Monday, January 17, 2022


 Well, it is a new year...but it is the same me...b/c I am honest, like that. Another year gone. I didn't lose a bunch of weight. I didn't have a baby. We didn't take a trip (did anyone??). I didn't buy this, or buy that. We didn't move anywhere (exciting, or not). I didn't do a major renovation. I didn't do a major make over. I didn't do a major project; start a foundation (more on that later), read a bunch of books (thought provoking, or otherwise). I didn't do any earth-shattering marathons or sprints. I didn't make a bunch of money from an invention or from social media (though I am still I don't even know if I grew spiritually or intellectually, or if I found out more about myself.

I did find the guts and courage to leave a job that wasn't good for me. I did spend time with family. I/we made memories. I lived up to my "word of the year" (which, I never did write about, but I might talk about that later). I did start in Direct Sales business..I made new friends, and I caught up with "old" ones. I got to take ONE trip to Calgary (ok, so I DID travel...ONCE :)). I spent time reflecting. I spent time wondering what I wanted to do with my life; where/what my next step should be. 

Because life isn't not measured in (nor is about): how much we buy, do, travel, earn, fashion, hair, our spouse, our looks, our kids (whether we have them, or not...or what are kids are good at/doing, etc), houses (renovations, new, etc), the car we drive, the books we read (though books can help us in different areas in life), our looks (makeup, weight, etc), our accomplishments (sports, talents), nor our perfect curated social media feeds (don't EVEN get me started on that!!!), nor how "Christian" or "spiritual" we are.

Life IS measured in: how much we love and serve others/God, our memories we make (with others and with ourselves), kindness shown to others and ourselves, learning/trying new things (even if we're bad at it!), embracing change, listening to others (and ourselves!), learning from our mistakes, and how we handle what life brings us. 

I am not perfect. My husband isn't perfect. We are not picture perfect, and neither is our place. We don't have the newest gadget (except for maybe phones!), we don't constantly buy things (other than regular life things...and coffee/magazines for for our house; we don't have the newest and best clothes and accessories, we don't go out and eat the nicest restuarants, and we certainly don't travel to far off and exotic places (or even places within BC/Canada!). 

We have a small place. We have a car. We have a kitty. We have nieces and nephews. We are close to our siblings, and my parents. We have clothes. We have food. We have furniture. We have a TV (and Cable and Streaming services); we have movies. I love that we can get almost anything from our local library; so DVDs/books/mags can be borrowed from there. We have our health (yes, we have a lot of health issues, but on the whole, we are doing fairly well, health-wise). We have heat. We have water. We have A/C in the summer when we need it. God has been taking care of us; even when we don't see it at the time. We have each other. We have Jesus. 

I think you catch my drift. 

Oh, and my words for the year: intention(al), purpose, and joy. I will talk about those hopefully in another post..and soon..(well, a girl can dream, right?)!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Fall Favourites

Well, well...Yes, I am still alive :) It has been ANOTHER hot minute since I have posted...I have thought about getting rid of the old blog, but I do like writing, so I just carry on :)

I have been buying various things....but I also have had a fair bit of self control. Why, just today, I was at Walmart, and I put $30 of stuff back :) Today, I bought new PJ bottoms, a body pillow (more on pillows in a bit), a pack of underwear,  a set of PJs each for the boys, groceries, and a few other boring essentials :)

Pumpkin spice is back, and I am here for it :) I actually had a pumpkin spice hot chocolate half sweet, and it was really good.

I house sat for my brother and his wife while they went out East. I had a fun time :) A house and tv all to myself. Don't mind if I do.

Good Tv is back :) Because, clearly, I don't watch enough :) TIU is coming back in January. I actually binge-watched (two different times) the last few episodes of The Resident from last season before the current season started. Also..why are all my favourite actors/characters leaving their shows??? I was NOT happy that Nick died! Fun fact..Emily Van Camp is a Canadian girl!!!

Speaking of TV, I keep forgetting that CITYTV (on Demand) has a million Hallmark movies (Christmas, etc). I keep forgetting!! They even have more than the W Network on Demand section does. Of course, I watched some Rom Com (Hallmark and Hallmark-ish) movies on Netflix while I was house sitting :) Yes, we have NF at home, but I usually have a bunch of other shows to watch. Countdown to Christmas is starting on W Network starting this Friday, and I am here for it! I have been watching Christmas movies all year (off and on), so I really have had the Christmas feeling all year long!

I got a new phone a few weeks ago, and it had Spotify on it, so I finally decided to try it the other day, I am in LOVE! And, it seems that I have a free trial with NO ADS, so I am pumped!!! I have been listening to it at night instead of watching/listening to movies and shows on my laptop. It also has podcasts, and you can make up (or find) play lists. I love that you can have it playing on my phone while I am still doing other things on my phone :) Not sure if it will stay that way after my free trial w/ no ads is over. I also have signed onto YT Music, which to me, looks similar to Spotify. My phone also has Netflix on it, so I might try that as well. And, yes, I (mostly) love my new phone. Did you know that it costs over $100 to get extra stuff for said phone? Screen protector, phone protector (I got two b.c the first one is super heavy), Popsocket, and a decent length cord! Actually, that was how I got my new phone in the first place...I went to get a new cord, as the old one was bending...and I left with a new phone. I have a new Samsung A32. Other than the screen flickering every once in awhile, I don't mind it :)

I went walking on a new (to me) "trail" a couple of weeks ago. It is btwn the two parks downtown, and it was so pretty and fun :)

My brother and H came home early (before K and J) from their trip, and he wanted me to hang out with him (H) while he was working (my bro). I took him to the new playground at a local park. We went there, only to find 5000000 kids on it...soooo..He and some friends he met ended up playing in the soccer field for an hour while I read :) He then asked to go mini-golfing (the park used to have a paying mini golf a few years ago, but that closed 5 or so years back. Since then, people have just gone there for free. A year or so ago, someone left some golf clubs and balls there for people to use...). At first I didn't want to go, then I said yes, and we had a fun time. 

Back to buying things..I bought a wok a month or so did I manage without one before now? I love it! I bought one at Bianca Amore for cheap, and I don't know why I didn't buy one before. And, while we are on the subject of buying things....why do people feel the need to buy #allthethings? I feel like people buy things just to buy things. My blog feed and IG stories are full of "I bought this, and this, and use this code, blah, blah, blah". I am telling you...the world feels like they need to get the next cool thing, and I am not buying (see what I did there?) into it.

Thanksgiving was just Anker and I this year. We cooked a small dinner at my brother's house. We watched some Murdoch Mysteries and it was nice to spend time together (alone..not at our house).

I went to the ranch for 28 hours last week. They have the cutest new puppy!! I ended up leaving my laptop at my parents'. They ended up bringing it back on their way back from Alberta. I was VERY happy to see it :) track pad seems to have started working after a year or so of it not working (my brother in law and I disabled it, and I have been using a mouse since). I am super pumped that it is working! We only found out about it b/c I was showing Anker something, and he said that he was able to scroll without my bringing him the mouse :)

A couple of weeks ago, I thought that it would be a great idea to wash some pillows in the bathtub. Yah, no...let me tell you, that that is not the best way to wash pillows :) His was so awful that I just ended up throwing it out. As for mine, took over a week for it it to dry (outside), and Mom was saying that it is probably still not fully dry, nor it will it be...hence it will be growing mould and mildew. I LOVE my pillow....sigh...I really hate to throw it is just the right fluffy-ness. I did get Anker a new pillow from Jysk, and I also bought another one for extra support, or to cuddle up against, and they seem ok :)

I tried out some Snapple Spiked Iced Tea (peach), and Mike's Hard Lemonade, and they were both good! I don't think I would get the spiked iced tea again, but the lemonade was yum!

I have to try and behave regarding my far, I am not doing so well in that department. Sigh....:) I also have a 24 hour BP monitoring appt the end of next month. I hate having these medical issues.

How did you survive the #greatfacebookoutage2021? Did you survive? I heard today that FB is going to rebrand itself....whatever that means!

We have been having some dinners out/in lately. It was Anker's bday on Friday, so on the way home, brought home Señor Froggy, and I got a key lime pie from M&M Food Market, and everything was so good. I love SF's fish tacos :) We got dinner tonight from Mary Brown's Chicken, and it was delicious!

I seem to be collecting an insane amount reusable bags, and dish clothes and towels...oh, and socks :)

I am definitely going through pre/peri system is so out of whack, and I have not been sleeping well at night....sometimes, I won't fall asleep until 1 or 2, or even 3 in the morning...or, I will wake up (as I did last night), and be awake for an hour. I think I might need to have this figured out.

I did end up getting the VX...I still don't know if it was the right thing to do, but we did both end up getting it done. I wish I hadn't taken the one I had....sigh...I feel that you are darned if you do, and you are darned if you don't :) I just prayed the blood of Jesus over us, and we thankfully are still alive :) I might not get the second, and I might not even get the VPP, but we will see how long I hold off on doing that. I am hoping that in a few months, we won't have to show it for things like inside dining, movies, etc. I think people are starting to question things, which is great :)

Anker had cleaned up the spare bedroom and a couple of shelves for my side biz, but he has cluttered it up again...but, the shelves are still free :)

There have been a bunch of amazing songs that I have found and loved lately...."I Believe", "Jireh" "Battle Belongs", "Reason to Praise", "Robe and Ring", "House and a new one (to me), called "There was Jesus". "House of Miracles", among a few others :)

We had Canada's first ever "National Day for Truth and Reconciliation" on September 30th. And where was our lovely PM? On vacation in Tofino. Fine..go on vacation...then attend a ceremony while there....yes, he did something (apparently) the day before...I think it was in person, but still...not cool, IMHO...He FINALLY visited here..just two days ago....nearly a month later...and he really should have visited here back in the summer, when the bodies were found....he said all the right things....:) I hope that Chief and Elders will hold him accountable for his "promises". Please note that while I don't agree with most of the First Nation's spiritual beliefs, I DO believe that they should receive retribution, healing, and we should be able to live, work, play along side each other :) For more on this link from Global News for the their report on what happened! Anyway...I watched some shows what happened (I have a few more to watch...also...a movie called "Indian Horse" aired on APTN (along with some other movies...I might even start checking more shows out on that channel), along with it being on NF (even though the movie is older, it got released as soon as #215 was discovered), and I want to watch it...but in all honesty, I am scared to. Mom said that it was good, though..and not too gross. She is pretty sensitive to those things, and she was able to watch it. I tried to watch a documentary (drama??) about a woman who was sent to a Residential "school", and could only get through 5 minutes of it, as the the little who played the lady that was narrating just gutted me. I will try and watch it in the daytime :) On a little side note.....over the years, Mom said that she thought that there were children buried on the "school's" grounds that either no one was to know about, or that were "unclaimed"(a lot of the parents were told that their kids had "run away"),  and I always said, "yah, Mom. Whatever". Turns out that her feeling was (sadly) correct. There were children that who died "legitimately" (if you can call it that), that were recorded and buried (or sent home to their families, I am assuming).

This is what I wrote on Facebook for Kanata's first ever National Day for Truth and Reconciliation: 

Today was Kanata's First Truth and Reconciliation Day/National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. I wore my Orange Shirt, I spent a bit of time on National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation's FB and YT page..I watched (they had over an hour show) Phyllis Webstad - Beyond the Orange Shirt Story, and her Aunty Agnes on their experiences in/of the Indian Residential Schools....I have that book on hold at the library....I also watched APTN and CBC had a really good Educational Program of many different facets of First Nation Peoples telling their stories (songs, stories, short movie clips). I didn't finish it (I recorded it), and I will watch it tomorrow...I have a few more shows on both Networks that I recorded, and I can't wait to watch them. I think I will be watching more shows and movies from these two networks more often. I think we need to watch/read/listen to these stories ALL.THE.TIME; not just on certain days of the year. I think I learned that we need to watch/learn/listen/read/ much more than I do now. We still have much to learn. I still have much to learn. This needs to be ingrained in us; these stories need to be passed down to the next generations.....EVERYONE from every race needs to learn and grow from these stories. As a Christian (and please, I am not being trite or blase about this...I have thought about this a lot...I don't have the answer, which is why I bring this up), I wonder how we can incorporate their cultures/practices and Jesus together?? It needs to be said that from a Christian, we need to acknowledge that this happened; take responsibility for it (No, it wasn't "our church" that did this, but it was the {Catholic/Anglican} Church that did this); apologize and tell them that this was in in NO WAY OKAY for this happen "in the name if the Church". God was horrified by what He saw. He was weeping. The God they talked about is not the God I serve today. I am actually embarrassed to "be any part of" what happened. We PRAY for our First Nations Brothers and Sisters; they have been through trauma that NO ONE will ever know, and yes, it has been passed down. Intergenerational Trauma is REAL (no matter what the trauma is). This "stuff" did not happen years ago. This happened up until 1997!!!! Systemic racism is still happening today. We need to also find ways to not only learn about their culture, and acknowledge what happened; from them being driven away by Settlers, to the horrors that were the "schools", but we also need to work TOGETHER to live, learn, play, sing, pray, dance, work in UNITY!!!! God is into restoring lives and trauma. As Christians, we need to come along side of our First Nations Brothers and Sisters, and learn with and love them. Let them heal in their own way(s). Let them talk, We need to listen and learn. And, ever so gently, especially if they are seeking (asking); point them to the One who loves them most. The Creator that made the birds, air, sky, see, animals? He loves your more than you will ever know. He is more than the Creator; so much more! I am a 4th generation European Settler, I am humbled and thankful to be living in T'kemlups, which lies in the unceeded Territory of the Secwépemc First Nation

I am going to Calgary with my mom and dad next week to pick up my sister, and I cannot wait! Three years is way too long!!!

I went to my (almost!) first in house gathering (other than with family, and my "old ladies' group") since C started. We had a Friendsgiving, and it was very nice, but man, was I ready to leave at 2. Socializing is exhausting! I was more than happy to get back to my own company :) But, it WAS nice to be with people (inside a house) again.

Well, I think that pretty much covers most of the interesting things that have been happening since I last posted :) Hehe :) I know that there have been less interesting things, but A) I don't remember, and B), I don't think anyone would care if I posted about them here :)

Monday, September 6, 2021

Hello? Is This Thing On?

 Hi, Friends! It has been a HOT minute since I wrote in this space. To be honest, I haven't REALLY been feeling like blogging lately. I feel like I can't "compete" wth all of the other popular bloggers out there, so I wonder, "why bother?". But I like blogging, and I think the 3 people who read my blog do to, too, sooooo :) Just like an unpopular kid at school, I feel like my blog isn't as cool as others', and I know I don't have the audience like the "cool" bloggers have. I enjoy writing about the good and the hard stuff. I also like to look back and see what happened; yes, I do have IG and FB, and I do journal, but there is something about seeing it up in the blogging world that is kind of cool. I feel that I have to have one post per subject/activity, and I know that isn't the case. As is the term now..."you do you"; in other words, I can do whatever the heck I want in this space, and no one really cares!

See? I can't even finish a post about NOT BLOGGING?? Who am I and, what is this life? :) I will often to go other blogs that I follow for inspiration, and even that hasn't got me blogging :) I will sometimes even go to my blogging groups on FB....still, no inspo. I know people who used to blog who no longer do..I have read that blogging is now considered "old", and "outdated". But then, I hop on to the blog verse (Bloggerverse??), and I see a bunch of updates from the MANY blogs that I follow :) 

It is Labour Day today, and I am here for it! I am watching a Hallmark movie, eating pie, and drinking coffee, and stayed in my PJs until 1:30. What can I say? I am living the Unemployment Life, and I am not sad or mad about it :)

How is it that it is SEPTEMBER already??? Three months until Christmas!!! Yes, I still have my tree up :) And yes, I am still watching Christmas movies (on NF and on TV). It has been cooling off here lately. I love that fall feel/vibe and smell :) The leaves will soon start turning and falling. I feel that we have a lot of leaves falling all year round. Anyone else?

So...what did I do this summer? Umm...LOTS! Babysat, house/animal sat, swam, got new glasses, watched tv, read (books and mags), had coffee (with friends and alone), shopped, saw family (from Van I), I had a few ranch getaways, did some respite for a friend, job searched, job interviewed, ate ice cream, spent some time at a creek at my parents', spent time with friends, hiked/walked, drank lots of coffee/fun drinks and SOME adult bevies, baked/cooked, spent more time than I should have social media, joined a direct marketing business, had a couple of of day trips with friends, got a new nurse practitioner after not having a doctor for two years, got a new phone, spent time with my nephews, slept lots, tried to figure out what to do with my life, had some ideas; then after awhile, they didn't seem so good, had some lake/beach time (but very little this year), got smoked out, melted at 10000000 degrees, Anker and I got some medical tests done, got anxious about the surrounding fires, got anxious about CVD, and what is going on in various parts of the world; #mutedandlistened, made new friends, and probably a lot more that I forgot :) 

All in all, it was an OK summer...there were some fun things that I did, f or sure....but I was thinking that I did not have a lot of beach time at all. I usually have some #swiminsun time at our local beach, but btwn my being away, it being a million degrees, and the smoke, I never got to our local beach ONCE! I went to one with a friend awhile back, but it was very windy, so I only went in the water once, and it was so cold when I got out, that I/we never went back in. I didn't even ended up lazing in my friend's pool like I have been doing the last few years. Btwn she and I being busy, the smoke, and other things, it didn't work out :( I did some reading in our back yard, which was nice. 

Speaking of yards, Anker didn't grow up much a garden this year, and hasn't been as present with the yard as he usually is. It kind of makes me said; as we have a lovely little yard, but he hasn't seemed to want to mow it like he usually does. He has been gaming a lot the last while, but on a good note, he hasn't bought much on Bang Good, or eBay in the last few months, so that is good :) I have been that one that has bought things that I probably shouldn't have got (and some things that I did "need").

Well, I think that is about all for now :) How was your summer?

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Canada Day/Indigenous Day of Mourning 2021

I struggled with what to say (if anything) today; Canada Day 2021. I saw this on our Church's chat page, and I loved it, asked to share it to my page, and they said I could, as they had copied it from somewhere themselves.....This. Absolutely 110% Yes to this.

Happy Canada Day.Today we celebrate our country.
153 years old
She's not perfect.
She has secrets.
Secrets that have literally been unearthed in the discovery of the remains of thousands of indiginous children.
Children whose voices and identities were silenced and then forgotten. It's not the only secret in the history of our country. There are others, and there will be more.
More than ever, It feels like the shine in her motto "from Sea to shining Sea" has lost its gleam.
So what should we do?
Cancel Canada Day?
Stop standing on Guard for her?
May I suggest another option?
Instead of cancelling her we must, more than ever, celebrate her.
That's what exposes the stains that hide behind our Maple Leaf.
Love for people.
Love for countty.
Love for God.
That's the posture that keeps a country accountable and free. It causes us to rise in the face of evil and stand against the reality of injustice.
This is why we must celebrate, not cancel.
To cancel is to diminish the freedom that was fought for so that evil could be exposed.
Canceling Canada Day mutes the voices of those who gave their lives for our freedom. It diminishes their sacrifice and demeans the democracy that established the laws to expose and punish the evil deeds amongst us.
Free to confront.
Free to grieve.
Free to take a stand.
Free to question.
Free to investigate.
Free to hold accountable.
Thats the goal.
It's what we pray for.
It's what many died for!
God, heal our Nation.
Redeem the lost.
Restore the broken
Reconcile the hurting.
Shine Canada, Shine!!
When we cancel we no longer shine.
We blend in with the darkness.
And when we lose our shine we don't see injustice. Nothing changes.
We need to shine.
We have to shine.
May we be a light in the darkness.
Shine, Canada, shine!
We "Stand on guard" celebrating the gift that Canada is, from "Sea to shining Sea" so that evil is exposed, justice is served and freedom reigns.
Which is always worth celebrating.
Happy Canada Day.

This is what I echoed/responded/replied to on my FB page...

This (above) was copied from my Lighthouse Christian Fellowship chat, and I asked to share it...they said that they copied it, so I don't know who said this, but I believe in this 110%!!! I struggled what to say today, regarding our country, and I think this sums it up well. Our country is not perfect, but neither are well. Our country has secrets, so do we all. Our country has made terrible, awful mistakes, and so have (and are) doing so. Yet, what do we do each year? We celebrate our birthdays. What happens when we make matter how big or small? We have to face and pay the consequences. It is not easy being a country. It is not easy being ourselves. We make mistakes. We tear down people, we often do injustices. We need (or should) to apologize. Canada has done all of these things, and so much more. But guess what? Canada is not perfect, yet we still celebrate her. We still need to support her. Just as when we humans make mistakes. What happens? Family and friends rally around and support us. No matter how big or small, our family/friends come out and support and to help us heal. We (people) hopefully learn from our mistakes, find how what we did wrong, and try to make it better, and hopefully, never do that mistake again. It does not good to "cancel" (abandon) our family/friends when they do something wrong. Yes, we may have to distance ourselves for awhile (and we might even should), but hopefully, in time, we back to our injured family/friend and pick them up when they fall. Yes, the Church (Anglican/Catholic) needs to apologize (++++++++), and face the consequences of their actions. We, as settlers need to help them heal (it may look different to each person), and to come along side them; to learn, listen, and research. Today, I am wearing a rusty orange red top (my only other orange top is in the laundry). I will do some research, and will celebrate quietly (there isn't anything happening in town, anyway!), and I will pray for forgiveness of behalf of what the "church" and government did to our Indigenous Brothers and Sisters. Now is not the time to cancel (abandon) our country. We need to come and along side our Indigenous Family and Friends; we need to learn and grow from the mistakes our country has made. With every news article that I read, listen or watch about more unmarked graves of precious children being found, my heart breaks, mourns and hurts of their families. I am glad that the government is stepping up and digging up these horrible secrets. I have read that companies that deal in radar searching are offering and giving of their time, money and resources to help serach. This is not over. It will never be over. Essentially, none of Canada's mistakes will ever be over. But, together we can learn from what happened, and to ensure that this kind of history never repeats itself. #nationaldayofmourning #everychildmatters #1500children

I do not take credit for these photos. I found them on FB, and I loved, them, I am sharing them. They speak so much about what Canada Day 2021 is.

Also, there is smoke from 5 fires around this area, a town essentially has burnt to the ground, and there is buckling of sidewalks in our, there's that.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

It's Summer!!

 Happy SUMMER, friends! I hope you are all doing well, and trying to stay cool, and out of the heat. Do you like summer? The heat? No? I like a little bit of both :)

Here are some randoms...

1) is HOT, people! And it is supposed to get even HOTTER!! I am not entirely sad about...:)

2) We had a very low key Father's Day this year. We didn't even go up to the ranch, though I realized that we probably could have gone up there if we had wanted to. A and K went up (for various reasons), and they had a nice time with the family..BBQ, etc. I love me a party, and I was a tad sad that I didn't end up going...but I stayed at their house and Quail-sat, and watched tv :) So, I really can't complain :) I did get a card and a gift card for my own dad, that they took up with them. I said a nice thing on FB (but I forgot to do one on IG..oh well), and called Dad twice, and that was that :)

3) I found out that I won a contest on IG with DQ and Reece's! I love me some free stuff. I also had tried to win a STAYCATION in Kamloops, but I didn't win that, and I was sad. I am currently entered to win another prize pack (which includes Golf!), so I hope and pray I win it. 

4) I seem to be busy doing this, that, and other other thing. Btwn the boys, hanging out with friends, I seem to be busy!

5) Our garden (such as it is this year) is growing! Anker planted a smaller garden this year. We have already had spinach, and we have a ton of strawberries coming..FINALLY! Sunflowers seem to have SOMEHOW gotten planted AGAIN this year! Anker had taken down the stalks last year, but somehow those little seeds just planted themselves :)

6) Life is still slowly returning back to normal. Life is happening, and I am here for it. Even the most cautious of people are starting to live life again. BC-wide travel for recreation is now allowed (I think?), and interprovincial travel (recreationally) is soon allowed, if it isn't already. Movie Theatres have now opened. I went with my friend to see Peter Rabbit 2, and it was a good movie! Maybe even better than the first one? My friend and I had seen the first one in the theatre, and I thought it would be fun to see the second one in the theatre as well. And yes, I did order a big old thing of popcorn with LAYERED butter! Masks are still being worn in public indoor spaces, and, when it comes to church, meals (our restaurants have reopened!), and movie theatres while you are walking around, otherwise, you can take them off. 

7) I am definitely feeling old sometimes...:) I have my twice yearly back pain...I think it was from sleeping A and Ks couch (guest room wasn't avails), combined with sitting the movie theatre chairs...It is getting better....I think.

8)  I had my 45th bday earlier this month. Y'all...I am oooold! The day itself was pretty low key. Anker had made us waffles (which turned to pancakes), which was sweet. I took myself out for my Starbucks birthday drink, and I met up with my friend for a quick birthday chat at the park. She gave me some lovely gifts (I posted them on my IG..go ahead and take a look). Then, I went to the library, and of course, I enjoyed seeing the well wishes on FB :) We ended up having a quick picnic of Mary Brown's Chicken. It was a bit windy, so we didn't stay long. I spent the rest of the evening on the phone with family. It wasn't a bad day, at all, really. Earlier in the week, I had gone up to the mall to get my free gift from Sephora, and I spent some of my bday money (and I "told" Anker that he had bought me a gift!) at Saje (yes, I am THAT lady now..I never would have thought I would become that crazy oil lady!), and I had bought a CD (yup, I still have CDs!) from Sunrise Records. I also think I used some of my bday money on bills..oh well :) Ha! So, instead of Anker going out and buying me a gift, I will usually go and buy myself one, and tell him that it is from him :) I also had a little picnic for one that same day as well :) The week before, I was at the ranch with the boys, and Mom had asked me what I wanted to do for my bday...a tea party there (my aunt has her bday 5 days before me), or for her to come into town, and we have a girls evening. I decided to do the tea party. Mom had invited two friends that I have connected with (well, one more than the other), and my SIL, and my two aunts, and it was perfect! We had a lite supper, and we were able to have most of the party outside before the mosquitoes came to say hello! I wanted pie instead of cake, and Mom had a lovely pie. It was the first time in awhile that I had had my bday at home. The next weekend, some of my friends from town took me to Kelowna (the next largest city south east). I might blog about that as well. It was a lovely and hot day.

9) I am looking after the boys (along with my brother-their dad) for two weeks while K is travelling for work. I am thinking of what we want to do...we might go to the ranch for a few any rate..send help! I am sure we will find things to do..H (10) and I already have talked about what we want to do. I am staying over, to save on gas, etc. I will most likely come back (I have to switch clothes, I am sure), every couple or few days to say to Anker :)

10) I have had picnics in the park with friends, playing in the park with the boys; and basically general fun as been had.

11) I am still looking for work. I had my first interview in ages yesterday. It sounds like it might be promising..we will see, though. I kind of like not working, but I do miss the routine (and money!). Bills are starting to get times :)

12) I have decided NOT to get V' least not for now. I don't feel that there is substantial evidence to say that it is safe. And isn't b/c I have followed Conspriracy Theorists on Social Media...well, I guess it has partly to do with just common is like the fast food of vakseens. Just sayin'. I did bring it up with my Nurse Practitioner (see below), and said that I should get it. He did say that they were working on when SARS was around, but didn't need to use it, as it had "gone away" that made me feel a bit better, but not much. I will do a bit more research, and I will probably get it done in the fall. I fear that the end of the world is coming. I don't want to make decisions out of fear/propaganda. I know that in most countries, you aren't really allowed to travel unless you have had the Jab...I dunno; I am scared for our children! I could go on about this, but I will leave it for

13)  And I have a Nurse Practitioner now! After not having a PCP for nearly 2 years, I have finally got one! He is great, and on this side of town :) I like having a health care provider that I can count on. One of our longest standing WI clinics have closed; so having one that is designated for me makes me happy! And, yes, very THANKFUL!

14) Y'all, gas is expensive!!! $1.42/ltr. I am not happy! We also need to get brakes done on our car, and an oil change is due...:)

15) Movies and Mags are still abounding :) I still watch tv (; whether it be on NF, OD, PVR'd, or LIVE tv/movies. I still get magazines out of the library by the truck load, as well as books, but I don't seem to read books much anymore...H always wonders why I don't read :) I just tell him that I do sometimes, but magazines are a quick thing to read, and they make me feel that I have accomplished "something". I am still watching Hallmark movies, and I have no shame! It is now Summer Nights on W Network :)

16) I had my MRI a few weeks cysts on my ovaries seem to be slow in growing since my last U/S, which is a blessing. I think they have even shrunk a bit..Yay. I haven't had any pain (I don't think my stomach pain I have had on and off for a few years is related; but yes, I am keeping an eye on it). And yes..Peri/Pre menopause is real, friends! I also found out art I have gained a the "quarantine 15". Sigh.

17) So far, no real fires (there are a few, but they have been semi-contained) or floods, for which we are very happy about.

18) There is a new (well two) ice cream shop in our city! They serve the same kind of ice cream that the other one does, but it is closer to us, instead of us having to go downtown. The Ice Cream Social opened up a couple of months ago, and Anker and I went for a quick date to run a few errands, and we decided to try it out. Oh my word. DELISH, Y'all!! I had the Saskatoon Pie, and oh my goodness! It was SO GOOD!! It is also hilarious, b/c it is by a medical clinic...ha! I think I might take the boys there sometime during my stay :)

19) I am having my monthly sushi date with my friend. The last one we tried was Taka Japanese Restaurant, and it was really good!!!

20) Anker's sister gifted us not only a week's worth of meals from Good Food, but she also gave us an extra GC to help offset the cost that I would have had to have paid. She says she loves out of the all the ones (HF, CP) that she has used. I do like that they offer some groceries, as well as some brunch meals. I personally don't think that it is MY favourite, but hey, free is free!! It WAS nice having to have meals planned for us. 

21) Our little place gets SO we finally broke down and put in the window A/C after a few hot days at the beginning of June. The kitchen gets super hot, especially around 5-6, so often, we will have a light supper that doesn't involve a lot of use of the stove or oven.

This is why I don't blog takes HOURS (this took 2 or more hours), and I get obsessed by what I post (links, photos). I have a few other posts that I want to write and publish (I had abunch last year that I was going to write and publish, but I never got around to doing it, so I just deleted them..I might do one on our new floor, but I don't think so now).

I have realized that through all this that God is Good, He still sits on His throne, and He has provided for us!!

Happy Summer, friends! I leave you with the sunset from Sunday night. Feel free to head on over to my IG/FB to check out my photos!

Monday, June 14, 2021

Where Does the Evangelical Church Belong Admidst The Grief?

 Again, I am no expert, and I am sure I will (or have) say the wrong thing (in regards to TRS), but again, I took to IG to post some of my heartfelt and what would some say as my inexperienced advice :

This was recorded in Ontario with First Nations (i am assuming) joining in the worship. I love the feel of this album's music. In Rev.7:9, it says that every tribe and tongue(nation) will stanf before His Throne and will worship Him. Some of the songs are sung in French and Ojibwe. I 100% agree that it is time for the church to rise up. Kamloops (Tkemlups) is from the Shuswap/Secwepemc language that means #meetingofthewaters. Meeting and to join. Together. Unity. I blv that this the time for #firstnationsand whites to worship and join together! I blv this is the time to come together and to let the healing of what happened not so long ago begin. 


This is a high number. Numbers are like experiences; they are relative. Last month, the entire country was in shock when RCMP and ground-penetrating radar equipment found the remains of 215 children on the grounds of the former Kamloops Residential School (from here on in, I will be referring to it either as KRS or TRS). For those who might not know, from the late 1870s until 1996 (yes, you read that right), The Canadian Government, and then the Catholic Church (and at times, both) forcibly removed First Nations/Aboriginal/Indigenous children from their homes to be "educated" in a Residential School; which was in most cases, far from their homes. In some cases, the "school" was across from their family home. What happened there was nothing short of a prison (though I have read that in SOME cases, and probably few and far between the children had a semi-good experience). Not only were they forbidden to speak their language, wear their own clothes, have their faith, but they were abused, tortured and experimented on. In the heart of our city, there still stands the old "school" (I put that word in quotation marks, b/c they don't deserve to be called schools) that housed up to 500 (most likely at one time) kids; ages 3 to high school age. It was a Residential school until 1969, then it became a day "school", where although the kids could go home at night, they were most likely abused while there, as well. This is a dark and dirty secret of our country. As a Canadian, Christian, and Caucasian women, I am actually embarrassed! It gives the Church a bad name, and it makes ALL Christians look bad. That is NOT how Jesus loves and cares for His kids! 

I am sorry. I am sorry that this happened. On behalf of the Church, I am sorry. On behalf of my race, I am sorry. On behalf of my country, I am sorry. This was not ok. This was horrible. Deplorable. This is evil on all kids of levels. Evil in almost every form. I wrote this little blurb on IG the day or so after it happened, and I am going to share it here:

There are no words. ❣215❣ We mourn and weep with and for you at this heinous tragedy. We are listening. We are s.will speak up and out about this. We are doing our research. We are reading and remembering your history. We are remembering the lives lost. The last residential school closed in 1996/7. There were so many children who died while in these "schools". I am so, so sorry. Jesus heals and He sees you in your grief and trauma. He can heal and restore.

There is going be a special place in Hell for anyone who did harm to those children (I think there will be a special place in Hell for anyone doing ANY harm to any child). I cannot even fathom what they(you) must have (and are) going through. I am comforted that they are in Heaven, dancing with Jesus, but that does not make this loss any less bearable for the families.

Why didn't they bury them in marked graves, you ask? Well, simply put, they killed them. There is a cemetery for the children who died "legitimately" while in their care, but as for the rest? Well, they were told that they simply "ran away". Here is an article from CBC that can explain it better than I can read it here

There is a ton more that I can say on subject, but I won't, mostly b/c I can't say it as we as our First Nations friends can. We must be learning and researching; we must rise and and comfort them; we must not sit idle. This cannot happen again. We must speak up and out for those who are unable to do so.
Here is another good article. This is from the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (a group formed from 2008-2015 to listen to families and survivors of TRS; they created documents, etc for the. public to read and research) can find it here.

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." Matthew 5:4


 Well, it is a new year...but it is the same me...b/c I am honest, like that. Another year gone. I didn't lose a bunch of weight. I didn...