***Please note that this involves talking about intimate health details; if this is not your cup of tea, then I would suggest you move on by!!***

***Please ALSO note that this is not a sponsored post. This is just something that I have been wanting to write about for awhile, and I MIGHT have some sort of cure to/for this***

K, so the first tiny part was written who knows when....I have since discovered no cure yet...:(

For quite sometime now, I have suffered from Bacterial Vaginosis, or BV. It has a range of different symptoms; anywhere from a horrid smell, to itchiness, to burning when you pee, to discharge...well, you get the idea. I don't know on how long I have had it for. I have had the smell for YEARS. I think I naturally just have that sort of smell, but I also know that I also suffer from BV. My symptoms are the smell, discharge, and itchiness (though I could have reoccurring yeast infections). I have been on a round or two of antibiotics, but it always comes back. I have …

Five on Friday

I haven't felt the need to blog much lately, beyond doing the odd FOF post. I hope that with the 2 week Spring Break, I will be able to hammer out a few posts. Here are some of my favourites from this last week:

1) Hello, 2 Week Spring Break!!! I am SO excited and SO ready!!!! I cannot wait...and HELLO...we actually HAVE spring-like weather now!!

2) I made my first ever Instagram/InstaStory today! I kind of like it, but it is a bit annoying; having to do it in increments. I do kind of like the idea of, though. Head on over to my IG Account to take a look and check it out!

3) Remember the my blogging about the phone charger for the car that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago? Well, it didn't work. So, I took it back, and prior to that I bought two cheapos from the dollar store. So far, so good! I hope they last longer than the ear buds that I got a month or so ago. I used them a few times, and one of the ear buds stopped working. Thankfully, I had kept the other set who's …

Five on Friday

I am going to make this quick, since it is nearly midnight, and I have spent who knows on long blogging my last post.

1) Red Shirt

I bought this shirt a couple of weeks ago, and I really love it. It was only $15 at Wal-Mart. I love that it is light, and that it covers my butt, and that it is also a shirt that I can wear to work. I don't have to wear a camisole with it, but I will sometimes, just for extra warmth.

2) Big Bang

I FINALLY found the 10th season of TBBT at (where else?) Wal-Mart. I have been looking for it for ages, and they FINALLY had it!

3) Car Charger

I have been wanting to get a phone charger for our car, since my phone is a such a battery suck. I got one at (you guessed it!) WM the other night.

4) New Mascara

I didn't really need new mascara, since I only wear it on a semi-rare occasion, but I was wanting to buy some sort of make up, and I feel that I could only really justify my buying mascara. And it was in a pink tube! So, I couldn't resist it. I haven&…

Random/Useless Info

Just a few random things before I get into this week's FOF:

I am back into watching Mike and Molly again. It has started to grow on me :) I decided to give on 9-1-1. At least for now. I couldn't get in to it, plus, I didn't have all the episodes, and I don't know where to watch the first few. I might try to pick it up in the summer.

I was very sad to hear of Rev. Billy Graham's passing over a week ago. He was a great man of God, and he has gone to his reward. I grew up watching him on TV, and he had such simple, but powerful sermons. I got a couple of books from the library about him (one that he has written), and I will probably read through them. I think my parents have his autobiography, which I will probably see if I can borrow to look through.

I was having "lady issues" (which I may or may not blog about in the next while), and I went to my doctor, who gave me provera. I had to take a day off over that. Suffice it to say, that I will no longer be nee…

S'well Bottle (My Review)

*****This is in no way a compensated review. I just wanted to give my own personal review of this product that I have been wondering about for so long*****

For a year (well, maybe less) now, I have been seen all these S'Well Bottles wherever I went, and I wondered what was so good about them. I mean, I can buy a $1 water bottle from the dollar store, or I can use my Tupperware bottle, so why are these so good? Well, I was asking about them in the staff room just after Christmas (because everyone has one...even the kids!), and they said that they are good b/c they keep hot beverages hot for 24 hours, and cold beverages cold for 12 hours. Well, a day or later, one of the teachers gave me one! I didn't use it for awhile, b/c, quite frankly, I forgot about it. I have used it a few times now, and I can say that although I don't LOVE it (more about that in a minute), I am very glad that I have one. First, the PROS: Water really DOES stay cold for hours on end. I haven't used…

Family Day Weekend Wrap Up

Yes, I am writing about last weekend. Just go with it! I read today that the province of BC will move FD to the third Monday in February. Yay! The rest of Canada celebrates FD (or another holiday) on that day, so it only makes sense to have it line up with that. Also, most of the US celebrate Presidents Day on that day, so it helps with cross-border holidays, shopping, etc. I am very happy! I always wondered why we had on a separate wknd (not that I am complaining..a 3 day wknd is a 3 day wknd...I am always happy when I get an extra day off!) from the rest of Canada/US. Oh yah...for those of you think that the newspaper is dead..think again..I read that in the newspaper...I do read them from time to time :) on to last wknd:

Friday, my friend asked if I could drive her home "up the hill", and she promised me a coffee if I did...and of course, who was I to say no? We went to Starbucks, and we talked for two hours! Then I went to Wal-Mart to grab a few things, and I went…

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I am at home with a cold today. This is my 3rd or 4th cold of the school year. Ugh! I am not amused. Anyway....I could have pushed myself to go in today, but I decided to be kind to myself (and others), and stay home.

1) We are Medaling/Google Doodle

Canada now has 13 medals!!! I am so proud! I am not watching as much Olympics as I normally do...I am watching a lot of shows right now, but I am watching a fair amount, and I am getting the updates via the news, and my Olympic App. I may or may not be happy that we are the 4th leading country to have the most medals...behind Old US of A :) PS...does anyone else like saying Pyeongchang like me? I am LOVING Good Doodle's Daily Doodle (or whatever you call it) that they are doing every day for the Olympics. Check them out! The doodles are so cute!!!

2) Workout:

I worked out two days in a row this week. I am so proud of myself! I went on Monday (Family Day) with a  friend, and I did an hour work out...and the same friend an…