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Just thought I would quickly update everyone on what is up. Just like the name, things have been pretty quiet lately. Really not much happening, and I guess in a way, it is good.

Labour Day Weekend, Anker and I joined my family in a short road trip to Salmon Arm, to help celebrate my dad's aunt's 80th birthday! It was a great time. Luke met up with us there, so that was really fun. We ended up going the family, as our car needed work done, and we didn't want to risk driving it. It was a fun short drive..talking about various things. Our family grew up with no T.V in the car, so even though I think the boys find it a bit boring, at least they aren't fighting over what movie to watch!! They always wanted us to talk and interact with one another, or read a Mom and Dad were given the gift of the night in a motel, so we went there first, and had a quick swim in the pool. Anker had to quickly go and buy some swim shorts, first, though!! We ended up getting ready …