube, mirror, birth certificate, business cards, and loyalty cards.
 Here is my post from about what was in my bag last year. I am pretty sure that I have a few of the same things still in there!

Five on Friday - First Week of School Edition

Yes, it's now Wednesday, and I am just now getting to write about LAST

1) Back to School Picture

I don't have children, but I took a picture of myself going back to school...because, you know..#blogginggoals.

2) An Awesome Class

I love the class this year! They are all SO sweet!!

3) Mid-Week Waffles

Who says that waffles have to be only on weekends? Anker had made waffles the weekend before, and I woke up craving them, so I had them with peaches, bananas, and Greek yogurt. Yum!

4) An Amazing Teacher

I work with an AMAZING TEACHER! She is so sweet and patient with the kids AND me!!! She is super caring and kind. She brought me a PSL on Friday!

5) Friday Coffee With Friends

Two of my co-workers and I went for coffee on Friday after school. I had the SCM, and it was SO GOOD!!

Sorry so late, but I (and so can you) still link up!!