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A Day in The Life (Quarantine/Spring Break Edition)

Happy Tuesday! I thought I would do a Day in the Life blog, but give it a a bit of a twist: Quarantine/Spring Break Edition. It will be EPIC, so hang on to your hats, kids!! I am in the second week of our regularly scheduled Spring Break, all while being quarantined (#stayhomecanada( times!

9:24-Wake Up, check my phone/Insta/News reports/CoVid Reports (I don't actually see the amount of new cases in the morning)/FB/VOD from my Bible App. I forgot to take a picture, but you can trust me that I did wake up then :)

9:30-Wash face/brush teeth/hair. I try to locate a missing toothpaste tube; start new toothpaste tube.

9:45-Get breakfast and cold coffee (still leftover from yesterday). I make a muesli with yogurt and granola.

9:50-Take breakfast into our bedroom; I start watching my shows that I am behind on; Grey's to start. I start out by bringing up blog, and looking at the posts that I want to write/publish.

9:58-I dump out my books and magazines, settle in on our…
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I spent some time today after my appointment wandering around downtown and looking through stores. I hadn't been to in years (The Golden Buddha [which I don't necessarily endorse], and Castles and Cottages and the other two (Jardine's Domaine & Desert Rain Giftware) I hadn't been to before! It was so fun to not really have a schedule. Yes, I spend a lot of my time wandering around stores, but I usually just got the dollar store, grocery store, and sometimes, our local thrift store. Of course, the stores I went to to today were much too much expensive, but it was fun to wander around. #shoplocal
 JD was opened in 1944 as a hardware store, then it morphed into a sports store. Then, a couple of local people went in together to buy in 2008, and the sports section is up at SunPeaks, and Anthony  (I follow him on IG, so clearly, we are friends!!), and his business partner turned it into a more upscale fashion boutique.
This store is owned by a family in our school, and I…